Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Skincare Routine Part 2 (Night): Skin Food Black Sugar Mask

And the series is back up after a long wait. I know this kinda fell off a major hole, but the show is back on.

Here's a quick recap of the products I use at night (click for complete post here):
1. Mandom Cleansing Express Cleansing Lotion Sebum
2. shu uemura Brightening Cleansing Oil 15.2 oz

3. After cleansing my face, at least once a week, I exfoliate my skin to remove any dead skin or debris that might be clogging my pores. I've noticed that I do tend to get bigger pimples if I don't exfoliate. Since I'm still breaking the bad habit of sleeping without washing my face, for me exfoliating is pretty crucial just to make sure my pores are unclogged.

Product Blurb: Moisturizing and exfoliating wash off scrub mask with minerals, vitamins and glycolic acid. Cleanses and revitalizes the skin.

Price: $25.50

I picked up this Black Sugar Mask on my last trip to the Philippines. I know I mentioned that a scrub is probably the only skincare product I'm not willing to pay money for, but this one piqued my interest enough for me to shell the dough.

Prior to the Black Sugar Mask, I was pretty much making my own scrub. And if I have to compare this to my usual honey and sugar scrub, I would much really prefer the the former just because it was cheap yet effective.

Skinfood's Black Sugar Mask probably only trumps over it because of it's convenience. I don't have to mix my sugar and honey and there's no hassle of cleaning up the sticky mess of honey on your hand (or anywhere for that matter).

However, I did notice a difference that my problematic blackheads are almost gone (or at least they're not as noticeable or as bad as before). But... I wouldn't exactly hold this scrub entirely responsible for the improvement because of the other slew of products that I use to maintain my skin.

Just like any other store bought scrub that I've used, this one is no different when it comes to texture. I found that the exfoliating sugars are too big that it can be pretty harsh on your skin when you're using it. Although the sugar tends to dissolve after massaging it on your face, so it's crucial that you do it gently when you're massaging it on your face. The scrub also has a citrusy smell that might put off some people who don't like any fragrance on their skincare products. I wouldn't recommend this scrub for people who might have acne because it might irritate or pop your pimple which might lead to scarring. I would only use this if your breakouts are mild to none.


Overall: I would probably stick to the cheaper alternative of making my own scrub after I've gone through the whole tub.

Rating: 2 out of 5


  1. Thanks for the review! I haven't tried any skinfood...

  2. Ohh I tried a sample of it and thought it was nice...but I prefer peeling gel 'cause it's quicker. I think you paid too much if that's USD! =X I think on ebay and it's about $15-$16...but still not as inexpensive as making your own mask. =)

  3. Great Review Ann!
    I've been using the SF Banana Yogurt Mask, and it's much nicer and more gentle on my poor sensitive face, plus the yummy smell of bananas is win-win.

    I tried the black sesame scrub sample which is great, but Yah I would be worried about larger sugar crystals being too harsh.

    and thanks for posting up the ingredients, most of the skin food items ive seen all the ingred. are in korean or dont exist... LOL

    glad your back to blogging!

  4. @Fuz: your welcome

    @Diana: The price that I listed was the one on their website. I think I might have paid that much too when I got in the Philippines =\. I just think of it as a convenience cost or something. haha.

  5. Thank you for this review I wanted to buy this but now :D I am going to buy something else seeing how I can make the same scrub ... far cheaper :D

  6. i got sample of that so i am going to try it out

    remember how i said the store was in hk? it was soo expensive too. i think like $25 so i didnt buy it

  7. yippie.... I like Skinfood so much
    but the price that u got is too expensive. I'm from Malaysia, and these should only cost you around $16 each...
    and I think sasa price is reasonable. I got it from store so...will get them in cheaper price.

  8. what a pleasant surprise...i was thisssss close in getting this product yesterday and put it on hold because i thought i do a lil bit more research.And BAM! i read your review on it the very next day.
    I still have breakouts and they can get pretty nasty.So i supposed this scrub won't suit my skin. Altho the name sounds yummy!

  9. Great review babe...I don't know what it is about these products but just looking at them makes me want to eat them. Time to go get a snack now! :P

  10. thanks for the review!!!
    eeeek i cant wait to try mandom!!! keep hearing great things about it :)

  11. wow...when i read that you got this in the philippines...i already had a plan in my head to purchase this as soon as i take my trip there in may...but thanks to your review i'll save $25!

  12. Thanks for the review, I've been look that this certain product on ebay. I think I'll stick to what I'm currently using. ^-^ I've never tried any skinfood products, but I wanna try one of there bb creams and the apple scented hand cream.

  13. I love this mask a lot! Although I have just started to use this, I noticed the big difference in my skin complexion. Even my colleagues notice them. Much glowier and smoother. And I don't mind the sugar size hehe :P

  14. I'm been using a salon brand scrub/mask. I love the lovely honey n almond smell, feel wans to lick it when I'm applying on my face. hahaha... is a wonderful feeling after using it.. the price not tat attractive though, kinda pricey

  15. The sugar looks yummy o.O haha

    Thanks for the review!! Haha I'm the opposite. I often spend more on scrubs than cleansers haha. I think I need a gentle daily scrub to keep my face in check.


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