Tuesday, October 06, 2015

DIY Lace-Up Flats and Shirt

I usually get really inspired to film a DIY project when I try to clear things out of my closet. That's when my mind starts to roll with ideas on how I can transform something old to something "new". So sometimes I end up keeping things that I should really toss or give away, but I'm glad I kept some of the things in my closet today for this DIY.

Even though I'm going through my closet trying to figure out what I don't need, I also start to think about what I think I'm missing in my wardrobe. I've noticed that the laced-up style has become more popular lately. Lace-up skirt, shoes, shirts, and dresses... you name it. And because of this, my subconscience has been on a look-out for some laced-up flats. I have been perusing online (on Topshop and ASOS) for a cute pair.

Here are some options that I've also been eyeing lately. Click the left and right arrow to scroll.

And as I keep digging through my closet, I realized that I have a plethora of henley shirts from Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister (henley shirts were part of my uniform back in the day when I used to work at both stores). Then I thought, this could be something I would wear again by adding a little something to it to make it a bit more updated.

Here are some inspirations for my DIY lace-up shirt.

So on to the DIY. This one is super easy to make and you could practically do it to any of your clothes that needs a little bit updating. But my favorite part of this DIY is that there is no sewing involved. At all.

Video and Picture-by-Picture instructions after the jump.

Watch full tutorial below

(video mark 0:20)
DIY Laced-Up Flats Instructions

- Pair of ballet flats
- Rotating hole puncher
- Eyelet pliers
- Small eyelets (comes in gold or silver)
- 16ft Leather cord (use 8ft of leather cord per shoe)
- Binder clips
- E6000 glue
- Fabric pencil (or whatever you can use to mark your flats)

1. Mark your holes in the shoes using a fabric pencil or marker. I started in the middle of the top part of the shoes and added two more holes on each sides of the first hole. They're about an 1.5 inches apart from the middle hole.
2. Repeat step 1 for both sides of the flats.
3. Punch the holes where you've made your mark using the rotating hole puncher.  I used the 2nd smallest option of the puncher.
4. Insert the eyelet in the hole.
5. Secure it in place using an eyelet pliers. Repeat until you've attached all the eyelets in the holes.
6. Cut two pieces of 2 inches of leather cord to create a heel tab for the shoes.
7. Fold the leather cord in half and glue the ends together to create a loop. Make sure you leave enough loop space for the leather cord to go through.
8. Use a binder clip to hold the ends together until the glue has completely dried.
9. Apply glue on one side of the heel tab and attach it in the heel part of your flats.
10. Use binder clips to hold the tabs on the shoes while the glue dries. Let it dry overnight before using it.
11. String 8ft of leather cord through the eyelets and the heel tab.

You can string or tie your flats different ways depending on the look you're going for. Below are just four ideas you can do to instantly change the look of your shoes. I've been wearing my flats as option 1 and 4 lately. I also love wearing them with my shorts and skirts as the flirty element to my outfit.
How to tie laced-up flats

DIY Lace-Up Shirt 
(video mark 3:19)
DIY Laced-Up Shirt Instructions

- Old henley shirt
- Rotating hole puncher (I used the second smallest option)
- Eyelet pliers
- Large eyelets (comes in gold or silver)
- Leather cord (depends on how long you want your cord)

1. Remove buttons off the henley shirt.
2. Create a hole using the rotating hole puncher where the buttons used to be. You might need to poke the hole out with a pair of scissors depending on how thick the material of the henley is.
3. Attach the eyelets on the button hole and on the holes you've created. The larger eyelets has two pieces. Insert the grommet (smaller piece) from the right side of the shirt.
4. Attach the washer (backing/backer/bigger piece) on the inside part of the shirt.
5. Secure the grommet and washer by using an eyelet plier.
6. String your leather cord through the eyelets. The length of the cord will depend on how many holes you created in your shirt.

If you ever try to create one or both DIYs, make sure to share it with me on Twitter (@yummiebitez) or Instagram (@beautybitten) with the hashtag #DIYbitten, so I could see your creations!



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