Monday, January 19, 2009

Snowboarding and Sunscreen

Back from my short but fun trip to Mammoth. Mammoth was really amazing. It's my second time being there, but this was a whole new different experience (especially now that I'm a bit passed the beginning stages of learning how to ride a board). It was definitely fun while it lasted, and it was probably the best snowboarding trip I've ever been to. The trip definitely made a dent in my memory. It still hadn't ceased to amaze me about what happened towards the end of our trip.

Anyway, I'm loving my BB cream right now. I wore it when we went on top of the mountain on top of my sunscreen, and I walked away with zero sunburn after six hours of being out on the slopes!

If you're a snowboarder, sunscreen is key to your skin. You should be wearing it everyday no matter what, but once you're out in the mountain with snow, it's even more crucial. Not only you're closer to the sun, but the UV rays from the sun hits the snow and bounces off.

Don't forget your lipbalm with SPF! Your lips need protection too.

I'm glad I know better to wear sunscreen. I walked away with no burns after two days of snowboarding.

P.S. Notice anything different? Hint: my teeth :D


  1. OOOOO beautiful neat white teeth without metal! :DD Congrats!!!! Skiing is so much fun, too bad I never bothered to learn snowboarding! What happened at the end of the trip?????

  2. Mammoth looks amazing! What BB cream are you using right now?

  3. Yay! Teeth looking gooood mama! :)

  4. hahaha u are so cute! yes we notice the brace-less Anne right now :)
    Saw your pics at FB and they are gorgeous! i've yet to see or touch snow but hope to one fine day. And yeap, your skin look gorgeous...the BB cream color suit u a lot. Did u have to apply powder on top of it? because TheFaceShop BB cream can get pretty ashy on me.

  5. Aw you got your braces off?!?! You need to take a picture close up! Congrats!! =)

  6. yay!!! No more braces! You are so lucky!! what BB cream are you using right now? :D

  7. did you get your braces off? woo hoo! good job protecting your skin girly...i use face sunscreen now on a daily basis, yay! but not body...since i figure i cover everything since it's so cold...but once it starts getting warm, i'm going to start mixing sunscreen with my body lotion

  8. hello girl! i missed u!

    btw loving that pearly white smile heehee


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