Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How To: Apply Ly-Na Pearl Cream

I know it sounds silly that I'm even doing this post, but I do have people ask me how do I apply Ly-Na Pearl Cream on my face. I've decided to do a picture post of what I do. It's really simple and there's really nothing special that I do except for what I've mentioned already.

By the way, I also blocked my eyes in some of the pictures where I start to look silly. With or without the black bar, yes I am fully aware that I look ridiculous in the pictures with the cream on! Please hold the giggles :).

None of the pictures are photoshopped! Except for the text added, watermark, and the cropping of the pictures. Images are clickable to enlarge.

*ALWAYS, ALWAYS, wash your face before putting it on. Make sure all the dirt and grime have been washed off with a good cleanser. You'll run the risk of breaking out if you don't clean your face properly. Make sure to also keep your hair out of your face. So pony tail it, use a headband, bobby-pinned your hair... whatever gets the hair off your face. No, I don't have foundation on in this picture. No, I didn't do any photoshop editing on my face. No, I am not 15, 16, 17, or 18 years old. I'm actually 21 almost 22. Yes, those are ginormous pimples... imagine those pretty much all over my forehead and cheeks... that would be me a year ago. But right now those pimples are ok since it's that time of the month.

* I use Nivea Visage because it's just super gentle on my face and it doesn't sting upon application. Not to mention it smells good too.

*See the difference with and without the Ly-na Cream. Ly-na will give you a pasty white face so it's highly suggested that you only use this as a night cream. And don't slap too much of the cream because it can clog your pores.

* See what I mean? Compare my face and neck? I'm 10 shades lighter. Make sure you apply a thin and even layer on your face.

*I just do this to use up my MAC Fix+, but it does kinda give you a refreshing feeling. But I don't think it has any additional benefits in doing this.

I hope this helps and clear up any question about how I do it. This is how it has worked for me and how I keep doing it every night. Who needs La Mer or any other expensive brands when you have Ly-Na Pearl Cream. Don't let the packaging fool you!

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Side Note: For the beauties attending the Lipstick Pow Wow on August, I'm planning to bring a Ly-Na Pearl Cream as my item for my Yankee Swap. Yay or Nay??? Should I bring something else? Am I suppose to tell what I'm bringing anyway??? LOL.



  1. i remember having this a LONG time ago. my aunt had it in a stick form though and i would only use it when she would be like "eww look at that huge pimple!" lol, mind you i was only like 12 or 13 so i don't even remember the results of using this thing!

    so when i went to the vietnamese store the other day, i saw this cream! & immediately thought of you and christiana! so i said what the heck, let's try this out. so i must have bought it like 2 weeks ago and never used it. i really didn't know how to so i'm glad you did this! helped a lot =)

    this may be a dumb question...but what is toner for? i just recently got into all of this. and i never really took care of my face, but i see a lot of people use it, but never knew what it was for. LOL

  2. haha you look like Casper! Crazy how it makes your face all white but the things we do to look good!

  3. oohh!! nice review. i have a lot of acne scars too. this might be just what i'm looking for. but honestly, i don't know where to buy one here in the philippines! :) lol!

  4. lol, i started putting on pearl cream as well b/c nothing was making my acne go away. they should call this a mask, not a cream!!

    man, i hope my skin looks as good as yours soon :D

  5. Thanks for being detailed and for the tips! Top Gel is another pearl cream, kinda uncomfortable since it feels pasty just like lyna. After my purging, I'm gonna give it another try. This is used for whitening right? If it is, I'm wondering if I should use it for spot treatment of blemishes instead.

  6. Great review and how-to! There are several e-tailers that sell this for about $4 USD a jar. So if you are like me and the closest decent Asian market is a 3 hour drive, don't fear! Your chance to have great skin is just a google away! lol (yes, I really am *this* cheesy!)

  7. @missxmai: toner is actually used to pick up whatever dirt and grime that is left on your face that your cleanser didn't get. But if you have a good cleanser, you shouldn't really need it. But I just use it to prep my skin since sometimes when I wash my face, it tends to get a bit dry.

    @alienman: it's still a cream. just a really thick and pasty cream lol. i hope it works for you though!

    @jiejie: i try to use the least possible products on my face. so I don't do the whole spot treatment thing. either I use the queene helene mint julep mask or the ly-na. i found that ly-na helps minimize the size of my pimple after awhile (unless that's just me). I just put the ly-na all over my face cuz it evens out my skin while getting rid of my acne scars. it's supposedly also help with wrinkles. I do believe it does cuz my mom actually used to use Ly-na cream as well and she can pass for my sister. I've also heard of the top-gel but since it wasn't available where I'm at, I tried Ly-na instead. I've heard good reviews about the top-gel however.

    @jamila: yep there are some etailers have this. but I've never needed to buy them online since I have two stores close by that carries it.

  8. Anne your skin is really clear without makeup!! It's just the odd pimple! Lol. Still not had the chance to use ly-na yet, but thanks for the tut!

  9. there's a Wing Hop Fung in L.A. (I think close to Chinatown) and also one in Monterey Park. When I went to the one in Monterey Park they had both, Ly-Na and Top gel. I like top gel more than ly-na I feel ly-na is a little on the greasy side. Also the smell is weird, like incense. Top gel a similar scent but I like it a little better. Hmm maybe I should try the pearl creams with toner!

  10. i love reading ur blogs. they are so informative. i want to try this ly-na pear cream. i use something similar to it. it's called POP, and its in a pink round container. it has the same consistency as the lyna pearl cream. and you also get it at the asian stores.

  11. grandma uses something like this! only..she uses it as makeup too xDD.

  12. i actually use less than this... maybe i'm not using enough. haha. i'll try this tonight. hopefully i don't break out! :P

  13. wow I've never heard about this. interesing. but after reading u're product review post, im wondering if i want to deal with the smell, or if it'll make my sensitive skin better or worse.

    u seem knowledgeable, have u heard of SK II?? what do you think of it?

  14. This is pretty useful, thanks! I've been contemplating buying this, but I haven't been able to find it (and I don't really feel like driving an hour to Monterey Park...).

  15. Hi Yummiebitez,

    I recently bought a pearl cream called Beanne Extra Pearl Cream. Is the Ly-Na Pearl Cream similar to that? From this tutorial you posted, it looks like the one I have is similar. I just had one question, are pearl creams meant to applied to the entire face or just to dark spots? You have a lovely blog by the way.Keep up the good work.

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