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Empties I: Body and Skincare

So it's been awhile since my last beauty product review post on this blog (read my last beauty review). If you have been following this blog for awhile now, you probably know that I started this blog as a beauty blog after discovering a community of beauty bloggers. One of my goals this year is that I'm going to try to bring back and incorporate more beauty reviews in the future alongside with my fashion/outfit posts. I'll be reviewing some of the products that I'm currently using and provide my thoughts on it. I actually sometimes go back to my old product reviews to see which products I've used before that I used to love that I might think of maybe using again.

After almost three years since I first started collecting empty product containers, I've finally posted the first batch of my Empties video. The first batch of empties contains the body and skincare products that I've used to the last drop. Even though these took up space in my tiny closet, there was something satisfying about putting an empty container in my pile. In the sea of beauty products that's available to us that we love to try out, it's gratifying to be able to say that you didn't waste a drop of it.

I'm hoping to be able to provide a review for reference next time I do an Empties video. Hopefully the empties video will be sort of an update on the product after I've used it all up. So you'll be able to get a better idea what my thoughts are on the product a little bit more.

But for now, below are some of the products I've mentioned in this video with a little bit more insight on what I thought about the product.

» The Body Shop Body Butter (mark 0:54) - There was a point in my life where all I wanted was to slather my body with Body Shop's Body Butter. My two favorite scents were the Pink Grapefruit and Moringa scents. I tend to gravitate to Pink Grapefruit during the summer because of its citrusy and fresh scent, and the Moringa when I'm feeling a little bit more sexy and sassy because of it's floral aroma. I've loved their Lychee Blossom scent, but has been unfortunately discontinued. I bought two tubs of it during their sale to clear them out. I wish I had stocked up on it because it because it became a favorite. I wish they'll bring the Lychee Blossom scent back.

Read more after the jump for the rest of the products mentioned

» Soap & Glory Righteous Butter (mark 2:29) - I love applying this especially during the winter season where my skin is a little bit drier. I love how smooth this makes my skin feel especially my legs where it gets pretty ashy after I shower. I'm currently on my second tub, and I'm about a few uses away until it makes it to another empties video :).

» Chloe Body Lotion (mark 3:09) - Whenever I receive a gift set of the Chloe perfume, which is also my signature scent, I make sure to layer the body lotion that comes with it. I love slathering this on before spraying my perfume because it helps my perfume last longer.

» Bath & Body Works Shower Gel (mark 3:30) - Every time Bath and Body Works have their semi-annual sale, I make sure to stock up on their shower gels (to last me until the next sale). I've tried out several different scents, and I seem to keep going back to Pink Chiffon and Cashmere Glow.

» Yes to Cucumber Soothing Body Wash (mark 4:10) - If your looking for a body wash that's great for sensitive skin, I highly recommend the Yes to Cucumber Soothing Body Wash. It contains green tea which help calm body acne, if you have it. Not to mention, the cucumber scent is very refreshing that you might think that you're in a spa while taking a shower.

» Pond's Bio-Hydrante (mark 4:52) - This was my favorite make-up remover... hands down. Again, another discontinued product. I bought my first bottle during one of my Walmart runs. I've always loved Pond's as a brand, and I was curious to try this make-up remover when I first saw it. Ever since then I was hooked. I thought they were comparable to the Lancome Bi-Facil if not better. It's also a dual-action remover where you have to shake the bottle to mix the liquid together. It did a great job of taking off all of my eye make-up off with one swipe. I preferred this over the Lancome Bi-Facil because it didn't leave any greasy residue after, and it was a fraction of the price. It also has a nice, subtle scent that I actually really enjoyed.. I went through about three bottles of this remover before I realized that they're no longer available. I hope they'll bring it back again soon.

» Lancome Bi-Facil Makeup Remover (mark 5:50) - This is currently my eye make-up remover. Although this is a bit on the higher-end of makeup removers, I still like how this can remove my mascara and eyeliner without putting-up too much of a fight. This make-up remover does leave a slight oily residue, but I do still wash my face afterwards to remove the rest of my make-up.

» Benefit They're Real Remover (mark 6:05) - As much as I love Benefit products, this make-up remover fell a little too flat for me. I received a sample of this remover from a previous event, and I didn't think this did a great job of taking of my mascara. I was using their They're Real Mascara at the time, and it took a few cotton pads before I completely got it off my lashes. You would think that if they had branded their remover based on their amazing mascara that they will go hand-in-hand. It was a flop for me.

