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February 2016 Favorites (Beauty, Fashion, & Food)

It's that time again where I wrap-up some of my favorite products for my monthly favorites. Here are some of the beauty and fashion items that I found myself reaching out frequently for February.

beautybitten February 2016 Favorites

Beauty Favorites

Foreo Luna - I have been using this gadget ever since I got it in my Sephora Holiday Haul when Sephora had their holiday gift sets. This was my first skincare gadget, and it has been a part of my skincare routine ever since. I never owned the Clarisonic system since the price of the replacement brush head turned me off ($27 a pop) especially since you have to replace them every three months. I have been using the Foreo Luna for a couple of months now, and even on the first two weeks of using it, I have seen major improvements on my skin. Last year, I was battling acne break-outs, and I couldn't figure out what to do with them. But since I've implemented the Foreo Luna, I rarely get any pimples on my face. It does a great job of getting deep into my pores and leaving it clean and smooth.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask - On the days I do forget to take off my makeup, and my skin decides to punish me for it, I use the this mask on my face before I go to sleep once I see a pimple forming. I leave this mask on for about 10-15 minutes and wash it off before I go to bed. I do see a reduction on my pimple after using this mask.

• shu uemura Light Bulb foundation (read full review here) - As I was cleaning out my makeup stash, I came across this foundation and gave it another go after my current foundation ran out. I started using this foundation during the warmer weather, and wasn't that impressed by it since it left my skin really greasy at the end of the day. However, after rediscovering this again during the cooler months, I've been using this everyday. I love how it gives me a nice dewy and glowy look. The shade Modern Beige is also a perfect match for my skintone.

MakeUp ForEver Pro-Sculpting Brow Pencil - I've been all about my brows lately, and it's all because of the new MakeUp ForEver Pro Sculpting brow pencil. Prior to having this brow pencil, I've always just used a brown MAC eyeshadow brush to fill-in my brows. The MUFE brow pencil makes it so much easier for me to do my brows in the morning because the formula and slanted tip of the pencil just glides like butter as I apply it. I use short feather strokes to fill-in my brows and brush it with the spoolie that's on the other end to blend the product for a more natural look.

NYX Cosmetics Tinted Brow Mascara - In conjunction with my brow pencil, I've also been using NYX Cosmetics Tinted Brow Mascara to keep my eyebrow hairs in place. I like how this doesn't look gel-y on your brows like it was the early 2000. The slight tint also makes it a better color match for my hair.

Laura Mercier Highlight-01 Powder - Like I mentioned earlier, I've been really into a more glowy look. The Laura Mercier Highlight powder just gives me that glow for days look and never leaving me looking greasy. This doesn't have any glitter particles or any crazy shimmer only a nice sheen which makes it even more perfect for everyday wear.

• NYX Cosmetics Lingerie liquid lipstick in "Teddy" and "Exotic" (read full review here) - I think I've raved about these liquid lipsticks enough. But these two colors are the ones I've been reaching out for February.

Fashion Favorites

Karen Walker Number One sunglasses - These glasses were forever on my wishlist, and when I finally bought them... no regrets. In fact, why didn't I get them sooner? I love how these frames fit my face really well, and the just look so damn good on. These pair basically go with any outfits and have a classic look to them.

Food Favorites

• Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Brownie Oat bars - I'm a huuuge snacker. Although this counts as a breakfast bar, I tend to eat them throughout the day. I carry one or two of these especially if I know I won't have access to food for awhile (as if I live in a remote area). But when the hanger strikes, this just comes to the rescue. I really love how these bars are so chewy and so good. I have to control and tell myself not to eat the whole box in one sitting... because that's just embarrassing :).

• Trader Joe's Hold the Cone (Vanilla) ice cream - Ok, another thing that makes me happy is ice cream. I decided to try this out after I saw a lady in my local Trader Joe's grabbing five boxes! I mean, I've never even grabbed three boxes of anything, so I figured it was that good and gave it a try. I usually like to have something sweet at the end of my meal and these mini ice cream cones are perfect. No need to scoop, and it helps me not get too carried away with my sweets.

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