Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Here's a Story about a Boy... | Chanel Quilted Boy Bag

My new "boy" toy is finally making a debut on my blog. He's been making his rounds on my Instagram, but I think it's only fitting to dedicate a post to my favorite item in my closet.

I knew I wanted another Chanel bag at some point in my life after I got my first Chanel tote. I just didn't want to get another one just to get one. Or because I won't be able to afford it in X years because of the price increase. As much as the Chanel flap or 2.55 a classic Chanel piece, I have admired it from far away, but it's not something I felt that I needed to have. And then I saw the Boy bag.

The first time I laid eyes on the Chanel boy bag was after seeing a celeb gossip blog post on Rachel Bilson (one of my favorite style icons, btdubs) a few years ago. It was a picture of her and her boyfriend, Hayden Christensen while going for a stroll in NYC. She had the black and gold brass hardware boy Chanel that first came out back in 2011. It was a little bit masculine yet feminine at the same time. It was the chunky chain strap on this bag that piqued my interest. I liked how it's not the usual leather in chain strap that's seen on almost all of the Chanel bags. It was different.

Then fast forward towards the end of 2012. I was reading my e-mail, and I saw a StyleStalker bit on Miroslava Duma on WhoWhatWear. My eyes instantly gravitated towards the middle picture of the article where she had two bags slung across her body. The chain looked familiar. And then I realized that it was a boy bag, but this one is quilted. It was perfect.

Since then, I've occasionally dropped by my Chanel boutique just to see what they have. They had several boy bags available in different colors, shapes, designs, and leather. I wasn't really fond of the choices available at the time, so I just decided to wait for the right one.
Even though I have so many black bags already, I still wanted to get this one in black with silver hardware. I'll always come back to black because it's versatile. And I wanted the silver hardware since I felt it's much more appropriate and younger for this look.

Then one day, I decided to go to Nordstrom to do some window shopping after work. I peeped my head into the Chanel boutique just to look... and there it was. It was June 5, 2013 (yes, I remembered the date) when I first laid eyes on my boy bag. As ridiculous as it sounds, I seriously felt like I had some sort of moment with the bag.

I gently took it down from the display case and tried it on. It was so pretty. The lambskin leather was so soft and buttery. The silver chain added a boyish charm to the classic quilted look. The hardware front clasp closure with the CC lego logo gave it a utilitarian look and feel to it. The length of the chain was perfect for my petite size whether it was a single or double strap shoulder bag or a cross body bag. This has been the bag that I was looking for.

It almost seems like the bag was waiting for me... or some force in the universe brought me there unknowingly. I didn't think I'd ever see a black quilted Chanel boy bag at my Chanel store. I feel like that saying "if you stop looking for it, that's when you'll find it" really applied at that moment.

Although I've been wanting to get this bag for years, it was still a big ticket item purchase. I also hesitated since I just bought my Balenciaga a few months ago. I couldn't just be dropping money on the floor like nobody's business. The lady was kind enough to put the bag on hold for me for a few days so I can think about it. I called my mom and told her that I saw a Chanel boy bag that I want. I was actually hoping that she would talk me out of it. She ended up doing the opposite. I guess she knew how much I've been wanting it. Since I was thinking about it and I couldn't talk myself out of it a few days later, I knew I'd end up regretting not getting the bag. So I went back and took him home.

I'm not going to lie, but I felt the pang of buyer's remorse after bringing him home. Was this really a good idea? For a few days, he stayed inside the box. I'd take him out once in awhile for a look. I mean I had money saved up, so it's not like I was going broke for this bag. Then I finally took him out for a spin for an event I attended. Ever since then, it's been my go-to bag next to my Balenciaga bag.

This bag just goes with everything and is the greatest accessory in my closet right now. It can either dress something up or down. Or I can wear something simple and plain, and the bag just takes it to another level. It fits all my essentials when I don't need to bring my whole life with me. The older I get and the more I look at my things, the more I realize that I'd rather spend my money on key pieces that I know I'll always use. I'd rather have less but solid pieces that I can easily mix and match rather than to have so many yet feel like I have nothing to wear. But that's besides the point and another story for another time.

I can't wait to share this bag in my future outfit posts!



  1. OMG. It's gorgeous :O
    xoxo Paula

  2. I think I'm ALSO having a moment with your bag here.. SO gorgeous!
    I'm not much of a bag girl but I've been on a Chanel kick for a while now.

    1. Having that Chanel kick is dangerous. But I know what you mean because I'm feeling it too!

  3. The bag is so beautiful! <3
    I am looking for the exact same model!
    Do you know what it was called? I mean, obviously it is a Boy bag, but I mean the exact product name.
    I'd be very thankful for help!

  4. I love how much effort you put into getting the bag, its definitely a luxury to have! x

  5. Lovely Chanel boy inspired phone cases here: http://eggandsquare.com/collections/brand-inspired. Exquisite details and I'm sure you girls will love it!! xxx

  6. beautiful bag! Would love to purchase one but it will take some saving (and convincing of the hubby)


  7. love the bag :) what size is it, if you dont mind me asking?
    the small or medium?

  8. LOVE the bag! It's gorgeous click here

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  10. I love it! I just bought my first Chanel (it's classic medium flap in black caviar), and I can't stop thnking about the Boy one! It's contagious. I might buy the Boy bag tomorrow:)

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  12. The Boy Bag is a dream bag, just like the Classic Flap Bag.



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