Thursday, February 28, 2008

Allergic to Chapstick?!?!

*EDIT (2/29/08): My lips are finally getting better!! Thank goodness it didn't take a whole week to heal. The itching has stopped and the puffyness is gone. My lips doesn't look like I had collagen injected in it. Thank you Kiehl's, and sorry for even thinking about replacing you :(.

I learned the hard way that sometimes saving money is not the best idea in the world.

... in some occasions.

I love my Kiehl's lipbalm. What I don't love is the price. $8.90 for a tube? But I guess the MAC Lip Conditioning one costs more. But see, there's this thing called Chapstick that can be purchased at Target for a dollar each. I stopped using Chapstick for the reason that I thought I might be allergic to it. So then now I gave it a try again (cuz it's so cheap!), thinking that maybe it was something I ate, the weather, or the gloss I was using at the time that gave me the reaction.

... but I was wrong. It was the Chapstick!!!! It's confirmed after a SECOND trial. After two days of using it, my lips started puffing up, dryness and tiny bumps around my lips, very itchy, and at times stings and burns, and some redness. The horror! It is bugging the shit out of me. I looked at the ingredients, and I guess I'm allergic to something that's in it cuz most of the stuff on Chapstick is not in my Kiehl's lipbalm. And Chapstick was the only thing new I'm using. Now I know to be more careful with what I use on my lips that makes me check what's in it first before using it. But seriously, allergic to Chapstick?? ARGH!!

Obviously, I returned the Chapstick back. Because after two days of using it clearly does not do me any good but more bad. I should have stopped when I already felt the weird feeling after applying it the first time. It's getting a bit better now that I stopped using it. But I had a strong belief that maybe I was overreacting on being allergic to Chapstick. But clearly I am allergic to it or something in it. My safe balms for now are Vaseline and Kiehls. So I'll probably go back to Vaseline because it's more practical and cheaper compared to the latter. I really can't be switching balms, or just using anything because this might happen again. Another incident was when I used the Aveeno lip balm too. The healing phase or just getting a reaction from it is not all that fun. I guess my reaction is not that bad compared to what I have read where people's lips actually starts to bleed or the reaction is super obvious. GAHHH, I would die!!!

And now, I sit and wait until everything gets better. I should stop by Target again and maybe pick up some Vaseline to speed up the healing process or at least soothe the itching. This sucks!

Anyone else had this problem or reaction before?


  1. ouch :( at least now you know for good that you're allergic to Chapstick. I never really liked using it, it's always had a weird consistency/feel and smell to it. Love the Kiehl's balm :) seems to last me forever, so it's worth the money whenever I need to buy a new one. Have you tried Softlips?

  2. Mayaari: I've tried softlips too. I don't remember having any reaction to it either. I'll probably try that one again. But yea I agree with the smell.

  3. was it the chapstick in the black tube you were using? i'm not allergic to any chapstick brands, but whenever i used to use them, my lips would always peel. i heard the blue tube works better, though. i use the blistex daily conditioning treatment. my mom's been using it for years, and it works. only $3. haha.

  4. eesh -- an allergy to chapstick?! well, thank goodness your lips didn't swell up the size of freakin' tires, okaaaaay..!!! :0)

    have you tried smith's rosebud salve? it's kinda like rose-scented, pink vaseline. although, maybe the fragrance might cause you an allergic reaction??

  5. Wow... That's never happened to me! Hope your lips get back to their lusciousness. :)

  6. Gezebel:
    I don't really dig lipbalms in a pot. I'm a germaphobe so I don't like using my fingers to apply lipbalm.

    Lucky you! I guess I'm weird/sensitive like that. But yea, it's going back to normal so I'm just happy with that. Never again with the Chapstick.

  7. Great blog and cute profile pic!! Looking forward to reading your blog everday! :D How awful that you're allergic to Chapstick. I'm in love w/ MAC Tendertone Lip Balm and Carmex Lip Treatments (so cheap, it's usually $2.99 I think but Walmart has them on sale for $.99 sometimes). Hope your lips will get better soon! ^-^

  8. omg that really sucks! i used to use chapstick and softlips, but for some reason my lips would still seem to be all chappy. then i was introduced to c.o. bigalow lip gloss/balm (sold at bath &body works) and this stuff works soo good! its gloss, conditions well, and freshens your breath. try it out,its great!!!but its $7 for a tube.

  9. Collagen? From chapstick? Girl, I wish I had your problem haha! Imma look like Jessica Alba.
    I suppose $8.90 is a reasonable cost for the price of self esteem. You know the slimshines have really made my lips softer! it's weird! It's like a treatment or something.

  10. wowwww that sux! at least you realized ur allergic to it now instead of on the night of some big formal or a wedding or i grow older i notice that i'm developing allergies that make my lips apples! it's so weirdddd

  11. you know what? this is the first time i honestly heard about someone allergic to chapstick! but thanks for giving the heads up, there are really times where i want to save up as well! hehehe so glad to know , anything related to Beauty, be careful on saving up!!! sometimes, saving up would make us spend twice the amount :D I'm glad you're getting better

  12. Hey Anne!

    Hope you have a quick recovery! Its a good thing you figured out your allergy early rather than it getting worse.

    Anyways, I love the new site layout. Are you excited about graduating this semester? Have you already started ordering your invitations and class rings and stuff? I remember doing all of that last year, and oh boy it got kinda expensive. lol. But it was fun!

  13. Eeek, that sounds horrible! I'm glad you figured out what it was, though.

    I tired out a loose eyeshadow from L'Oreal one time, and my eyelids swelled up until I could barely see out of them. I was majorly freaked out the whole day because I could barely open my eyes. They eventually depuffed, but it was a horrible experience. :\

  14. Girl, you're not the only one. I remember trying LipSmackers when I was very young, and it was unkind to my lips. I used to use SoftLips but the more I use it, the more I need to apply it cause my lips will feel chapped without it. Now I use BurtsBees and I'm in love with it cause it makes my lips all tingly and minty. It costs a bit more than other chapsticks, but I rather spend a little more than get an allergic reaction. I also use Vaseline when I'm at home. I hope you're all better now :)

  15. Ouch! Bummer being allergic to chapstick. At least you found the source and stopped in time before it got any worse. I really hope they'll return to normal soon.

  16. A few years back, I used Chapstick almost religiously, and I experienced the same problems you did, and went to my dermatologist. He told me I was allergic to the SPF in chapstick?? He took the tube I had away from me and threw it away and told me to never use it again haha. He wrote me a prescription for fluticasone propionate ointment, and I love it - despite the fact that my husband says it looks like I've rubbed chicken grease on my lips. Doesn't taste very well, but it helps keep me from licking my lips!

    When I can't afford to pick up the prescription, I use Aquaphor instead. It's like 5 bucks or so for a good sized tube.

    My lips seem to ALWAYS be chapped now, and I will NEVER use ANY sort of chapstick again.

  17. Yess I though I was the only person in this world thats allergic to chapstick !!!!!! :/ sad because every winter I get this ugh ��
    Every time I get this , my lips puff up , there's a red rash around my mouth and so now when I get chapped lips I just have to deal with it .__.


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