Friday, September 05, 2008

L'Oreal HIP Color Rich Cream Crayon (Review)

I originally saw this when I was picking up the HIP Metallic Duo eyeshadows. I decided to pick these up as well since they were BOGO at the time. They had stricken my fancy when I saw them on display next to the eyeshadows because they reminded me of the MAC shadesticks. I'm all about saving if I could, so I thought maybe this can be a good dupe. But the question is, are they as good as the good ol' MAC shadesticks??

What they say about it: Bloom into the world of color with HIP high intensity pigments Color Rich Cream Crayon Eyeshadow and Liner. Ultra-versatile color comes in six rich, super fresh shades.

Technology in bloom: a cream shadow and liner wrapped in one.

HIP high intensity pigments Color Rich Cream Crayon is a fresh take on makeup. Apply to lid as all-over base shadow. Or use it as a liner to dial up definition.

And, all like HIP high intensity pigments products, this long-wearing crayon packs more pigment in every shade. So, when it comes to breath taking looks you're sure to be a natural. (source)

Price: $9.99 (price varies depending on stores)

Available at: Major drugstores (Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, etc)

L'Oreal HIP Color Rich Cream Crayon
Quality: 5 out 5
Price: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out 5

Overall: 5 out of 5


What I like about it: As you can tell from the swatches, these crayons are highly pigmented and with a metallic finish. It works well as a base, eyeshadow, or even as a liner.
I swatched the L'Oreal HIP crayon and my MAC Shadestick (in Beige-ing) right next to each other. I tried rubbing both of the swatches and the L'Oreal HIP crayon definitely did not budge nor faded while as the shadestick smeared and disappeared after a few rubs. You will definitely need a good eye makeup remover to get the HIP crayon out!

When it comes to applying it as a base on my eyelids, the L'Oreal HIP crayon is softer and easier on the eyes. It wasn't a constant battle trying to use the crayon when applying it into my eyelids as it glides on easily as oppose to the MAC shadestick where I sometime find myself tugging on my lids (big no-no!) just to get the product to apply evenly. The base is actually really good also in terms of making your eyeshadow vibrant. I paired up the green crayon with my MAC Fresh Mix MES, and the colors just popped. I've also used the pink crayon in my previous Laura Mercier tutorial and it definitely gave me a better color pay-off as oppose to not using it as a base. The eyeshadow were also still blendable when using the HIP crayon.

Another good thing about this product is it comes with a sharpener that you can pull out at the bottom. It's actually rather convenient and a big plus if you want to use the crayon as an eyeliner. A pointier end will definitely give you a better line. I've used the crayon as an eyeliner, and it only showed minimal fading during a really hot weather (think high 90's) here in sunny California.

You'll definitely get more bang out of you buck if you purchase these when they go on sale. I'm not too sure if I'll purchase these at $10 each, but I'm all over it if they're in BOGO or even BOGHO (50% off second item). Why not get it cheaper if you can?

What I don't like about it: I guess the retail price. It's almost as much as a MAC shadestick for a drugstore brand. But then again, the quality of the HIP crayon is much better in my opinion so I can see some justification on the pricing there. I also don't like how they only have six shades available meaning the color selection is very limited. Sometimes they're also hard to find or unavailable in certain drugstores. You only have your basic colors, but it will be a really nice addition to have a creme color available.

Will I buy this again: Absolutely! Especially if more colors become available. I think the HIP crayon is a good alternative to MAC shadesticks, and like I mentioned earlier, it's probably even better. For a drugstore brand, L'Oreal is definitely stepping up it's game in giving a better quality at a relatively lower price.


  1. i just bought 2 of these the other day for less than $ was on clearance at Target..and yes, they are definitely better than MAC it!

  2. ooOoh thanks for the review!!!

    i saw hip on sale for buy one get one free last week at rite aid i hopeh its still going on!

  3. Wow they're sooo pigmented! EOTD! xD

  4. Yes, I love these. I have almost all of them and some back-ups. The pink one really works to make Sunset B (from StarFlash) pop on my NW 43/NC50 skin.

  5. Hey girl, for somebody who deems MAC Beige-ing shadestick as her HG shadow base, you've got my attention. These look scrumptious! If these are as good or even better than the shadesticks, I wanna get the one that resembles Beige-ing the most. Thanks for the review!

  6. i've never tried any hip products but i really want to now

  7. I wanna get these. They are very pigmented indeed.

  8. As always, thanks for your detailed review! I love your reviews. For some reason, I don't really like MAC shadesticks, they are too hard or something. You've created a new lemming for me...

  9. wow better than shadesticks?! i haven't tried shadesticks either so i wouldn't know but i was debating on whether or not to buy this! thank for the review! =]

  10. I've always seen these but always shyed away from bringing them up for purchase because of the price. Thanks for justifying it though. Better than shadesticks? STAND BACK!

  11. Thanks for the review. They are so pigmented. I wanna try them now.

  12. thanks for the review! i was thinking about buying them a year ago, haha. Never did because I was going to check reviews first but forgot all about them. I'll look them up again at the drugstore :)

    Oh btw, how would these compare to NYX jumbo pencils in terms of staying power / creasing?

  13. mandilicious: Wow $3??? Even better!! I should check out my Target to see if they have it.

    pumps and gloss: I'll definitely try that! I have Sunset B as well. Thanks for the recommendation :).

    Shades of U: I definite read your haul post how you got 2 shadesticks in your last CCO trip. Unfortunately that's the color they're lacking right now. I also have Beige-ing, but I find it too hard to apply on my lids. So hopefully L'Oreal will come up with a color similar to that.

    Tao: No problem. But I agree on you with the shadesticks being too hard. Good thing I only spent money on one of them.

    Blue: I think HIP crayon is much better than NYX jumbo pencils. With the NYX jumbo pencils, my eyeshadowed creased like no tomorrow and faded after a few hours. But some people really like the NYX jumbo pencils. But I guess it's only good if you have dry lids.

  14. Hey Sweetie. Thanks for the review. I saw them at duane read the other day and I wasnt sure if I should get them but I will next time after seeing how pigmented they are. But only if there's a BOGO free!! : )

  15. wow another new product from L'oreal HIP and I will be lemming again!!! GOSH! I hate the feeling of lemming! LOL thanks for the review, the colors look gorgeous!!!

  16. Oh I want this, but I never saw this at any drugstores by my house. :/ I really like how pigmented it is and it's gorgeous.

  17. I really need to try these. The swatches look amazing.


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