Sunday, July 22, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-On Haul for Petites

And it's finally live! My annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try-on haul video is now up on my YouTube channel. If you have been following me for a while now, you know that I try to share my latest finds on this sale and show you how each piece fits on me.


Although I still like to do my shopping online (v. convenient in the comfort of your own home, no lines, shopping in peace), sometimes the clothing item might not be something I expect once the package arrives (or in my case picked-up in-store). I like to do these try-on hauls as a way to evaluate my purchase whether or not it's something that will work with my current wardrobe as well as to also give you a better idea on how each item fits.

This year, I wanted to stick to the basics and only choose items that could easily be mixed and matched. Pieces that I'll love and can carry through the seasons.

Read the full post for my thoughts on each item...

TOPS (2:10)

Funnel Neck Top size XS, on sale $19.90
I was surprised to see that this had a nice thick jersey material, but oh so soft! It has a snug fit which makes a great layering piece for fall. Fits true to size.

Tie Back Top size XS, on sale $32.90
One of my favorite tops from this year's anniversary sale. I like the split panels on the back without exposing your bra straps and ties with a bow in the back. The fabric has a thick, hatch textured detail that could still be comfortable to wear in the summer. Fits true to size.

V-Neck Tee size XXS, on sale $11.90
Picked up a basic tee in a mustard-y brown color which is a color that's not really in my closet. I picked it up because I've been finding myself being drawn to neutral/earthy colors. This shirt is very sheer and has a loose fit. I had to size down, and it fits just right.

Lettuce Edge Top size XS, on sale $22.90 / Shorts (not part of the sale)
I'm still on the fence with this top. Although I love the lettuce edges of this shirt, it's a little too sheer for my liking. This shirt reminds me a bit of something I probably owned back in the early 2000s. I'll have to figure out what type of undergarment I can wear with this top since it does show texture. Fits true to size.

Striped Puffed Sleeve size XS, on sale $25.90
More stripe shirts but this time in yellow. I'm having a little moment with yellow right now, and this top is giving some vintage vibes. The shirt is very long, so I prefer to wear this tucked in. Fits true to size.

Red Ruffle Sleeve Top size XS, on sale $29.90
Aside from my usual maroon shirts, this is my very first red shirt. I picked up one bold colored shirt on days I'm feeling a little bold and sassy. The shirt has a boxy fit, but the ruffle sleeves give it a feminine touch. This top can easily be paired with some trousers for work or jeans for something more casual. Fits true to size.

Stripe Tee size XS, on sale $17.90
What I'm currently wearing in this video that made a comeback from last year's anniversary sale. I own this shirt in two colors. Yes, the other one is also a striped shirt (in blue and white).

Striped Ruffle Sleeve Top size XS, on sale $32.90
As if I don't own enough striped shirts... but I was drawn to the classic print and color combination. The ruffled sleeves of this tee are not as flared out as the previous top, but it does have two ruffle tiers. This shirt has a thicker material which will wear better in the colder months. Fits true to size.

Cactus Flower Shirt size XS, on sale $47.90
Super sheer material with a boxy fit. It looks a little awkward untucked but looks really cute when tied on the bottom or half tucked in. This shirt just reminds me of going on vacation. Runs big.

Scoop Neck Tee size XS, on sale $18.90
Another stripe shirt in a long sleeves version. This is also another repurchase from me from last year's anniversary sale. It has a loose fit, so if you want something a little more snug, then size down. But you can't go wrong with a striped, long sleeves tee for layering.

DRESSES (8:47)

Stripe T-Shirt Dress size XS, on sale $51.90
I had to pick this up because I recently had to donate my one striped dress. This is definitely a much better quality and has a thicker fabric compared to my old one. Fits true to size.

Ribbed Bodycon Dress size XS, on sale $29.00
Great basic LBD that can be worn to somewhere dressy or casual depending on the accessories. With my height, the length of the dress comes down to my knees. Even though it's a bodycon dress, it's not as form fitting on my body which I really like. There's still some wiggle room for me in case I do wear this on days where I feel bloated.

BOTTOMS (9:32)

Denim Skirt size 25, on sale $35.90
I can always use a black mini skirt. The lowest size I found was size 25 (I'm usually a size 24). But it does fit ok. The skirt has a bit of stretch to it, so I'm guessing that it might still shrink to a perfect fit once I throw it in the wash.

