Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tutorial and Swatches: Dior Tender Chic Palette

I finally got the video up. Sorry if it's all choppy and weird. I had to cut it down cuz the video was too long and YouTube wouldn't upload it.

I'm so bummed that YouTube took down one of my videos :(. It's cuz of the song that I used and something about copyright infringement. Rawr... so sorry no more beats with my videos.

Anyway, here's a tutorial using my Dior Tender Chic palette from the Polished Face Kit exclusive at Saks.

Benefit Bunny Hop Creaseless Eyeshadow
Dior Tender Chic palette
Eyeko Mascara
MAC Engraved Eyeliner

Bihada Ichizoku Cheek (Pink)

MAC Major Minor lipglass



  1. You look amazing girl! making me want that palette more and more :D

    My 3 YT video was also removed by YT because of the music I use :( to think almost all of my vids has music :(

  2. I love what you did with this!!! Super cute :)

  3. awww soo cute, if only there was sephora here dammm it! I hear a lot of good stuff bout dior. Have you tried anything else from Dior aside from this palette?

  4. You're too cute when you were introducing all the goodies in the bag! xD I really love this palette! It's so soft looking~ And how fabulous are all those other things! Hehehe, I wonder when you'll finally open them and use them... :p

  5. wow! your so efin cute! hehe i like the loko you did, very pretty <33 your so lucky that you got your hands on that set! when i went to the store they were ALL gone! before they went on sale1 lol

  6. The palette is beautiful! I love the look you did, so pretty!

  7. @ iyah: it's a pretty sweet palette despite it being a bit chalky than the other palette I've tried. But I can't complain cuz I got it half the price pretty much.

    I know. I'm so bummed about one of them being pulled out. That was my fave video too. hahaha.

    @ Tiffany: Thanks girl! I hope you're liking the palette as well!

    @ Fanzcy: I don't know what I'll do if I don't have Sephora near me. I guess I'll be saving money?? hahaha. But what a bummer for you though.

    I've tried the Tinted moisturizer as well. That didn't work out too well cuz my face turned orange after a few hours :(. And it made me break out! So it was a no go for me. I've also tried their's LOVEE <3333. It's not drying unlike my MAC lipglosses.

    @ fuz: hehe thanks. yes I finally cracked it open. hahaha. I was actually a bit hesitant too when I was doing the vid. Hopefully I'll get through the other stuff soon as well.

    @ Ate Ren: If they still have it available, you should definitely check out the Earth Reflection #609 palette. It's a really pretty neutral palette that can be good for day or night.

    @ Vanessa: I rushed as soon as I could to my Saks to get my hands on these. I actually called them first to put them on hold just to make sure and luckily they held 3 sets for me to choose from. But they sold out like hotcakes!

    @ beautifulwithbrains: Thanks!

  8. I might just have to pick this palette up... Look so pretty

    Love pouty lips...very sexy

  9. I love this CD palette... I don't mind having them all ha ha ha!

  10. That palette is beautiful! It doesn't look like there's that much glitter in it! I think most of Dior's palettes have waaaay too much shimmer.

    It looks gorgeous on you! You can really see the shadows in the last pic!

  11. Yummy indeedy!! Your makeup rocks my socks - you are soooooo going to light up my challenge if you enter!!

    Ok how do you have such perfect hair?? Oh my!!


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