Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rimmel Eye Magnifier Mascara (Review)

Here's my review for the Rimmel Eye Magnifier Mascara.

What it claim it does:Ultra-extending, eye opening mascara. Unique Eye Magnifier applicator. Body boosting formula For 70% more vertical lashes and outstanding lash lift. Give them an eyeful!

Rimmel Eye Magnifier's Mascara Report Card:Lengthens: 3 out of 5
Volumizes: 2 out of 5
Curls: 2 out of 5
No-clumping: 1 out of 5

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5
Final Verdict: TOSS IT!

So again, here's my clean, bare lashes for comparison purposes:

Using Rimmel Eye Magnifier Mascara:

The reason I ended up purchasing this mascara was because a friend of mine was using this. I saw her lashes where uber nice and she raved about it so much. So I thought to give it a shot.
The mascara wand had the newer plastic ones and not your traditional wands with the bristles.The mascara did lengthen my eyelashes a bit after the first coating, but the second coating only weighed my lashes down. The bristles also does a poor job in separating the lashes nicely therefore it clumped my lashes as seen in the pictures. And the one thing I hated about it was it took longer for me to use since I have to bust out my eyelash comb. I never had to use that until now. And even with the comb, it didn't really help out with clumping since the mascara really dries quickly and really hardends your lashes causing it to become a bit brittle which is more prone to breaking. Also, as the day went on, flakes started to fall on the corner of my eye making me tear a bit. The mascara also lacks to hold the curl. I personally didn't like how my lashes looked after application. It looked very fake to me and it does seem that you slathered on ten coats of mascara when in fact it was only two. So this one is a no go for me.


  1. mannn that sux! sorry about that :( i think you can at least order a replacement one via the internet, at least in ga...thanks for the review b/c i was actually looking at that one!

  2. Boo on the clumping and flaking! But your lashes still showed off great :)

  3. Omg you should go over there & tell his ass off. Tell the owner so he can get fired. -__-" I hope you find it!! :)

  4. Sorry about your license, some people just don't care.

    And thanks for the mascara review. I've heard some good reviews on Rimmel from other people, but i guess it really depends on each individual. I've got a lot of mascaras doing the same thing to me!

  5. sometimes i actually like the clumpy look haha..i must be weird!

    but damn you have such nice, long lashes to being with lucky girl!!


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