Corduroy Skirt size 2US, on sale $39.90
Fits like a size 0. I'm still on the fence about this skirt since it's a little too retro for me. Will have to check my closet for potential pairings with this skirt.


Camo Utility Jacket size XS, on sale $49.50
I finally found a camo jacket that I like! Last year, I tried to purchase one during the anniversary sale, and let's just say it didn't work out. I like the subtle pink cross-stitching of this jacket that gives it a little bit of a feminine touch to such rugged jacket. Fits true to size.

Plaid Blazer size XS, on sale $99.00
The plaid blazer that's been missing in my closet. I have been on a hunt for a nice plaid blazer and this one fit the bill. It is a little bit oversized, but I do like how it's long enough to also cover my tush. The blazer has a bit of a shoulder padding inside (nothing crazy) that helps it give a more structured look.

Marled Sweater Blazer size XS, on sale $51.90 / Camisole size XS, on sale
I was unsure about this blazer when I saw it online, but I decided to add it to my cart anyway. I ended up loving the marled gray texture of this blazer. It's a button-less blazer with thin lapels. I can't wait to wear this with an all-black outfit and have this as my main outfit piece. Fits true to size.

Waffle Cardigan size XS, on sale $45.90
I picked this up because I couldn't decide which one would look better between this one or the Topshop cardigan. I ended up returning this one since it looked too similar to one below and I wasn't too crazy about the material of this cardigan. I also didn't think this would hold up if I throw it in the wash. This one does have buttons and pockets which the Topshop version doesn't have. It does run a little big, so size down if you don't want to be swimming in it.

Cable Knit Cardigan size 2US, on sale $49.90
A heavy knit cardigan with billowy sleeves. If you're more on the shorter side (like me), this cardigan is definitely long. This will be great for layering in the colder weather since the sleeves are not restraining. Runs big. If I could size down one more size, I would've. But size 2US was the smallest I saw online.

Blush Cardigan size XS, on sale $69.90
A Nordstrom anniversary sale favorite! I tried to pick this up last year in the maroon color, but they only had a size S available. I tried to make it work, reasoned in my head that it looks fine, but it was just too big for me, so it went back to the store.  I'm so glad I was able to grab it this year in a rosy-mauve color. This is one of Madewell's more classic style, and I'm glad they brought it back.

SHOES (15:53)

Espadrille Loafer size 6, on sale $65.90
This is the first time I've seen this brand be part of the anniversary sale. I picked up the blush color and I'm a bit on the fence about it because it makes my feet look oddly dark. It also doesn't look like a tan/nude as seen on the website. It says that it's true to size, but it does fit a little snug on my feet. I'm wondering if it needs a little breaking in for it to loosen up a little bit.

Loafer Mule size 6, on sale $98.90
I've been wanting loafer style mules that didn't look too closely similar to the Gucci loafer slides. These are a bit more casual looking, but has a classic style that'll carry through many, many seasons. Fits true to size.

Open Toe Mule size 6, on sale $49.90
As sleek as this mule looks with the cut on top, it went back to the store. It was just not that comfortable for me to wear. The mules were really stiff and the arch is weird. I didn't love it that much for me to put up with the pain. Fits true to size.

Block Heel Mule size 6, on sale $98.90
I opted for these mules instead. This didn't make the video because there was some mix up with this batch of delivery. These are much more comfortable with the lower block heel. Fits true to size.

Slingback Pump size 6.5, on sale $59.90
I haven't been really into wearing heels lately, but I still do appreciate a little bit of height once a while. I like these very classic and Chanel-esque slingbacks without breaking the bank. I sized up a half-size because of the pointy toe feature of the shoes so my feet don't feel like it's being smushed inside. I did find that the strap is a little loose on the second hole. Luckily, it's adjustable with the buckle detail.

Patent Leather Slip-On Sneakers size 6, on sale $169.90
I was really excited about these slip-on sneakers. They remind me of the Prada flatforms that I've admired from afar. I've also liked the shoes from this brand, but this one fell a little short. The more I try this on around the house, it's just a no-go for me. I love the sleek patent look, brown piping around the edge, and how light these sneakers feel on my feet. However, the edge of the shoes is rubbing right on my ankles which is not the most comfortable thing ever. V. sad to part ways with these.

