Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lookbook: Knee High in the Sky and NEW blog link!

If you recall a few weeks ago, I've posed the question whether or not I should change my blog name.

Well, over the weekend my friend Andrew, of SndWav, was kind enough to help me with the transition. And I'm very much happy with the decision! I decided to change my blog url just so it's a little bit more appropriate for what I'm blogging about. But, I'm still keeping my blog moniker, yummiebitez :).

So in order to keep with my blog posts, please update your links to:

You'd still be able to access my blog through the old link, but please update your bookmarks, feeds, etc to the new blog link.

This blog will be going through some face lifts as part of the change. New banner, possibly a new layout, and maybe even a logo will be in the works. I hope you'll continue to join me with my beauty and fashion journey! I really appreciate all your support and for continuously reading and supporting my blog! I love you all!

So onto my lookbook entry for tonight, I found a lonely picture as I was organizing my picture folders. Seriously, going through your computer files should be a job on its own.

Asymetrical hoodie, from a boutique in Santee Alley
Faux Leather Shorts, Forever 21
Grey Knee High Socks, Target
Dany Wooden Platform, Jessica Simpson
Bag, Zara

This asymetrical hoodie might look familiar to you right now. By the way, this picture was taken pre-ombre highlights and post-lighter hair. I actually wore this same top as seen on this post during the Downtown LA Artwork. I really love this top as you can tell that I've worn it at least four times since I got it. I bought it in a store in Downtown LA in Santee Alley. So casual and so comfy! For something so inexpensive the material is holding up pretty well after several washes already. Not to mention the fabric is really soft especially with the peach silk lining underneath.

What I really like about this hoodie is it's cool enough to wear as the weather transitions into Spring (but then again LA never really had a winter season at all), and I really love how it's long in the back.


  1. Cute outfit! I love the socks and the purse! And your shoes too! :)

  2. Anne! <3 the outfit (as always!) and <3 the new name!

  3. Congrats on the new site and i LOVE that hoody! So jelly that you're near Santee Alley!

  4. your are so cute! i love the knee high socks!

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