Friday, March 28, 2008

Guilty: My 5 Beauty Crimes

I was actually trying to avoid this, but Lady Jane and Leeshengee has tagged me for my five beauty crimes. I'm embarrased to say this, but yes, I've commited a few beauty crimes of my own. I've probably maxed out my three-strikes-your-out rule a looooong time ago, and have repeat violations. This is sad but here goes:

1. I "forget" to wash my face at night. I actually just did this too last night *embarrased*. When I'm extremely tired or inebriated (on RARE occasions), I have a tendancy to trick myself I'm only going to "take a SHORT nap" first before I wash my face, when really, it's a nonstop train to Dreamville. And then, I wakeup at the buttcrack of dawn realizing what I've done, and rush to the bathroom to finally wash my face. And when I don't stick to my routine, I seem to get a pimple on the same spot on my cheeks as a punishment. I can actually feel one coming out right now :(

2. I sneak a pull on my eyelids when applying my eyeliner. I've been really good in avoiding this though especially that I used a gel liner or even with a pencil since I practically got lining my eyes down without the need to pull. I really hate watching makeup tutorials and seeing them pull their eyelids when it comes to the eyeliner part. It makes me cringe! It's like: "What are you doing!?! You're only asking for wrinkles in the future." Anyway, I become one of them when I'm in an extreme hurry and I don't have the time to sit in front of the mirror to line my eyes. So I quickly tug my eyelids and line my eyes. What a hypocrite :(

3. I reuse a "dirty" brush. Yes, for a germaphobe... I'm notorious for doing this. I mean I really don't care for powder eyeshadows since it's dry enough that bacteria can't live in there. But when it comes to paintpots, it's just unacceptable. Because it's a cream product, it has moisture for bacteria to actually thrive in it. I still dip my dirty brush in there because again, I'm in a hurry to get out of the door to head down to work or school. You would think that with all the brushes I own that it won't be possible. But trust me, I've gone through ALL of my brushes (except the new ones) at one point in time that they were all "dirty."

4. I end up touching my pimple. Sometimes, my pimple can get pretty itchy so I try to scratch around it. I mean I don't pick and poke it or even try popping it. But the scratching is still interacting with my unclean hands.

5. I let my brows go ungroomed. I knowww......really bad. But sometimes I don't have time to sit and pluck my eyebrows. I refuse to get it waxed because I don't want to pay for it since it'll grow back in a week. Nothing is more unattractive than ungroomed brows. No matter how nice your eye makeup is, the Sasquatch by your eyes is a big distraction.

So what are your five beauty crimes? Are you as guilty as I am? If you read this, you've been tagged.

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  1. hahaha...sleeping with make up on is also one of my beauty crimes. when i'm lying down on my bed i keep telling myself i'll wash my face in 5 mins next thing i know it's already 6 in the morning =D


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