Monday, July 28, 2008

Bourjois Coup de Theater Mascara (Review)

What they say about it: Coup de Theatre False Lash Illusion - Duo Mascara (Original Price $18) Coupe de Theatre is a unique, extra lengthening, and ultra-thickening dual-ended mascara. One end contains a unique cero-fibrillar complex consisting of wax, nylon fibers, and silica fibers that thicken and lengthen lashes, and the other end contains a pro-vitamin B5 enriched, highly pigmented, mascara for ultra rich color and shine.

Price: $12.60

Available at: Sephora and

Bourjois Paris Coup de Theatre Mascara

3.5 out 5
Price: 3.5 out of 5
4 out 5

3.5 out of 5


What I like about it: Even without the primer and with only one coat of mascara, my eyelashes seem more prominent compared to my clean lashes. It lengthen my lashes a bit althought it's nothing too dramatic and seemed to hold the curl pretty well. With two coats of mascara, my lashes looks even better because it's thicker and has defined my lashes really well. I also like how it doesn't come out with too much goop on the mascara wand unlike some mascaras do. It just has enough to coat your lashes which prevents the clumping.

What I don't like about it: It doesn't really volumnize your lashes. Don't expect killer flutters with this mascara. It wouldn't be my go to mascara for a night out since it only defines whatever lashes you have. The primer seemed pretty unnecessary to achieve defined lashes. If anything, the primer just weighs down the curl. I find that I rarely use the primer side of the of this mascara duo. Also, after two coats of the mascara with the primer, my lashes has a tendancy of clumping afterwards.

Overall: I probably won't repurchase this again. Since I'm not a big fan of the primer that it comes with, I can't justify just buying the mascara for $12.60 that it retailed for (and that's already the sale price) solely for the mascara end of the tube. The mascara is pretty mediocre that you can probably get same results, if not, better from drugstore brands. The only reason I picked it up is because I was a bit intrigued and decided to try it out. Now that I have, I'm very much happy to let it go.

Sorry of the being MIA for a few days. I just got back from Vegas last night, so two nights before my short vaca trip was pretty busy both at work and at home. Ahh... and it's pretty much insane at work right now. Too many deadlines to make including the weekly tasks I have to do. So, I apologize if I've been a tad slow answering/leaving comments and e-mails. I'm working on it :).


  1. good post. judging from the pics, the mascara didn't seem to give really good results. thanks for sharing. =)

  2. hi anne; i know this has nothing to do with this particular post, but i got my hands on some pearl cream haha, i've been prolonging getting it ever since i read your first post about it; but my acne scars are driving me insane and i figured it's worth a try.
    i was wondering a few things though;
    could this be used as a spot treatment?

    do you sleep with this at night? does dirt from your pillow (i'm not nasty! you know from everyday stuff; things we can't see) make you break out since the pearl cream is on..assuming of course you sleep with it over night...right..?

    how do you know if your face is "clean" enough haha i figure it's just after you use toner & you see no more dirt on the cotton ball :P

    i'm sorry if these seem like dumb questions but i just wanted to know because the last thing i need are MORE acne to make NEW scars i can't seem to rid of :(

    thank you!

  3. i've always been so disappointed with most double-ended mascara's. i'm really glad you did a post on this mascara because i've been eyeing it for awhile now. now i know NOT to buy it! i haven't been able to find a nice primer for my lashes. i'm using the shiseido mascara base, it's good, but i'm wanting something more! i don't know what exactly but i'm on the hunt!

  4. when I didn't see you updating your blog, I KNEW you are on a short trip somewhere out there!! and I am right! I'm glad you're back though and nice to see reviews from you. I was told I ain't missing much when i said we don't have Bourjois down here..well..they're referring to mascaras, coz I love their eyeshadows :)

  5. Thanks for sharing! luckily you have long lashes anyway, it doesn't looks too bad.. but i agree the mascara doesn't seem to be working too well. I can't imagine the mascara on shorter, stubborn lashes!

  6. From your pictures, this mascara doesn't seem worth it. Thank you for the review! :)

  7. girl i feel you with the work thing! good review by the way...i definitely wont be purchasing...ciao!

  8. Hi Anne! I missed your post! hows Vegas? :D Great review btw!

  9. Good review Anne. It's always hard to find a decent mascara, huh? Well, at least we keep trying, right? Hah.

  10. Your lashes are naturally so thick and dark! I'm jealous...

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