Monday, January 30, 2012

Lookbook: Purple Skirt and Zebra Print

The way I dress up for work and the weekends is almost night and day. I work in a pretty conservative environment, so my usual attire are slacks or pants and maybe occasionally wear a skirt. Although we don't really have a dress code, I try not to roll to work in sweats ever.  Ever since this new position, I've realized that taking the time to dress up for the day can help with how you feel for the rest of the day. Wearing slumpy clothing makes me feel... well... slumpy.

White button down blouse: Forever 21
Zebra print cardigan: H&M (find similar here and here)
Purple skirt: Forever 21 (find similar here and here)
Skinny tan belt: J. Crew (find similar here)
Watch: Michael Kors (find here)
Suede ankle boots: Zara (find similar here and here)

Disclosure: All items were purchased by me. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more infomation.


  1. Very nice outfit. Had no idea zebra looks so good with purple. Your ombre hair is looking lovely too.

    The Girlie Blog

  2. such a cute outfit :0 you look beautiful!

  3. Really cute! Sometimes I wish I worked at a place where I had an excuse to actually dress up! I have to wear scrubs :) Which is nice since I don't have to think about what to wear...but it would be nice to get ready for work everyday :D

  4. Gorgeous! Can you also list accessories? I would love to know where the necklace is from. I saw Holly aka hollyannaeree wear it on YT, too!

  5. i totally agree, dressing up just makes me feel more ready to attack the day!

  6. I love that top, I am into animal print. I think it will never go out of style. I think I am going to go to H&M, I really hope you bought that recently.....

  7. Love the outfit! It's super cute! I've realized u shop at all my favorite stores too. lol

  8. I love your style, Anne! Where is your necklace from?

  9. Very cute! I literally stalk your blog to see all your OOTD looks, i love the way you put your outfits together. It's always so girly and so fashionable. You're an inspiration!

  10. I got lots of information by your post. Everything define in this post very beautiful way. You should continue do this type of post.

  11. Amazing look. You always have gorgeous clothes. And your style is so effortless. I hope to see more from you.

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  12. Lovely! My mom always says that when you are pretty you can put a potato sack and still look fabulous, and you fall under this category :)

    You have such beautiful eyes, you shouldn't cover them in my opinion.

    Glad I bumped into this blog!


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