Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TheFaceShop Quick & Clean Oil Free Moisturizing Cream (Product Review)

Product Blurb:
Quick & Clean is the skin solution to combat excessive oil acne and minor break outs with Tea Tree which proves very effective anti-bacterial quality.

DescriptionSilicone gel network forms a thin layer of silicone gel over skin to prevent moisture evaporation without disturbing skin's ability to breath. Purslane and Grapefruit extracts normalize skin. Tea Tree Chamomile and Licorice prevent inflammation while reducing skin stress.
The FaceShop Quick & Clean moisturizer might have found it's way as my must have moisturizer. It is by far, the only moisturizer that I'm actually going to see the bottom of the tub that I'm both happy and sad to see. Happy because I found a moisturizer that works for me, and sad because I'm running out!

What I really like about this moisturizer is it works well with my acne-prone and combination skin. The consistency of the moisturizer is very light, yet it gives my skin the moisture it needs. My skin just drinks it up as it sinks in my skin. I also like how it doesn't leave any greasy feeling.

Since I started using this moisturizer, I also notice that my pimples were relatively smaller in size (I still get pimples occasionally) and has kept my breakouts at bay because of the Tea Trea ingredient that usually helps with breakouts. I've really notice improvements on how my skin look after using this day and night.

The moisturizer has a somewhat herbal smell, but it doesn't linger and nothing that's insulting to the the nose.

The only thing that I probably didn't like about this product is that the moisturizer is stored in a tub. And at the time when I bought this in the Philippines, it was quite expensive for such a small tub of moisturizer.



  1. Sounds interesting! Where can you get this at?

  2. Tea tree oil is magical~~ Hehe! Nice review!

  3. thanks for the review, it's funny you bought it here in the Philippines and I haven't tried this yet :D

  4. we have TheFaceShop everywhere here in Malaysia. So do let me know if u need my help to repurchase that for u :)

  5. Fab review mama! Thank you!

  6. So where can I purchase this? Sounds really interesting!!


  7. Ohhh! Looks like a great product to try! :D

  8. Sounds interesting! Thanks for the review.

  9. Thanks for the review! I'm looking for a new moisturizer good for acne-prone skin. Maybe I'll give this a try when my beauty products diet is over. Hehe.

  10. I got this moisturizer when I was in the Philippines in one of their flagship stores. But they have some stores apparently here in the U.S. For store locations, you can visit http://www.thefaceshopen.com/.

  11. It looks wonderful on your skin! Tea tree in a lotion? What a great idea!


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