Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautylish LA 2011 Spring Trend Preview

Time flies. It was only five months ago when I attended my first Beautylish event back in October. This past Tuesday, Beautylish hosted another event at the W Hotel in Westwood to welcome their new Beauty Director, Ning Chao, and to preview this year's Spring Trends.

And, as per usual, great company and conversations over cocktails, cupcakes, and cosmetics. Loves.

1. My favorites. We're back where we started.

2. With Angie. Thanks for saying "Hi!" :D and it was nice meeting you!

3. We love pink!

4. Happy 5 months to us!

5. With the sweetest April (aka AprilAthena7). Love her to pieces!

6. With Chaz Dean, the guy behind Wen hair products.

8. With Jackie Perdue... the little sister that I've always wanted but never had :D

9. With Khristine (aka MyFitBeauty)

10. With Sharmaine. She has the most beautiful hair ever! I'm so jealous of her long, pretty hair.

11. With Jill (aka JillianDanica). She knows everything whether it'd be makeup, shoes, camera, or places to eat. 

12. And my +1 for the night :)

Another fun night hosted by the awesome Beautylish team. I thought I took more pictures, but I guess I didn't. I was just so caught up trying to catch up with everyone and meeting new people. I really love the concept behind Beautylish, connecting beauty bloggers, YouTubers, or enthusiasts together.

If you haven't checked out their website, do so. And you might as well sign-up for an account. Find me at:


  1. beautylish seems to be a great site. I've check them out.... wish I was there... but unfortunately I'm in the Philippines hehe..

  2. Every photo islooks very nice & hot.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! Just found your blog and it's fab! Keep it glam ;) xo

  4. How cute you guys look great! Btw, your +1 is so handsome...LUCKY!!! =)


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