Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Depotting your NYX Eyeshadow Trio (How To)

As we all know that any NYX Eyeshadow Trio fits perfectly in the MAC palette. So here is my method of depotting my NYX Trio. It's pretty simple, and it's almost similar to how you depot your MAC eyeshadow but I thought to just put it out there anyway.

I like depotting my NYX eyeshadow and house them along with my MAC eyeshadows in the MAC palette since it saves more space in storage, and it save you the time of shuffling around for eyeshadows since they're all in one place.

Items you will need:
*Click on the image to enlarge

  • NYX Eyeshadow Trio
  • Paring Knife (make sure the metal part is thin but sturdy enough)
  • Round Adhesive Magnets (my magnets were pre-cut using a round scrapbooking hole puncher)
  • 1 inch Round Labels (available at your nearest office supply stores)
  • Straightening Iron
  • Wax Paper (the gift wrap paper that clothing stores give you)

  • Procedure:

    1. Take your paring knife and pop the plastic casing where the eyeshadow pans sit. You'll need a knife that'll fit in the skinny space on the outer edge of the plastic casing. Poping it should be pretty simple and requires minimal force. It should pop right off.

    2. After popping the plastic off, place it on top of your straightening iron plate with a piece of wax paper underneath. This will prevent the plastic from melting right off your straightening iron. Let it sit for a about 3-5 minutes depending on your heat settings. You'll notice that the eyeshadow pan will rise up as the plastic heats.

    3. When the plastic has melted, it should be really easy to get the eyeshadow pan out of the plastic casing. If you have to force the eyeshadow out, place it back into your straightening iron and let the plastic melt some more. Since the metal pans are softer than the MAC eyeshadow ones, applying force will distort the NYX pan's shape and can break the eyeshadow. THE EYESHADOW PANS AND THE PLASTIC WILL BE HOT! So be careful when you do take them out, and try not to touch it. The pans still has some glue in it, it'll just be painful having a hot pan stuck in your finger or hand.

    4. Also, keep in mind to line up your eyeshadow in the order they were. I made this mistake in the beginning and I had to retrace back which eyeshadow matches the color at the bottom of the trio. It'll just be much simpler when you label your eyeshadows but in case you still forget, you can go to cherryculture.com and try matching and lining up the colors based on the images on the website.

    5. Unlike the MAC eyeshadows, there's not much glue at the back of the NYX eyeshadow pan. This is why it's easier to get it out of the plastic casing. I didn't really need to clean the back with alcohol especially since a label will just go on top of it.

    6. Place your adhesive round magnets facing the sticky side at the back of the pan.

    7. Put your round label sticker on top of the magnet to label your eyeshadow. Or if you prefer, you can stick it on the inside cover of the palette like some people do for better visibility of the color names. However you want to label it is up to you.

    8. Now your eyeshadow is ready to be placed in your MAC palette.


      1. I remember you doing this tut a few months back - it helped a lot!! It was really useful! Thanks for sharing :)

      2. thanks! i wanna depot my NYX trios now lol. ;) but i can't find round magnets anywhere. everytime i go to the craft store they are ALWAYS sold out. :( although i did cut up some of those magnets you get in the mail lol. i have a whole baggie full of em but i just think it's so ghetto and i would much rather have the pre-cut ones. ;)

      3. I never have NYX trio :( i want one..thanks for the depotting info :)

      4. @ nic nic: it was actually for Milani eyeshadows. but yea pretty much the same concept :)

        @ Lani: I actually just got those magnetic sheet at Micheals and hole punched it with a larger than normal-sized scrapbooking hole puncher. I've actually never seen pre-cut ones in stores except the really thick round ones.

        @askmewhats: yea definitely! glad you found it useful :D

      5. your nyx shadow looks so perfect in the MAC palette! why haven't I gotten on the NYX bandwagon arhhhh!!! i do have a 30% coupon though...in your wisdom, if you could recommend a top 5 of nyx products, what would you recommend to me?

      6. i have yet to depot a single eyeshadow i own. i'm so lazy... :0/


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