Monday, November 18, 2013


Our last full day in New York. Just like any other vacations, it was way too short.

Anyway, this outfit almost has that school girl look with the plaid and the a-line skirt (or skater skirt). One recent favorite thing I like to wear for fall is faux leather anything.

And to prove that, I just realized that I have pretty much everything in faux leather. Shorts, skirts, overralls, tops, cap... you name it. Milder colder weathers allows me to get away wearing a faux leather short or skirt sans tights. Faux leather pieces actually keep my bum warm hence why I like wearing them for fall.

Plaid top | Current/Elliot
Military jacket | H&M (similar here and here)
Tights | Forever 21
Knee high socks | H&M
Studded combat boots | Forever 21 (super old)
Bag | Balenciaga

This faux leather skirt is my fall back skirt when I need something to wear that's a little dressier but comfortable (like last time). I've always felt that faux leather anything is a dressier piece. I've thought about how I could dress the skirt down, and the the answer was pretty obvious... just wear some tights and combat boots with it, or any boots really. And this outfit ended up being a good idea for an all-day sight seeing adventure.



  1. You look so great in this outfit! Really like the top photo btw in this post... you're so photogenic!


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