Friday, January 09, 2009

Tutorial: Curling Your Hair with Paper Bags

Who would've thought that you can actually curl your hair with a paper bag!? This is probably the best and most ingenious and inexpensive hair tutorial I've ever watched on YouTube.

Watch RiceBunny's hair tutorial on how to curl your hair with a paper bag. Yup, a paper bag. For the ladies who love curling their hair, you can give your hair a break from all the heat damage you're causing to your tresses by trying this method instead.



  1. o m g -- that is GENIUS
    and recycling -- and convenient. and HELLO KITTY BAGS.. like asians with rice... so true.

    Thanks so much for posting this!!! I sooo nee to try thissss....

  2. She's amazing...I've been a huge fan of hers ever since she posted up her aspirin mask tutorial. Thanks for sharing this...she's so creative!!

  3. for the record, not every asian girl likes hello kitty. there is at least one asian girl who absolutely despises it and her name is alienman HAR HAR

    but i'll keep that to myself b/c i know i'll be stomped alive by the rest of you <.<;;;;;

    neat trick tho

    i just twist my hair up into mini buns and pin them down to my scalp until they dry

  4. These days people are so caught up with the next best curler or flat-iron that they forget the old methods of curling. My mom have always told me that they used to do it with ribbons. I give Michelle props for re-introducing this old method.


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