Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Daily Skin Routine

DISCLAIMER: This routine is what has worked for me after numerous trial and error on different products and methods. Everyone has different skin and reaction to certain products. So, just because it worked for me, does not guarantee the same results for you.

My skin: Combination. Oily on the T-Zone. Occasional drying on the cheeks depending on the weather. Acne-prone. For reference on how my skin was almost a year ago, you can read it from this post.

Finally, here is my daily skin routine. Italicized is my input on the products.


  1. Wash face with Philosophy Purity cleanser with WARM water to clean and rinsing it off with COLD water to close the pores. I cannot stop raving about this cleanser. It removes makeup and cleanses your face. This has definitely helped me with my previous acne problems with continuous usage. My skin has gotten a lot better after using this product!!

  2. Using a cotton pad, apply Nivea Visage Moisturizing Toner to refresh and moisten my skin. This is my HG toner. I've used Neutrogena in the past, both Alcohol-Free and the Pore Minimizing toner, and even the Mario Badescu Cucumber lotion after reading MUA reviews. But nothing tops Nivea! It's really gentle on my skin, and it doesn't sting when applied to your face unlike the previous toners mentioned. Nivea toner really freshens up your face and also help moisturize because it has chamomile and aloe in it. Also it's alcohol-free!!! No stingy feeling.

  3. Depending on my mood, I use my Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough face serum. Let it dry for a few minutes, I just really pretty much use this because it was in the kit. But I did definitely saw improvements after using this. Also improved the condition of my skin and shrunk my pores.

  4. then, apply Philosophy Hope in a Tube eye firming cream under my eyes.

  5. Moisturize with Philosophy Hope in a Jar. It does the job. I'm not sure if it's my HG moisturizer, but for sure I know it doesn't break me out, so that's all that matters. However, it really keeps my face moisturized since I tend to be dry on certain areas on my face.

  6. Apply sunscreen. I use Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion for Face and Body. This moisturizer is a lot thinner than its cream counter part which is pretty thick. I love this sunscreen. It's very light and it dries on quickly. Only problem with it is the price. $40 a pop for a bottle of this sunscreen. It's all worth it for me though.

  7. Then I take my blow dryer, set it on high, COLD setting to dry my moisturizer. This will allow your moisturizer set in faster, and I've also read that this helps in the long run in looking younger :]

  8. If I'm not in a hurry, I buff my foundation on. I use Everyday Minerals in Buttered Tan in Semi-Matte. Love this foundation. You can barely tell I have anything on my face. Definitely not cakey and it gives me an even looking skin.


  1. Clean face with warm water and Purity Cleanser. Rinse with cold water to close pores

  2. Using a cotton pad, apply Nivea Visage Moisturizing Toner.

  3. Apply Ly-Na Pearl Face Cream. This is my nighttime cream. Since I couldn't find Top-Gel anywhere in the Asian markets here in the valley, I had to settle for this one instead. Packaging is probably worse than the Top-Gel, and it still has that old lady smell (but it's tolerable), but it has really lighten the dark acne scarring that ScarZone didn't some how lighten after it stopped working on me. It definitely evened out my skintone too. I would say the pearl cream I got is better since I never experience any drying or peeling on my face. However, the cream is not creamy in texture and I kinda have to dilute it a little by adding a drop of toner with it, so it wouldn't apply too thickly on my face. I only use it at night since it leaves a white cast on your face. I've been using this product for two weeks now, every night.


Mask: I use Milk of Magnesia. Yes, the laxative. It has really helped controlling the oil on my face, helped with shrinking my pores, and minimized my acne breakouts . I leave it on for about 20 minutes after washing my face, and then rinse.

Exfoliant: Honey and sugar mixture (1:4 ratio). Well, I just pretty much estimate, but you definitely do not want too much sugar in the mix because it will become too harsh on your skin. I let the mixture sit on my face for awhile as a mask before I actually exfoliate my skin. However, I make sure that I wet my hands first, and in circular motions rub my face with my fingers gently. Since it's a bit watered, it'll make the honey less sticky which makes it easier to rub your face genlty. I use this instead of the popular aspirin mask because it's less drying on my face, yet it still does the job. My skin is glowy and smooth after.

Eye Makeup Remover: Lancome Bi-Facil. I only use this when I lined my waterline with pencil and my Purity cleanser didn't quite get it out.

So there you have it. That's how I take care of my skin for those who asked. Remember, it's important to stay consistent and following your own routine religiously however you do it. It won't work if you keep slacking off every other day by sleeping with your makeup on! Big NO NO. But I'm sure ya'll know that by now :]



  1. Yay on being able to find a pearl cream. There are so many types out there, but they pretty much work to fade marks. I've begun rubbing it on my neck and decolete because now I'm worried that it'll whiten my face to the point of making my face lighter than the rest of my body, like Junkie. lol. And I LOVE Phillips!

  2. i love purity face wash as well!! that stuff is like my HG of face cleanser! its the best i have a quick question does the Nivea visage moisturizing toner make your face oily after a little while? because some toners make me a little oily and that bothers me after i wash my face and all that you know.

  3. great post, anne. i've actually been looking for a good toner b/c i just realized the one i've been using has alcohol. boo. i'll have to try the nivea one out.

  4. Fei: I guess the valley is not heavily Asian populated that they don't really sell pearl cream.I pretty much just bought the cheapest one. haha. I'm just surprised that it actually works.

    Xuanie: In my experience, my face never felt oily afterwards. It actually feels more refreshed and clean. I don't really let it dry though in between putting my moisturizer on. Like right after using my toner, I immediately follow it with my moisturizer so it actually locks the moisture in my skin. That's just how I've been doing it in the past.

  5. that's crazy, i never would have thought to leave laxatives on my face! i gotta try it though, i've been breaking out.

  6. Hi anne, MOM (milk of magnesia)?? wow i never heard of that trick before. I think I have large and noticeable pores. Would this really help and any other suggestions? Thanks

  7. GRRRREAT POST!!! U GO GIRL! I love Bifacil! And the whole world is raving about the Purity cleanser. I must try! I got myself a sample at Sephora. MILK OF MAGNESIA! Okay girl... that's a whole notha post! You have to show us! Im totally curious now. Wow, where did you hear about that? Who knew! We should go MAC hunting again soon.

  8. I have Ly-na but its the tiny white stick that makes you look like powder, lol. I think it's a whitening thing.

    And I'm dying to get my hands on the Lancome makeup remover!! Just not ready to shell the $20+ to get it yet, lol. Isn't weird how we pick and choose what we spend $20 on when I know I"d go to MAC and drop that on two darn eyeshadow pans, lol!!

  9. hey anne

    i think my skin is just like how yours used to be! I used to never get acne on my cheeks and then wham, there they are. Now I'm dealing with the scars AND new acne still rising there. How long should I use Scarzone till I switch over to the pearl cream?

  10. I use only milk of magnesia on my face. I have a combination of oily & dry skin. Never have problems & it has lightened my skin a great deal. Got the idea from using it on my scalp (seborrheic dermatitis from overactive oil glands in scalp, not from infection). Just thought to try it on my face & it really works all by itself.

  11. Hi Anne!
    I have a question, I was wondering where you can find the Nivea toner? I've been looking everywhere! It would help alot.

    My email is: xlaurrr1209@yahoo.com
    Thanks so much


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