Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lookbook: Waffle Knit Sweater and Waxy Pants

Hi. I hope you guys haven't forgotten about me!

I haven't been posting my outfit here just because I was trying to figure out the picture taking ordeal on the weekdays. I finally decided to make use of my balcony and tripod. The answer has always been outside.

I have been posting some outfit pictures on Instagram (Follow me if you're on it: yummiebitez) as a temporary fix to my outfit-less (?) post on my blog. But it's a bit difficult to see the detail in the outfit when the image is so small. So I've taken it as my new resolution to take pictures of at least three outfits in a week. Now that I figured out how to do that, I can actually share what I wear to work. This also motivates me to dress-up on a regular basis.

I'm not sure if you noticed, but most of my lookbook posts are my weekend outfits. You see, I didn't really have any motivations before to dress up because my work area at my old position was tucked in a corner, and I usually spend most of my nine hours sitting there. We were a small group, and my old position didn't require too many live interactions since every thing was done through e-mail or over the phone. I have this mentality of not wanting to "waste a perfectly good outfit" if no one will see me... at all. So Monday to Thursdays, I usually just wear my ill-fitted slacks and throw on a top and a jacket (if it's cold) and I'm out the door.

But I was recently transferred to a different department in the company which actually requires me to meet with upper management, peers, and our customers. So long gone are the days of lazy dressing. I actually have to look presentable now and I'm all for it.

It's been a little chilly here lately. I guess LA got the winter memo a little late. So I have to bundle up a little to keep warm. I really love pairing a slouchy sweater with skinny pants, and pairing it with heels to dress it up. In case you're interested in how I previously styled the same pants, but a more casual approach, check out my previous lookbook post here.

Tan waffle knit sweater: Zara
Wax-coated skinny pants: Armani Exchange (find similar here and here)
Two-toned color blocking heels: Zara
Necklace: Forever 21
Watch: Armani Exchange
Leather cuff bracelet: Tory Burch (find similar here

Disclosure: The watch and pants were gifted by Armani Exchange after doing a shoot with them and Teen Vogue and the cuff bracelet was a gift from a friend. Everything else is my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more infomation.


  1. Waffle knit sweaters are the biz right now! Love the look on you. Congrats on the promotion.

  2. this is a super cute outfit! it`s simple and put together, but still chic and versatile work and weekends (=


  3. My job sounds exactly like your old position. I'm in a corner, small dept (big company), no one sees me - all email and phone. I am actually wearing yoga pants, fleece and a puffer jacket today with running shoes hehehe. I would have never worn this ever in the past to school or my past job so it's kinda weird that I do it now. The good part is that I can go to the gym easily during lunch!

    What type of industry are you in?

  4. Love your outit! So glad to hear you'll be posting more weekly. Good luck with that! I'm always excited to see your posts <3

  5. cute outfit!

  6. Cute outfit! Looks effortless and the shoes compliment it so well =)

  7. i love this outfit!!! Although i have yet to come to terms with waxy pants to wear. they do look great on you!

  8. Love your shoes and the casual chic outfit!

  9. Wonderful blog you have here!


  10. I just wanted to say you are so beautiful and i just stumbled upon your blog. I'm so glad i did because i LOVE your style!! I will definitely be visiting more often :-)


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