» Maybelline Clean Express! Remover (mark 6:51) - Another favorite drugstore makeup remover that I haven't seen around lately. I've used up two bottles of this in lieu of my Pond's Bio-Hydrante. Again, I came back to pick another one up since I ran out, and I can't find anywhere. I thought they were temporarily just out of stock. I remember buying the gel version of this make-up remover just because I needed one, and I ended up tossing it after only using a quarter of it. I'm still trying to find where this one went as well. Please bring this back.

» Garnier Moisture Rescue Cleansing Foam (mark 7:47) - I purchased this cleansing foam just because I forgot my face wash while I was on travel. I've Garnier products, so I think that's why I picked this one to try-out. I ended up loving this face wash. It lathers nicely and it left my face feeling fresh and clean without the drying, tight feeling. I also like how this one smelled!

» X-Out Wash-In Treatment (mark 8:25) - I used this face wash when I was going through a terrible adult acne stage. You'd think at my age that I would have outgrown it by now, but the struggle is still real. I got this as a gift from an event in a goodie bag. It has benzoyl peroxide in it, and this helped minimize the breakouts after a few uses. I like how this face wash has a slight cooling sensation as you apply it in your face. The face has a bit of a gritty texture which helps exfoliate the skin. I only used this at night because of this since it might get a bit drying for my face. This face wash is being marketed for teens because having acne should only be a teen issue, yet I'm still getting them. I used it and it worked for me. I would recommend this if you're having problems with breakouts.

» Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity Facial Wash (mark 9:43) - My favorite facial wash. Ever. Hands down. I've also gone through two tubes of this before realizing one day that they pulled the brand out of Target and Sephora. I'm just glad they're back in the states again and I'm finally reunited with it after Soap & Glory's PR reached out to me and sent me a birthday package. What a great birthday present! I'm currently using this facial wash again. It's been repackaged to a bigger bottle, but it's the same smell and formula. I prefer the old tube packaging since it's more convenient for travel. I also really like this facial wash because the scent reminds me of the Philippines. I don't know why, but it does.

» Pixi Glow Tonic Toner (mark 10:37) - I'm currently on my fourth bottle right now, and I just love it. I use a cotton pad to apply it on my face after cleansing. It takes off anything that my cleanser might have missed. I like how this toner is gentle on my skin and that it doesn't leave a stinging feeling on my face. It's so gentle that I sometimes use it around my eye area.

» Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen (mark 11:26) - I'm an avid sunscreen wearer. Sunscreen is part of my morning routine after applying my moisturizer before I step out of the house (even if it's cloudy outside). I know that some moisturizers have SPF in them already, but I still like applying an actual sunscreen on my face. I really liked this sunscreen from Neutrogena because it's light and doesn't break me out. It also doesn't leave a white cast on my face after applying it.

» Pur-lisse Pur-Protect Sunscreen (mark 11:42) - This is another product that I received in a gift bag from a previous event. I had ran out of sunscreen and had no time to make a drugstore run just to pick one up. This one is ok for me. I did notice a slight white cast after applying the product on my face. The sunscreen was also light and absorbed easily into my skin.

» Proactiv Complexion Perfecting Hydrator (mark 12:20) - It's a love and hate with Proactiv sometimes. There are some products where it just doesn't do anything for me, and some I end up really loving. This is one of the products I didn't like so much and just didn't do anything for me. If anything, I felt that I even broke-out a little bit more after using this moisturizer. I do appreciate the packaging of this moisturizer because it came with a little spatula to scoop out the product. But I find the moisturizer a little too thick for my liking.

» Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer (mark 12:34) - Speaking of my love an hate relationship with Proactive, this is one of the products I've really liked. I've used up about three tubes of this Green Tea Moisturizer before. I tend to love gel-based moisturizers so this was easy pick for me. I like how my skin just absorbs the product and helps keep the breakouts at bay. I like how this moisturizer is in a tube form, so it's more sanitary to use.

» Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair Even Skin Tone Moisturizer (mark 13:13) - As I've mentioned before, I've dealt with acne breakouts on-and-off. Once my skin starts to clear-up and stop breaking out, sometimes I'm still left dark pigmentation from acne scarring. This moisturizer has helped even out my skin and reduce the hyper-pigmentation from old acne scars on my face.

» Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel (mark 14:08) - Another holy grail item for me! As evident by the multiple jars I've used up in the past. When I'm not trying a different moisturizer, this is my fall back moisturizer I like to use. I prefer gel-based moisturizer for my combo skin. I love how this smells and how my skin just soaks it up instantly. It always leaves my skin feeling soft, and it doesn't break me out.

And that's it for the first round of my Empties video. Have you tried out any of the products I mentioned? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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