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MANDOM Cleansing Express Cleansing Lotion Sebum (Review)

Ok, try saying that really fast ten times while patting your head and rubbing your belly ... walking.

I've been on a look out for a good eye makeup remover that takes every bit of make up off and easy on the wallet. I fell in love with the Lancome Bifacil makeup remover when I got a sample from those gift with purchases. Everything is all fine and dandy. Your make up comes off really well, but once you hit the bottom, then time to dish out the cash. As much as I love the product, I wasn't just willing to pay that much for an eyemakeup remover. I know there are alternatives out there. It was just a matter of finding it where.

Then the Pow Wow comes along, it was fate! I picked xPpinkxx's name out of the basket during the Yankee Swap. First item she pulls out in the shopping bag was her holy grail makeup remover. She said I will love it and it's the best makeup remover ever. And after some time of putting this to the test, here is my final verdict.

What they say about it: MANDOM Cleansing Express Cleansing Lotion Sebum is a water-base make-up remover. This can remove even water-proof mascara with ease. Tones your skin while cleansing. It instantly floats out make-up, dirt deep in pores, and wrinkly skin. Contains soybean essence extract for cleansing and moisturizing. There is no rinsing or double-cleansing is necessary. After you wipe-off with this make-up remover it makes your skin smooth and refresh. You will see visibly improved skin with continued color added, no fragrance, 100% oil free, alcohol free10.58fl.oz(300ml)

Directions: Apply 2~3 pumps into cotton and apply onto entire face. When the dirt and oil begin to rise and are visibly present in the cleanser, wash off thoroughly.


Price: $10.99 (prices vary from store to store)

Available at: Marukai Market,

Cleansing Express Cleansing Lotion

5 out 5
Price: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 4 out 5
Overall: 4.6 out of 5

What I like about it: Two pumps (or even one) in a cotton pad and your golden! It gets every bit of makeup off my face. Whether it be mascara or eyeshadow... it's gone (quicker than you can say what its called).

I swear it might as well be unicorn tears because it's that magical. The consistency and smell of the remover is like water. And since when did just "water" take off your full face? As much as I enjoy wearing makeup, I dread the end of the day when it comes right off. You gotta admit that even if you have a wipe next to your bed, you will still see residues the next morning. This is remover is definitely perfect for those long nights being out and about at the club or bar, partying your life away. You know you're dead tired once you get home and some of us are guilty of sleeping with make up on (yes, gross). With two pumps of this on a cotton pad, you can practically be half asleep and wipe your face clean. And it'll leave your face feeling so fresh and so clean. No oily residues. No makeup. No nothing. Just a clean, bare face ready to hit the sack. It will never leave your face tight and dry nor does it make your eyes bleed (read: sting).

As the direction tells you, you do still have to wash your face. Don't completely wipe out your cleansing routine, but this is really good for those lazy nights (and I hope that every night is NOT a lazy night).
This makeup remover also does not contain alcohol. It's amazing!!! I'm telling you it's like water (since when did water break people out? not unless it's dirty sewer water). It's perfect for people with sensitive skin and acne prone. I highly doubt (that's just my opinion) it'll irritate anyone's face using this because it's so gentle. I haven't experienced any breakouts while using this product which makes me love it even more. Oh, and unlike any other makeup removers, no bottle shaking is required.
The best part about it. It's inexpensive; $10.99 gets you 10.58 fl. oz which will last you for a long time (the bottle is pretty huge). It sure doesn't cost me an arm and a leg for something so effective and quick.

What I don't like about it: The bottle. The pump just doesn't cut it for me. Because the consistency is like water, when you squirt the remover out of the pump, do expect that it's going to miss your cotton pad. So I end up wasting some product because it lands on the floor. But if you slowly push the pump down, then it kinda solves the problem. But if you can transfer it to a better container then all the better.
I also don't like how it is not conveniently available in stores. The closest place that carries this to my place is quite a drive. But I really don't mind going for a drive if time comes that I do need to get a new bottle. Luckily; however, you can still buy this at

Would I buy this again?: Thanks to Pink for getting me hooked on this. If it wasn't for the Pow Wow and the Yankee swap, I wouldn't have known that unicorn tears exist, let alone get a hold of one. If the company decides to stop production on these (God forbid), I will be stocking up on this by the boxes. I've never come across a makeup remover this good. It sure beats Lancome Bifacil hands down for both quality and price. My search for a good makeup remover ends here. It's a staple item in my skin care routine.
P.S. There's two versions of this makeup remover: Moist and Sebum. I'm assuming Moist is for dry skin while Sebum is for oily/combo skin. Only makes sense right?


  1. awesome! i think ima go to marukai to get this! i am sold.

