Monday, August 08, 2016

Little Black Dress

ASOS off the shoulder dress / Fringe necklace / Zara heels (old, similar here and here) / Celine Nano bag (similar)

Happy Monday! I have been kind of M.I.A in my social media these past few days, so I'm popping my head back in today. The past few days have been a bit of a whirlwind. My roommate recently moved out, so I have been taking care of some loose ends here and there. My car also decided that it was time for it to break down, so I had to take it to the shop.

Despite of the craziness, I try to remind myself that in the grand scheme of life, these are all minor things. I treated myself to a nice dinner just to unwind from it all. I wore my current favorite black dress that makes me feel 100% and sassy at the same time.

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I just love wearing this dress that I bought from ASOS. Aside from being all for the off the shoulder trend, this just makes me feel super feminine. It's also a great dress to hide any food baby in case you had too much to eat. It's so simple yet versatile at the same time. I've worn this dress numerous times already whether it was in the daytime or nighttime. Being part of the itty bity community, I'm glad that this dress manage to stay put without a problem. This dress also makes me feel like I'm vacationing somewhere tropical... which would also be really nice right now.

And in between all that craziness happening, I've been culling my things and deep cleaning certain parts of my place. My roommate moving out and packing has triggered this urge recently. I saw how stressful it's been for her to pack her things and saw how much one person can own. It was slightly terrifying seeing myself in her position. I wouldn't want that feeling if the time to move ever comes, so I'm giving myself a head start now. Also, I feel that the older that I get, the more I appreciate a minimal lifestyle.

However, I don't think that I can truly be a full-on minimalist. I still like my nice things. I'm simply adapting certain things that I think will work for me. I like the simplicity that minimalism promotes, and I think that my style recently has also been a reflection of that. I tend to gravitate to basic pieces that I can easily transform in different ways. This has also help me become smarter with how I shop for my wardrobe. I try to picture at least four ways of how I can style or wear a certain item with existing items in my closet. Because it would be really super that I can wear every single thing that I own in my closet.

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