Friday, January 30, 2009

Product Review and Swatches: YSL Lilac Eyes Palette

Product Blurb: Yves Saint Laurent OMBRES 5 LUMIÈRES5 Colour Harmony For Eyes in 4 Lilac Sky is a palette of five monochrome eyeshadow colors. Each palette holds four luminous, alluring shades of varying intensity and finish—matte, shiny, pearly, or iridescent—and one highlighter. The highlighter is the magic touch, to lighten and widen the look instantly, while the deepest color is used to structure and define the eyes.

From the most natural style to the most sophisticated, from the most demure to the most audacious, the colors of each palette coordinate to create your perfect look. Everything is possible—explore numerous interpretations of color and endless changing effects with this versatile palette. You simply cannot go wrong in making your eyes your most captivating feature.

Shades include: matte purple, shimmering pink pearl, shimmering lavender, shimmering golden violet, and eggplant shimmer plus two double-ended sponge applicators.

Price: $56


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Click here for a previous look using the palette.

Although the colors look pretty in the pan, it was such a struggle getting the colors to show up on my lid even with a primer. The only color that I really fancied was the matte purple which made a nice crease color for some dimension on your eyes. The shimmering pink pearl and shimmering golden violet for some reason look the same after packing it on your lids.

The eyeshadows weren't as smooth as I hoped for which also caused some grief in applying my makeup, but luckily the eyeshadows aren't gritty or chalky. But, unlike any other high end eyeshadow palettes, YSL doesn't provide a pouch to house the palette. For the price you're paying for, they could've at least included a pouch for the eyeshadow palette.

Overall, I'm just disappointed with YSL's eyeshadow palettes. You're only really paying for the name of the brand and not so much for the quality (and maybe for the palette case). The colors are not that exhilarating or unique. The only reason I can see why you might get this is because you are a hardcore makeup junkie or collector.

Rating: 2 out 5


  1. Won't be trying their shadows anytime soon then! But the purples seem very versatile, even nice for spring!

  2. Thanks so much for posting a review! I was thinking about picking this palette up but think I'll pass on it...

    I love purples but those colors look too light for me.

  3. i've always wanted to try high end brands.. lol but the price is just really too much for me. lol otherwise i'd be a complete junky!

  4. the colors are kinda similar with Milani purple quad its just the brand that you are paying thanks for the review

  5. hey chick! ooh thanks for reviewing this. Ive been considering YSL shadows..but Im glad I saw your post..


  6. The colors sure are pretty though! I do like YSL lipsticks!


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