Monday, October 31, 2011

Color Blocking Purple and Green (at the Beautylish Beauty Social Event)

I have received a few inquiries about this emerald blouse that I wore during the Beautylish Beauty Social. So here's the nitty gritty on it.

So if you missed my previous post, I attended the Beautylish's first Beauty Social event. For day one, I decided to do some color blocking for my outfit.

Few weekends ago, I briefly visited New York for a mini vacation and stumbled upon this emerald button down blouse that I found at a boutique called Necessary Clothing. I was drawn to its color and thought that this blouse is perfect for this fall. The purple 7/8 pants were purchased in New York at Topshop.

It wasn't until I decided to actually wear the blouse when I noticed that there buttons going down on the backside of the blouse. I thought that it was a nice detail to the blouse and it gives you an option to unbutton it during the warmer days. The color is just so striking and it's definitely a color that I didn't have in my closet.

Emerald green button-down blouse: Necessary Clothing
Purple 7/8 skinny pants: Topshop
Wedge Ankle boots: c/o Armani Exchange
Leopard belt: H&M
Accessories and Bag: c/o Armani Exhange

I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend! The bf and I pretty much skipped any Halloween festivities and kept it low-key by having dinner with some friends and watching Paranormal Activity 3. I'm not sure how I got talked into watching it because I'm petrified of kids in scary movies. And watching that movie only validated it and made it worse. But, since we missed out on going to Horror Nights at Universal, it was our Halloween party. I am pretty bummed that I didn't dress up this year. I've been dressing up every year for Halloween, but this was the first time in awhile. Hopefully next year, we'll be able to come up with a clever costume.

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  1. Lovely outfit! I love the button detailing on the back as well. :]

  2. What a cute blouse! Even more interesting now that I see the back buttons. Are you wearing an H&M necklace btw? I think I have the same one. : )

    I went out with a bunch of friends and our costume theme was "animals". I was a tiger .. it was actually my backup costume. LOL Long story.. but I'll post about it soon.

  3. You are so cute!!! I love the purple pants!

    April Lyn


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