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Product Review and Swatches: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in VIP

Product Blurb: Urban Decay Travel Size Set of 5 is full of best-selling bright and tropical hues. The VIP set is back by popular demand! Each is a slick travel size, making it easy to stash anywhere. Created with moisturizing ingredients, 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are creamy, blendable, and waterproof. Packaged together against a mirrored backdrop, the dazzling shades of 24/7 Pencils speak to everyone's inner party girl: the woman who wants and needs an Eye Pencil that lasts all night (and even into the morning!)

Price: $29

Available at: Sephora stores,,

Overal Rating: 5 out of 5



Zero (zealous black), Lucky (brilliant deep copper), Covet (peacock green), Electric (bright aquamarine), and Lust (plush purple)

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Quick Rundown

  • creamy formula but doesn't smudge
  • excellent lasting powers
  • glides on your waterline or upplashline, no tugging
  • more bang for your buck
  • super pigmented

  • CONS
  • can be difficult to remove; requires a really good makeup remover
  • Lucky, Covet, and Lust has some glitters

  • When I found out that they brought this set back at Sephora, I made sure that this made this way to my shopping cart.

    This set is definitely a steal! For five travel sized liners at $29 is way better than shelling out $16 for a full-sized version. I'm glad that Urban Decay had come out with this set because it is a great way to try their eyeliners out with a variety of colors, and maybe one day will lead to an upgrade to a full size.

    What I really like about this eyeliners are they are super pigmented. They as vibrant as the actual pencils are. The colored eyeliners are excellent for more playful looks or you just want that pop of color in your eyes. They're good by itself for those lazy days or paired up with your favorite eyeshadow combinations.

    The eyeliners are very soft and has a creamy formula, but surprisingly, it doesn't smudge or budge. Also, since the eyeliners are soft and creamy, application is easy because it just glides. I've been a fluidline or gel liners kind of gal when it comes lining my upper lashline, and avoided using pencil eyeliners (except for the waterline) like a plague just because pencils just never gave me that nice and smooth line that fluidline or gel eyeliners do sans tugging, but Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencils definitely has changed my mind.

    It just really makes me cringe when you have to pull your eyelids to get that neat line (Don't do it. It only equates to eye wrinkles). This is the only pencil eyeliner so far that I've used that's an ease to put on my upper lashline because there's no tugging required nor does it travel up to my crease despite of its creamy formula. And, this is definitely my eyeliner of choice for my waterline since it stays way better than most eyeliners. It does travel to your lower lashline, but not to the point that you end up with racoon eyes and make a hot mess of yourself.

    These pencils have really good staying powers and won't budge that sometimes they're a pain taking them off. You would really need a good makeup remover because soap and water just wont cut it especially if you use it on your waterline or lower lashline. So soak that Qtip up with a good makeup remover to clean it up. I also noticed that some of the eyeliners in this set has some glitters in it like Lucky, Covet, and Lust that tends to linger around even after you've taken off the color.

    Final Thoughts: Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners have definitely become staple items in my makeup bag. Also, this set, it makes it easier for me to stash them in purse or makeup bag for those emergency days of running late without makeup.


    1. These were completely sold out when I was looking yesterday. But I don't need so many colors anyway! Haha. Good review~ But.. I imagine you haven't tried MUFE. :p

    2. Oddly enough, 24/7 smudges on me pretty easily and it drives me crazy! But I agree it is super pigmented and wonderfully smooth! I should pick up more colors...=D

    3. Wow you really like Lucky don't cha? =P.

      WOW! Lucky girl! Travel safe! Have fun at Duty Free! I'll be sitting here, jealous and awaiting your return!

    4. *sigh* i have a retarded waterline. :( these def are decent on skin but suck HUGE on my waterline... they travel everywhere on me. :( still have yet to find a liner that STAYS on my water line. LOL. :P

    5. Covet looks fan-freakin'-tastic hehe. I must touch/sample it at Sephora O_O.

    6. those colors look great! especially electric.
      i am so clueless when it comes to color eyeliners. well maybe not clueless but I never find a way to work them into my look.

    7. Those colors are phenomenal. I've been waiting for a review of these on here. UD has amazing products. TY!

    8. i swatched these at the store but not sure to buy these or MUFe fuz speaks of

      ah i trust both of u so i am confused XD

    9. ive been wanting this for a long time and you make me wanna go out and get it more and more. but im broke =(

    10. lol @ soap and water just won't cut it

      so i guess they really didn't lie when they called the product 24/7 huh? oh but i still want it... 30bux tho... that's a stretch.

    11. i almost got this set but i was being a cheapo...:( i hope i get a sephora gift card for xmas!

    12. I only own Zero, but I LOVE it!!

    13. fuz: I'm going to have to try the MUFE now because of you since you rave so much about it :)

      vivi: I guess it all depends on the person, but luckily it hasn't disappointed me yet. I just love how they glide like buttah on your lids.

      Angie: LOL. Lucky is an easy color to work with. I should've taken pictures of it when they were brand spankin new. But thanks for the warm wishes. Hopefully my flight doesn't get delayed like my parents so I'll have time to shop at the Narita Airport!

      Christiana: I hope you find that eyeliner. Share the deets when you do.

      Sarah: LOL. definitely play worthy!

      Mimi: You can try a neutral eyeshadow and then line your upperlash line or waterline with a pop of color.

      Yas: you're welcome babes!

      Yumeko: I still have yet to try MUFE too!

      hairs to beauty: I hope you get to try them soon! They're amazing!

      imee: $30 might be a lot but I guess if you break it down per piece it's not too bad???

      Ate Ren: Maybe you can hint it to your bf *wink wink* lol.

      Tammy: Zero is my favorite too :D. And Lucky


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