Monday, September 01, 2008

TKB Trading Pigments (Swatches)

I had to repost this entry because I realized tha I forgot to label my swatches. See I would've done this two days ago, but I got caught up watching an Asian (I think it's Chinese or Taiwanese) drama called Fated to Love You. Alyssa originally posted about this and I got so addicted to watching it!! I have about two more episodes left, so I think I'll save the last few for later. *sigh* I loveeeee dramatic/comedy/love stories!! I've been crying because of this show and staying up late til the buttcrack of dawn trying to go through the episodes (yea, yea, yea I know). So that's my lame excuse why I haven't updated and what I've been doing this long weekend besides sleeping :).

Anyway, here are the swatches once again for those who haven't had the chance to see them. They're really pretty colors and quite vibrant. I'm actually planning on pressing some of these today. So we'll see how it goes. I'll repost swatches after I've pressed them.

UPDATE ON COASTAL SCENTS RANTING: Coastal Scents contacted me through YouTube after watching my video, and has agreed to replace the EZ Prez binder. I got a notification that the replacement is on its way through e-mail after I've provided them with my order number, so I should probably be getting it this week. I'm glad that they were willing to replace the item, but geez, I shouldn't have to make a video about it for them to respond. They should've at least answered and have taken care of the issue when I e-mailed them about it in the beginning. Anyway, I'm just glad I'm getting a replacement since it wasn't sealed properly. So that's issue is done and squashed. I'll update ya'll again once I got my replacement bottle.


Anyway, I hope everyone is having a relaxing three-day weekend!!


  1. ENABLER!! I have question though. Did you get an order confirmation after you ordered? I put in an order last night, but I still haven't gotten a confirmation. I didn't log in though cuz I didn't know if that's necessary. PLMK! Thanks!


  2. i didn't realize they'd be so pigmented! do you find the bags to be a hassle? and i'm glad coastal scents is doing something about it!

  3. ohhh those colors look lovely!!! Grabe!!!

  4. LOL I agree Coastal Scents has SHIT customer service!

    I emailed them like 3 times and I got NO RESPONSE. Not even a short one like, "We are sorry, it is not our fault." Even if they replied with that, at least I know they got my email.

    Anyway, it's rare when CS will be in your favor!

  5. Whats the website to the TKB minerals? The colors are so pretty

  6. i'd love to get my hands on these! look at the amount you get compared to other samples! :)

    and the colors are so vibrant!

  7. i hate coastal scents! they threatened to sue me because i asked a few questions on youtube and a make up forum about a problem i had with my 88 palette!

  8. oo they make my eyes go *____* so bright and colorful :D

  9. tao: I didn't really get an order confirmation from them. The only confirmation kinda was an approval from paypal for the money. but that's about it. I wasn't exactly sure either that it went through since I just saw authorized when I checked my paypal account. I got my mail a few days later since they were based in Oakland, CA.

    lily: yes, the bags can be a hassle. That's why I've decided to press them. But I left a little bit in powder form just in case I want it like that. but it's soo cheap I can't really complain about it being in a bag. With the amount of piggies in the bag, you can probably press 2 pans for each color. It was really a lot!

    titty: I'm sorry about your CS experience. I guess they're not really consistent on their customer service. Everytime I've had a problem with them, which is both time I've ordered from them, I always seem to get Steve to answer my complaint. He's been accomodating in my opinion. He actually handled both of my complaints. I got a refund for the unwanted brushes in the beginning, and the replacement for the second order.

    roxy: the website to tkb is

    kristine: omg... sue?? i think that's going overboard. what happened to freedom of speech?

  10. gawd~~~ those are seriously some pretty colors!!! I especially love the colors on the last pics...omg, they're so beautiful. Thanks for the swatches.


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