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NYX Cosmetics The Black Label Lipstick (Review and Swatches)

As I first started my makeup journey, one of the brands that I fell in love with was NYX Cosmetics because of their price point and quality. Back then, searching for NYX cosmetic products was like a treasure hunt. They weren't easily available before, but I'm really glad they are now. More websites and stores, including Urban Outfitters, carry NYX Cosmetics. I used to only find them at some store in the outlets or during IMATS or other trade shows I would attend. But, I do remember back in the days, few years ago, when it was such a big deal when CherryCulture would have round lipsticks for $1! I pretty much hoarded all the colors. Good times.

NYX Cosmetics The Black Label Lipsticks

Price: $7.50 (buy here)

Available at:

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Aside from the Round lipsticks, NYX has another line of lipsticks which is called Black Label lipstick. This line is a little bit more glam compared to the Round lipsticks in terms of packaging. Black Label lipsticks are encased in a cube shaped container as opposed to the Round lipsticks which are in a... well circular tube. The Black Label lipstick has this cute lace design printed on its cap. And just like NYX's other lipstick lines, the bottom of the lipstick has a clear window with the lipstick color for easy reference. No more fumbling around when looking for the shade that you need.

What makes me love these lipstick so much is how moisturizing they are. I hate lipsticks that dry up my lips like a dessert after a few minutes of applying it. No matter how pretty or pigmented the color is, it's really not that cute when your lips are chapped. Like eww, get some chapstick ASAP. The Black Label lipsticks feel really nice on my lips and it has a creamy finish. Although it is moisturizing, I still suggest applying some lip balm before applying the lipstick since you want a smooth surface. It's not moisturizing to the point that it'll replace your favorite lipbalm. But it does a great job keeping your lips moisturized once you have it on unlike some other lipsticks that just sucks out whatever moisture you have on your lips.

The pigmentation is slightly opaque but it builds into a beautiful color. The lipstick has a slight scent of a grape flavored bubblegum which is actually pretty pleasant for me (not unless you hate grapes then you might want to skip this). I actually prefer this scent over the usually vanilla or worse, the plasticky scent (cue horror music)!

The lipstick lasted about two to three hours while I snacked and drank my tea in the morning. After all that, my lips were still slightly stained. However, the lipstick slightly feathered out of my lips after awhile, which could be fixed by using a lip liner first.

Hot Pink (BLL 101): Barbie-esque Hot pink/fushia with blue-ish undertones

Indigo (BLL 130): Red orange with gold flecks

Natural (BLL 167): brownish-reddish nude color

Bling (BLL 191): perfect pink nude lip color *personal favorite!

L to R: Hot Pink, Indigo, Natural, and Bling

I brought all of my Black Label lipstick during my recent trip to Vegas. And I'm so glad that I did. My favorite out of the four is Bling. I tend to shy away from pink nude colors because it makes me look so washed or worse, look like a crackhead, but this was the perfect pink nude shade for me. It looked amazing paired up with my smokey eye that night. Hot Pink is also another favorite. It's the perfect bold, spring color this season.

Final Thoughts: NYX Cosmetics Black Label lipsticks are now a staple in my makeup back. With its moisturizing properties, I tend to reach for these more frequently, and not to mention I'm more likely to wear lipsticks now. And with a reasonable price point for these babies, there's no reason why you shouldn't pick up a lipstick... or ten.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

FTC: This post contains a sample product that was sent for consideration by the brand PR. This post is not a sponsored review. And as always, all views expressed are my honest thoughts.


  1. I want Bling so bad! I think natural is quite beautiful, too.

  2. Hi there and thanks for this lovely article. I would like to have the NYX Cosmetics from those pictures. They really looks awesome. And even the price it's so cheap.

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