Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ziggy Zag | Cheveron Top + Faux Leather Baseball Cap

So, I'm completely not over my leather baseball cap yet. He's been my good ol' pal when I'm too lazy to do my hair. Second day hair? Nothing like dry shampoo and cute hat couldn't fix.

**Raaaaawrr... I'm Xena**

Denim cut-offs | Necessary Clothing
Faux Leather baseball cap | ASOS
Flats | Zara (similar)
Rings | Wren and Glory and Brandy Melville

Not sure why it took me awhile to take these flats out. I have this bad habit of buying something and holding on to it for a long time. I think I've had these flats for a few months now and they're just seeing the light of day. I've tried wearing it with other outfits but for some reason, it didn't make sense at the time. Aaaand, it finally did now.

Speaking of shoes, I kinda went a little overboard at Zara a couple of weeks ago. My roommate had to tell me three days in a row that I have a package waiting for me at home. I just can't help it sometimes. But there would be months where I can't be bothered to even look online. When it hits me, it hits me hard... and my wallet. But I'm hoping to share my new shoes here. Hopefully, this weekend I'll be able to wear them on an outfit post, so you can all see how it fits and how I wear it.

And I may or may not be living off these shorts. I just realized that I was wearing the same pair from my last post. What can I say, I just really like these pair. They just reminds me of the 90's, and I've been on this grunge kick lately. The older I get, the more I'm convinced that the 90's was the best era for everything: fashion (well almost), TV shows, and music. And it was a time when MTV actually played music videos. I'm happy I was able to live and experience these growing up.

Oh, and if you haven't checked-out my Poshmark account lately, I just posted some more things from my closet. Please check it out! My user name is beautybitten.



  1. I like the pop of gold with all the midi rings! Dainty gold rings are my obsession right now. Cute outfit!

  2. Really cute as usual :D haha It's awesome when you wear something often if you really love it!

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