Thursday, August 07, 2008

Product Review: Crown Brush Face Brushes Part 1

I've decided to review the Crown Brush Face brushes in video format thinking it'll be a lot faster and easier, but the editing took longer than I imagined.

So since I was babbling and talking slowly on the video, the video ended up becoming pretty lengthy so I had to really cut some parts out hence why there isn't a smooth transition in between the video. And pardon the my appearance for looking like a hot mess. I did this right after I got off work so I was pretty pooped by then (and you can tell as you keep watching the video as my enthusiasm kinda dies down lol). But yea, any tips from anyone about video editing will be very much appreciated :).

Part 2 is still in the works of editing. I swear, again, props to ya'll who do this video editing business almost everyday. Anyway, the second half will feature the brushes with the metallic pink handles which came in a set. These brushes I believe are not available on the website and was only available for purchase during the tradeshow in Vegas. But I'll still have a review on those as well, so stay tuned for the second part for more details.

For a product review of the Crown Brush eye brushes, click here.

Here's a recap of the brushes mentioned in the video in case you missed it:

  • (Studio Professional) C313 Duel Length Powder (USD $5.39)
  • (Luna Series) BK3 Chisel Blush (USD $8.05)
  • (Luna Series) BK6 Flat Bronzer (USD $8.47)
  • (Backstage Series) S300 Unique Pointed Dome (USD $7.25)


    You can purchase these brushes at

    Overall: I love Crown Brushes! These brushes are pretty good in quality for the prices you're paying for. It's perfect for the people who are starting out with makeup or for people who are on a budget and wants a good quality brushes. The brushes are really affordable that you'll be able to build your own set without breaking the bank. The company offers a variety of brushes in different shapes, sizes, and color that you're bound to find a brush(or brushes) that will suit your needs.



    1. you look so pretty even after a day at work :)

      and i giggled when you said "wet dog" when talking about the CS brushes :) i don't know why but it cracks me up everytime i read about how they smell like one!

      looking forward to part 2!

    2. this is really helpful! thanks! and you look great, even after a long day. :)

      the brushes are indeed very affordable! i'm surfing their site now. can't wait for part 2 too! :)

    3. thank you for this anne... i actually have an order right now but have to call them and change the order so it's not so xpensive (i ordered a shit load). LOL

    4. thank you for this anne... i actually have an order right now but have to call them and change the order so it's not so xpensive (i ordered a shit load). LOL

    5. You're so cute! Your voice is so cute! LOL @ wet dog as well, hahah.

    6. man for some reason the video says "video not available" but i can see it but it's just really dark, lol...i was trying though! i like when you do vids! i have my eye on the last brush, the pointed dome...i dont think i have one like that!

    7. Great review! :) I'd love to try out these brushes especially with all the hype surrounding them, especially the eye brushes.

    8. Good job, Anne! I don't even have the capability to edit my videos. Haha. BTW, I really like the new banner.

    9. i've heard that before, "wet dog," about those brushes. i think i'll hold off on buying any.

    10. Thanks for the review. Do you use Beauty of Essence brush? If so, how are they comparable to crown brush? I need a travel kit and was thinking of getting the BOE one...

      Your new head banner is cute, btw.

    11. thanks for putting time into a review for us :] even after work you still look great!

    12. Cute sis, I am looking at your review and with you and Nessa's tag team on the crown brushes...aaccckkkk nooo i want 'em!

    13. Thanks for the review! Great blog btw


    14. ohhh i've been lemming over crown brushes since the vegas post! i'm seriously OVER the coastal scents phase and i need "real" brushes, lol.

      i didn't end up quad riding. my friend's ma didn't feel too well most of the trip so we spent most of it tending to her at the hotel. not a fun beach experience to say the least.

    15. I love CHEAP brushes :D

      You look soo pretty in your video ^____^


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