Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Decor: Peek into my Living Room

Last year, I've finally left the nest and moved out on my own. Even though for the majority part of being on your own can be stressful, it's also liberating to have a place you can claim your own. And today, I'm finally getting around to sharing my decor for my living room. It's still a work in progress and will always be, but I'm happy with the current stage it's in right now as it feels more home-y to me.

Since I have been sick this past week (and it seems like it's still going strong...), I've been cooped up at home which means I had more time to catch up with my favorite home decor blogs. This then have pretty much inspired me to fix things up around the house. Also, after seeing fellow blogger and home decor buddy, elleandish's, cute living room, I realized that mine was looking a little drab.


This was my living room when I had first moved in, everything was redeveloped by the developers which makes my life ten times easier since I won't have to deal with any repairs except for cosmetic changes.

Round 1...

With the help of my loving parents, my living room walls were painted grey. Funny thing was, my walls were actually painted twice. First shade of grey was too light and looked almost blue when my bedroom door is open because of my pink walls (yes, my room is painted pink). So we had to go back and repaint the walls again with a darker grey.

At this point, it still felt pretty bare as my walls didn't have anything hanging on the walls. But at least I already found my key and big pieces which were my furniture before moving in.

Round 2...

Big wall art hung. I got the frame as a birthday present from my parents. Aside, from the accidents that comes with having an indoor pet, the pet crate is also an eyesore. When I got him as a puppy, he was being potty trained through crate training. Luckily the crate that I got when I first got Lionel was black, which kinda matches in the living room. But since my place was small, I never really knew where to put his crate. I never liked his crate being there, but it's his little room. And he goes inside it when he wants to sleep (even though he has two beds around the house... yes, this dog is kinda spoiled).

I've also removed the ugly blinds and replaced it with some red drapes and found this awesome chair at a Goodwill which is on the other side of the couch. That chair, which was part of dinning chair, was probably my best thrift find yet when it comes to home goods.


Don't mind the badly groomed puppy. He didn't want to move when I took the picture during lunch.

Here's how my living room arrangement is right now. I've moved Lionel's crate to the other side of the couch and now on the balcony side. I initially didn't put his crate there before because when he was a puppy, I used to leave my bedroom door open so he can at least kind of see me while I'm sleeping. But since he's usually free to roam the house now and he only goes in his crate when he's tired, it's not too bad putting his little home on the other side of the couch. Now, when you walk in to my unit, the crate will not be the first thing you'll see. He's actually getting a better view now since he can look out into the balcony and watch the squirrels. I also noticed that he likes to sit and stare out the balcony area after roaming around the house.

And in place of the crate, I placed a table to fill in the space and because I wanted an area outside my bedroom where I can sit and go on my laptop while watching Lionel play without sitting on my coffee table or the dining table. The chair that used to be tucked on the other side of the couch is now my chair for my work table. And I love this chair even more because of it's leather padded seat. It's really comfortable especially with the back slightly concave. I'll do a more close up shot of the table area because it's my favorite little corner around the house.

My place still needs a little bit more of work. I really want to strip off the carpet and have wooden floors instead for my living room and dinning area. It'll be awhile before that happens, but that's probably next big project I'm going to get done. I'm still on the hunt for a centerpiece rug which I haven't had any really luck with. But like I said, it still need some work done.

Ever since I moved out, I have more appreciation with home decorating, just as much as with beauty, makeup, and fashion. Decorating around the house and shopping for little pieces is another creative outlet for me. I'm a really big fan of blogs dedicated to home improvement and decor because it's a great source for where to find things and a great inspiration.


  1. I looooove the painting! And your doggie's soooo cute!

  2. That is an amazing painting. Your place is so big, or maybe I have just been living in HK for too long. =P


  3. Really nicely decorated! Super home-sweet-home feel, great job!!

  4. @Michelle: it's my favorite! My mom has something similar to it, and I wanted hers. haha, but she just got me my own for my birthday.

    @Sandy: My place is not that big. It's probably how I took the picture. And I don't really have that much stuff either. But it's a good size for me since I cannot deal with cleaning a big house.

    @My Favorite Pink: Thanks! I tried to make it as homey as possible.

  5. Its really nice.. i like it very much even i want to use these designs for my home..

  6. Liking the way you decorated!

    Your place looks like my old apartment in North Hollywood (Cajuenga / Lankershim).

    Nothing beats your own place to call home huh?

  7. That is super chic!! Please tell me where you got your table from?? Thank you! :]

  8. @thelovecat: which table are you talking about? well i got my coffee table at this store called living spaces, and my study table was from Target :D

  9. Your coffee table to TOO DIE!!! I'm looking to move soon too! :)

  10. omg! i love your place! makes me super excited to move out of my parents' house one day :)

  11. What a perfect time to find your blog, I've been looking for a design for my new home and I think your design is what I'm looking for. Thanks for the share.

  12. I am in love with your home decor. So innovative and so nicely organized. I love those colors too. Did you ever try mandala wall tapestry ? I will suggest you give them a try for your living room. This will change the whole scenario of your room. I am using them for about a year and I love them so much! Gave my home a new look, totally different and unique. Also, they are best in quality so far I have used mandalas. Easy to clean and dry too.

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