Monday, January 04, 2016

Winter Date Night Casual Look

Happy 4th day of January. This marks my first official post for 2016 (yay)! However, part of this post was from 2015. So okay, it's a bit of a hybrid because I recently did a Get Ready with Me Video Winter Casual Date Night with a similar look to this post. I switched up the hat with a beanie and wore a different pair of pants in the video (I wore a dark wash jeans from J.Crew in the video). But all in all, both looks are closely similar.
I have this habit of wearing an outfit over and over if I end up loving it. I might switch up a piece of the outfit with something similar in my closet or just accessorize it differently. This look as been a bit of my go-to when I know I'm going to be outside in the cold, and I need something warm and comfortable to wear. I also found myself reaching out for this cable knit sweater over and over again. Because 1) it's warm, 2) it's neutral, so it goes with everything, and 3) it's chunky and baggy = love.

In case you haven't watched my get ready with me video yet, you can watch it down below. The video will show you how I did my makeup, hair, and the full outfit to get an idea on how I dress for a casual winter date night.

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Hope your year has been off to a great start!

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