  2. man i really want to try this stuff but marukai is too far =/

    i want to compare this to my victoria's secret makeup remover. the thing about that makeup remover is it has oil in. it's also really gentle and gets it all off but its only 4floz and the Mandom one is 10floz wtf!?
    I'd much rather buy something bigger for the same price and if it's going to work just the same or better bring it my way. plus it's oil free? crazyy.

    plus i hate ordering stuff online.
    i need to venture out to little tokyo to get some lashes and some of this stuff. great review!

  3. hey anne, were u able to get this product at the asian stores in the valley u told me about?

    and i was wondering how much is the laniege that u got out in the valley, if it's not to bad...i'm gonna make the boy take me there this weekend hehe

  4. haha I have this.. not sure the sebum version... it cant get rid of my majolica morjorica mascara with that - but hey, what can!! The lotion is good tho :D

  5. O.O Unicorn tears!!! I want me some! Please go make unicorns cry more!! Hehehe.. I'll make sure to get some in TAiwan!

  6. I have this too when L introduced it and I agree, the pump sucks, totally misses the cotton ball or pad and it gets messy and starts to leak, I do love how it's not oily and takes off makeup so fast but yeah I wish it was in a better bottle!


    great review babycakes...shoot you have me sold i need another bottle... i have the moist i want the sebum one cuz i have oily skin!...i'll restock when i go to NYC...lets see what other goodies i bring back...

  8. OMG you make this sound soooo good...right now I just use MAC wipes cuz there so you like it better than the wipes...i wanted to ask first before i bought it online. thanks!

  9. oh murakai... if only you came with me from hawaii :(

    great review anne. i'm working on using the last of my bi-facil and it's great to know that there is another remover out there with great results and a better price tag.

  10. I'm sold. Me want one so BAD!!!

    I should totally retired from blogging. Every day I added a new product to my wishlist....oh gosh, my pocket!!! :(

  11. Sounds promising! How about the removal of mineral makeup?

  12. A water-based makeup remover that removes waterproof mascaras but has the texture of water? I guess it really is unicorn tears. :D

    And for a fraction of the price of Lancome Bifacil? It's almost too good to be true.

  13. Thanks for stopping by my site.

    I know! Birkin?! I was shocked when parentals handed the bag for me. Still this day, I'm still shocked o.O

    Love your site. The layout is sooo pretty cos it's PINK!

    You should do more tutorials on everyday looks so I can learn it from you ^.^

  14. Hahaha it's okay! I always write essays myself! Glad to see I'm not the only one ;)

    EXACTLY! Nars duos are $32, so 16 each. Which is $2 more than MAC potted. The difference in quality is noticeable though. The packing is soooo nice too. Which duo did you get?! I have several on my list of to-buys. I would love to see a picture of it on you! I'll do swatches of my duos whenever I'm not too lazy =P. The cream ones have such a niiiiice texture FYI! And I'm glad to have caused you so much joy =P, enabler..pssh! HAHA.

    Their blushes are nice, tho I'm not a huge blush girl. There's soooo many to choose from too! And ya know, NARS blushes aren't that much more than MAC. Mineralize blushes are $21.00, $4.00 less than Nars! Reg blushes are $18, $7 less than Nars!

    You know, I hadn't thought of that! I love to keep travel-sized products in my purse but I hadn't thought of saving those glosses for my clutch! SMART! =)

    I'll do a stash post soon!

  15. Dudette! :] I did get your text! Hahaha, but I actually try not to text if possible because I don't have texting in my plan, since I can just use email and the blackberry msg on my phone... :]

    I'm going to Taiwan 9/29! :D What gifts do you want??

  16. hey girl.. been reading your blog for a while.. nway, i just have to thank you for writing this review.. i was at hong kong last weekend and my primary purpose was to buy a better makeup remover, was currently using the loreal one. so at first i was eyeing the shu uemura becoz of all the raves, but when i saw the price.. i was like 'eeek' so pricey still.. then i saw this baby.. then i remember reading this review of yours, i bought it right away..

    i tried it as soon as i got back to the hotel and after a few minutes, i was soo amazed.. super clean and my face feels soo soft and my pores appear a lot finer..

    the very next day , i bought 3 more bottles for back up since it was so cheap (HKD 54 only) and we dont have these in Manila.

    Thanks again yummie! I have to agree unicorn tears indeed! sorry for the long comment.

  17. wow! great review anne! I hope I can get one for myself...I really need a water based makeup remover that can take off water proof mascaras and eyeliners...thank you for your review! you make it sound like a magic product :)

  18. I've been wanting to try this for the longest time! Thanks for the review :) Shall get me a bottle of this. Soon.

  19. Thanks for sharing this informative information about makeup remover cleansing lotion with us. It's very helpful. Keep it up!


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