Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Kracie (KANEBO) Naive Facial Foam Green Tea Cleanser (Review)

Product Blurb:
Kracie(KANEBO) Naive Facial Foam Green Tea is a cream cleanser with added tea leaf extract to help penetrate deep down into the pores to rid of dirt and oil.

It's 100% nature generated washing ingredients including amino acid and its extra fine lather gently cleanse your skin while protecting it from drying.

This foam helps grab onto to dirt and make-up for a refreshing and clean feeling. There is no need to double wash because this facial cleanser also works as a make-up remover.

The added trehalose helps restore the natural moisture back into your skin for softer and smoother. Its for oily skin.


Price: $6.99

Available at: Marukai, Mitsuwa, Galleria, and Ohayo

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The Good Stuff: I've been using this face wash for almost two months now. Everytime I wash my face with this cleanser, my face just feels so fresh and so clean (and you can really feel it). It leaves a cool, tingly (not stingy) feeling after each use. I really like this in the morning especially because it wakes my face up.

The cleanser leaves a fresh, almost minty scent on my face but not overpowering smell. It lathers up on my face pretty quickly which for some reason I really like on my face wash (I just feel it's cleaning my face better). And at the end of my routine, it leaves my face soft to touch.

It's also always a good thing when face washes don't break you out, and this will be one of them.

The Bad Stuff: Do not expect this to take your all of your makeup off at the end of the day because it wouldn't. You'll get better and cleaner results once you've removed your makeup with a remover or a wipe. It will get your foundation and eye shadow, but it'll leave traces of your mascara and eye liner (especially any waterproof mascara or fluidlines). I can't vouch for the liquid foundation users because I don't use it.

Also, lately, this cleanser has been leaving my face a bit tight and dry on my cheeks and around my blemishes, but not to the point that my face is flaking. I have a feeling that this cleanser might contain alcohol in it, which I've realized is usually one of the main ingredients in most Asian skincare line, but I wouldn't know that because I can't read Asian characters.

Overall: I'm probably not going to repurchase this face wash again once I finish this bottle. It's pretty mediocre to me and it's really not holy grail status. Yes, it does its job in cleaning my face, but it does nothing to control any future breakouts due to a new product (unlike my HG-status Pure Luxe Calamine Facial Bar). I'll probably only use this now in the morning because of that refreshing feeling that I can really use early in the morning. But I don't like how it leaves my face a bit dry afterwards.


  1. Great review. I've been looking to different face washes lately. I want something Asian lol

  2. i had the peach version..made me breakout.. :( I heard the grapefruit version was a lot better.


    <3 Penelope

  3. I tried this in the peach version. it reminded me of MAC Creamwash, made me break out b/c it dried out my skin.

  4. Most Jap foaming facial washes are so drying.... leave that tight feeling~

  5. its not easy to find a good face wash
    i have a few i like which u might be interested in, will do a post about it for u ^^

  6. i bet it's also cuz your skin is changing because we're getting into cold and dry weather...

  7. Ohh! I have the same one. I agree with you, it smells nice and my face feels all cool and refreshed, but dry. At first I thought it was just me since I have dry skin, and I figured in Asia it's much more humid so they don't need as much moisture as I didn't occur to me it prob had alcohol in it! So now I just keep it in the shower, instead of using it as a daily or nightly facial wash.

    I also have the body wash and it doesn't feel very you think that has alcohol in it too? Just wondering...

    Thanks for sharing!

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