Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ZARA Closed Toe Strappy Sandals Review

ZARA Closed Toe Strappy Sandals
Reference No: 3247/201

Price: $79.90 USD
Heels: 3 cms 

I tend to find myself at Zara way too much. So most of my shoes lately have been from that store. I try to control myself as much as I can, but sometimes, my will power is just not strong enough.

These gladiator ankle boots are one of my recent shoe purchases. I didn't even think about when I saw it. I simply just bought it. As I've previously mentioned before, I've been into masculine and edgy shoes lately. I like pairing them with my girly clothing items just to toughen them up a little bit. It might be my inner tomboy in me that's trying to get out.

Somehow, gladiator anything is very much alive in the Spring and Summer, and then just goes into hiding after that. However, since these are closed toe and has that ankle boot feel, it can easily carry over to Fall especially here in California since our Fall season is pretty mild. These are also very different as they don't really give the bohemian vibe, but rather a more edgy and grungy look to an outfit than your usual gladiator sandals or shoes.

As soon as I got these shoes, I did some research (I don't know but I find myself doing that lately with my clothes). If you've seen these shoes before and it hasn't clicked yet, these shoes are actually a replica of the 3.1 Phillip Lim PJ Gladiator Sandals from the Spring 2013 line. Not the exact replica, but you can definitely see similarities in the design. I've seen some other variations of the design (see below), and my other runner up would be the one from ASOS.
Comfort: The very, very first time I wore these shoes, they were the most comfortable thing ever. The rubber insoles were like cradling my feet. Then, I left them in the car for a few days. I'm not exactly certain if this played any factor, but I've kept them in my car ... in the blazing heat. Not sure if it shrunk my shoes or something, but they've never been the same after that. I've worn them previously to Palm Springs (as seen here), and I didn't have any problem with them. We walked around, did some shopping, and my feet were fine.

I recently wore these again to the Gen Beauty event and wore this for the whole day. I'd say my feet were in it for about 10-12 hours. I was on my feet pretty much the whole time and doing a lot of walking around at the event. They were comfortable in the beginning, but they didn't stay comfortable for the rest of the day. It might have been because my feet were beginning to get swollen for being on my the whole time, but these shoes were starting to feel like it's caging my feet. Although I didn't get blisters at the end of the day, the shoes became really uncomfortable after awhile since my heel was rubbing on the back of shoes. And since they were a little pointy also, my toes were starting to feel it also. However, I didn't feel any rubbing on the sides where the leather strips are.

Quality: Just like most of Zara's shoes, these are made with 100% Polyurathane (top). The shoes have zippers in the back. As for the buckles, you only really need to unbuckle the top one to get your feet in the shoes. The second one is more for the look and feel of the shoes.

Fit: True to size. Available in sizes 6 to 10 (including half sizes for sizes 6 and 7). I would recommend going up half a size if it's available if you want a little bit of wiggle room in the front and back. If not, I'd probably just buckle the buckles in the first or second slots so it's a little bit looser by your ankle.

Alternatives (L to R): ASOS, OFFICE, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jeffrey Campbell

Overall Thoughts: I love the look and feel of these shoes, but I definitely won't be wearing them if I have to be on my feet for the whole day. You'd think that they'll be extremely comfortable since they are flats, but they can feel restraining after awhile. I love pairing these shoes with shorts or a casual dress.



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