Sock Booties size 6, on sale $86.90
Looks very sleek! I opted for this pair instead of the black varsity sock booties since I do have that one in red already. I like how simple and comfortable these are with the block heel. Fits true to size.

Waterproof Booties size 6, on sale $99.90
I just realized that I don't really have brown boots in my closet. I chose these because they're waterproof, and they have a bit of a suede look without the maintenance of sued boots. Fits true to size.

Red Varsity Sock Booties size 6, on sale $69.90
I originally picked this up in black but decided to only keep the red one. These are definitely a more playful pair of boots, and I feel like the red is more fitting for this style. Fits true to size.


Printed Scarf on sale $25.90
I have been wearing this as a headband, neck piece, and have tied it around my purses.  An overall great accessory.

Corduroy Baker Boy Cap size S, on sale $31.90
I have a thing for baker boy caps, so it was only natural for me to pick this up. This is not as structured as the cap that I own, but this does make it easier to travel with just in case I just want to shove it in my luggage. I won't have to worry about messing up the shape.

Plaid Baker Boy Cap size OS, on sale $18.90
The plaid and patent leather combo convinced me to get this.  Such a cute accessory for this coming fall and dress up a monochromatic outfit.

Fanny/Belt Bag on sale $52.90
I had visions of making this bag work, but it was just unfortunately just too big for my frame. I had to take it back.


Cropped Leggings size XS, on sale $33.90
One of my favorite brand of leggings. I picked the non-cropped version of this during last year's anniversary sale, and I ALWAYS wore it whenever I hopped on a plane. The material is thick but still breathable. So you don't feel like I stuffed sausage in it. I like this one better since it's not too long for my petite frame. Fits true to size.

Stripe Panel Leggings size XS, on sale $35.90
I really love these leggings so much that I wanted to get it in a different style. These stripe side panels make it look more fun. Fits true to size.

Jogger Pants size XXS, on sale $49.90
The most comfortable jogger pants ever! I wanted to get a couple of different jogger/sweatpants since I have camping on my mind. Although it's fine to wear jeans when camping, it's way more comfortable to just be in sweats or leggings. These run a little big in my opinion, so I had to take an XXS, and it fits me nicely on my waist and has a good length.

Fleece Joggers size XS, on sale $31.90
I wore this to the movie theaters already, and it was the best decision I've made in a while. It was so comfortable while still appropriate to be worn outside of my house without looking like I just roll out of bed... even though I feel like I did just roll out of bed. Fits true to size.

Loop Tank size XS, on sale $24.90
I wanted to pick up a cute tank because I only seem to have one cute one in my workout drawer. This one is very light and breathable.

Waterproof Jacket size XS, on sale $68.90
It rarely rains in LA, but I did pick this up with camping or hiking in mind. This is more of a windbreaker type of jacket, so it's not going to keep you warm. I like how you can hide the hood of this jacket.

BEAUTY (27:55)

beautyblender Set on sale $35
Everyone can always use another beautyblender. Although beautyblenders are reusable, they still need to be changed after a few months of use. This set is a great buy since it does come with a silicone travel carry case for your beautyblender so they have room to breathe.

NuFace Kit on sale $217.75
I have been seeing this kit and I was intrigued in trying this out. It claims that it's suppose to help I'm thinking about also getting my mom one since it's currently on sale! **I just checked again and this seems to be already sold-out.

Other Beauty Items Worth Checking Out


I picked up some plain underwear because I wanted to get rid of my old Victoria Secret underwear that just doesn't make me feel good wearing it anymore.

3-pack Hipster Undies size S, on sale $21.90

Cotton Girl Briefs size XS, on sale $12.90 (3 for $36)

Seamless Bikini size S, on sale $9.90 (4 for $34)

Jersey Bikini size XS, on sale $8.90 (4 for $30)

That's pretty much it for my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale haul! Some of the items might have sold out already, but keep checking back because sometimes they do restock the items or people return items from their online orders. Please make sure to follow me on Instagram to see if there any restocks on the items I just shared. I'll be checking pretty frequently. I'll also be sharing some of my outfits with the pieces that I got from the sale.


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