Monday, November 24, 2008

Eyeko 3 in 1 Cream (Review)

Product Blurb: Create a flawless base with Eyeko's 3-in-1 Cream MOISTURISER, HIGHLIGHTER & EYE CREAM in 1!

Infused with skin perfecting light reflectors and antioxidant Vitamins A& E plus a Vitamin C boost for a radiant, clear complexion.

Eyeko says: "To get that A-list glow skip foundation and use Eyeko Cream all over focusing on the eye and cheek area for lit from within skin."

CELEBRITY FAVE As Seen In OK Magazine Issue 365: The cute packaging of this glistening moisturiser is just one reason to fall in love with this great lotion. Kylie has great skin anyway, but a layer of this cream will add a bit of lustre."

Price: £5.00 (approx. $8 USD)

Available at: -- Enter Code: E122 for a free gift

Overall Rating:
4 out 5

Quick Rundown

  • gives a nice, quick, easy glow
  • it's a nice sheen and not glitter on your face
  • softens the look of your face
  • illuminates your face
  • can double as a face primer
  • makes blush last a little longer and apply easier
  • cream is in a tub, can be unsanitary
  • no SPF
  • over application of the cream can leave a white cast
Thoughts?: I've always been curious with Eyeko cream. The pink tub with a cute anime character was enough to attract my attention, not to mention the good stuff I've heard about has piqued my interest.

Ever since I've purchased this cream, I can't leave my house without it! I'm always usually short in time in the morning when I'm getting ready for work. This cream just helps brighten my dull face in the morning. Just a dab of it on my cheeks and the bridge of my nose and I look more awake already as oppose to looking like a zombie. It gives that healthy looking glow.

The texture of the cream is mousse-like. It feels sorta like those marshmallow cream in a jar, so it's very light but a little goes a long way. It also absorbed pretty well on my combo skin, and so far it hasn't broken me out after some weeks use already. By just looking at the jar you can tell that it has some shimmering particles in it, but it doesn't make you look like a disco ball even if its used during the daytime (just as long as you don't smother the thing on your face). I also love how it softens the look on my face.
I don't really use primers on my face, and this is as close as what I use to a face primer. I did notice that my blush was easier to apply on my cheeks especially my MAC blushes. Sometimes my MAC blushes tend to go on blotchy on my cheeks, but with the Eyeko cream it went on evenly and was easier to blend.
A few things about it that I didn't like were the fact that it doesn't have SPF on it and it comes in a tub which is a bit unsanitary to use. I also noticed that if you put too much of this cream, it will leave a white cast on your face especially in pictures.

Final Verdict: I really like this cream. I can't leave my house without this. I really don't wear foundation at all, but this cream makes my skin a healthy glow when I'm out and about. Just a dab on cheeks, chin, and the bridge of my nose and I'm good to go.

Tidbit: I suggest to get any Eyeko products at I know Cherry Culture carries them as well, but the prices for the Eyeko products are jacked up. Most of the products on Eyeko Beauty are £5.00 which approx. coverts to $8 USD (depending on the currency exchange rate) and they also offer free international shipping!! And to make the deal even sweeter if you enter the code E122, they'll include a free gift with your purchase!! YAY!


  1. I really thought it was a JPN product. Thanks for a thorough review. I actually find it nice it doesn't have SPF. If you use it at night, it won't give you the disco ball effect. In my case, I prefer to use a separate sunscreen for protection. SPF in the product will clash with the ingredients in the sunscreen and decrease its potency.

  2. i love love LOVEEEE my eyeko cream :)
    its $25 at the store that i buy it from here but i didn't even know how to use it until like a month after i got it haha how clueless am i! :P

  3. coool.
    they also sell eyeko stuff on cherryculture

    but looks like u got it cheaper off their website.

  4. I love Eyeko packaging...its pink, its cute, what more could you want? So is the Eyeko cream more or less a dupe of MAC's Strobe Cream? If so, then I've saved like $30, haha!

  5. @ jiejie: yes, that's a good point. But some people prefer spf in their moisturizer. But no spf makes it more flexible for night time use.

    @ xphoebelinax: wow, $25?? That's quite pricey for the eyeko cream. But i'm glad you've got it figured out already though :)

    @ mimi: yes I did mention in my tidbit section that carries it, and that it's better to get it directly from the Eyeko manufacturer since it's still cheaper even after converting pounds to dollars.

    @ Vivi: Seriously! The packaging itself is sooo cuteeee! I've been reading that it is indeed a dupe for MAC strobe cream. I personally haven't tried MAC strobe cream, but I'm pretty sold on the Eyeko on how it makes my face glow. And it's wayyy cheaper than the MAC version too.

  6. Does anybody know what the free gift is? Is the free gift a beauty product?

  7. @ pandasunite: it depends, but it's an Eyeko product.

  8. They used to have Eyeko at Sephora back in 2005, early 2006... sigh... Haha. They used to have PIXI too! And NOT the crap Pixi they have at Target.

  9. wAAAA! I should try this cream. The husband's going to be mad at me. Whenever I see a great review, I tend to buy it! I told him I want the Pouch at Saks 5th and he's asking, "let's see, which blog did you see that at?" hahahah! :)

    Anywho, the 10% at Cabazon applies to lots of stores at Cabazon but I found out not all participating stores :( Still has good discounts though :D I dunno about Ontario but I would go there for sure! :D Since I live 15 mins away from Ontario! :P

  10. ive left my tube at home hahaha but i glad you like yours ive nearly forgotten about mine!

  11. @ fuz: I wasn't into makeup yet at the time. So I wouldn't have known yet lol.

    @ iyah: hahaha that's so cute! tell the hubby that the clutch at saks is a steal and it's the best gift everrrrr haha jk. But yea you're lucky you live like 15 minutes away from Ontario. But then again that's bad too xP

    @ nic nic: Aww whatta bummer. but yea I really like it since i actually have some glow on my face in the morning.

  12. i just bought 2 jars. One for me and a gift for a friend. So excited!! Cant wait til i get it in the mail. Im in Australia - so its great thats its free shipping too.

  13. thanks for sharing
    free international shipping
    i gotta try it out then!!!


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