Thursday, August 21, 2008

MAC Cult of Cherry and Overrich Pigments Release Today!

MAC is releasing their Fall collection (yet another one), Cult of Cherry, today at your MAC freestanding stores and counters.

The new Cult of Cherry collection comprises of mostly deep, dark colors which is seemingly the trend this fall. The quads are put together to make a killer combination for a dark and sultry look. However, these quads has at least one eyeshadow with either a repromote or a permanent color, and some are possibly dupable, so some people might be hesitant to reach out for one (we'll see when we get the swatches). The Tempting Quad seems to be the popular quad out of the three probably because of Sharp, a bright yellow-green eyeshadow which might be screaming neon in the pan but looks gorgeous when paired with the right eyeshadows. The lipsticks are definitely a lot more goth like for this fall season, and bein able to pull it off might take some time getting used to, but these colors are definitely lusciously rich in color.

Swatches will be available tonight! since I have to work to support my habit :)


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Cherry on top. Pity poor Eve, there’s a new forbidden fruit. With a smoldering eye and a plush, purple-red mouth, she’s a living, sensual pleasure. The Cult of Cherry is luscious, dramatic, undeniable eroticized. Ripened lips, Spiced Hot Chocolate eyes, or Illegal Purple nails, combine to seduce with a sweet-and-shock, way-to go dark. Separates the bitter from the sweet. This drama just gets more delicious.


  • Crème Cerise Sheer yellow taupe (Lustre)
  • Lightly Ripe Sheer mid-tone pink (Lustre)
  • So Scarlet Grape burgundy (Amplified Creme)
  • “O” Intense purplish red with metallic gold shimmer (Frost)
  • Russian Red Intense bluish red (Matte)


  • Kirsch Blackened cranberry
  • Bing Blackened eggplant
  • Chock-ful Blackened brown
  • Rapturous Deep berry red


  • Liqueur Neutral brownish mauve with multidimensional pearlized pigments (Frost)
  • Cherry Blossom Sheep light pink with multidimensional pearlized pigments (Frost)
  • Rich & Ripe Mid-tone pinkish red with multidimensional pearlized pigments (Frost)
  • Jampacked Sheer grape with multidimensional pearlized pigments (Frost)
  • Cult of Cherry Red with multidimensional pearlized pigments (Frost)


    Shadowy Lady Eye Shadow Quad
  • Lightfall Light pink (Satin)
  • Smudged Violet Frosty blackened lavender with multidimensional pearlized pigments (Frost)
  • Deep Truth Very dark blue (Frost) (permanent)
  • Shadowy Lady Darkly veiled plum (Matte)
  • Spiced chocolate Eye Shadow Quad

  • Nanogold Sheer yellow pink with pink pearlized pigments (Satin) (repromote - N Collection)
  • Brash Frosty reddish copper (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Spiced Chocolate Deep reddish brown (Matte)
  • Sweet Chestnut Frosted cranberry (Frost)

    Tempting Eye Shadow Quad
  • Next to Nothing Sheer yellow beige with pink pearlized pigments (Frost)
  • Sharp Frosty bright yellow green (Satin)
  • Dark Edge Chocolate brown (Satin)
  • Tempting Rich cocoa (permanent)

    Zoomblack Rich black


  • Plum du Bois Frosted deep pink bronze with gold pearlized pigments (Frost)
  • Blooming Frosted deep peach


  • Illegal Purple Creamy blackened eggplant (Cream)
  • Silverstruck Frosted greyed taupe with multidimensional pearlized pigments (Frost)


    Cool taupe with gold pearlized pigments (Frost) (Reintroduction, LE)
    Mega-rich Frosty burnt orange with gold pearlized pigments (Frost) (LE)
    Museum Bronze Rich taupe with gold pearlized pigments (Frost) (Permanent at PRO)
    Antique Green Turquoise green with green pearlized pigments (Frost) (Permanent at PRO)
    Vintage Gold Tarnished green with gold pearlized pigments (Frost) (Permanent at PRO)
    Copperbeam Rusted brown with red pearlized pigments (Frost) (Permanent at PRO)
    Heritage Rouge Deep burgundy with red and brown pearlized pigments (Frost) (Permanent at PRO)
    Blonde’s Gold Light tan with gold and white pearlized pigments (Frost) (Permanent at PRO)

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    Are the quads and lippies tempting enough for you? Any new piggies? What will you be picking up today?


    1. I will be getting samples of:

      Mega-rich, Museum Bronze, Antique Green, Vintage Gold and Blonde’s Gold p/gs.

    2. I have a birthday to go to tomorrow. Suck, cause it's my close friend and I can't miss it. I really wanna go to the Pow Wow to meet you girls...Oh well, there's always next time right? HEHE. I know you gals will have a blast. Take lots of pictures!!!

    3. A LOT of these colors look dupeable! I think I already have some of them.

    4. can't wait to see the swatches! :)


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