Saturday, November 08, 2008

Swatches: Sephora Exclusive Palettes (Dior and NARS)

So early this morning, I rushed to Sephora to check out more makeup and mainly to pick up the Clairsonic. Anyway, I didn't get any of these palettes in particular (I ended up with a different one). But these pretty much almost made it to my basket.

If you are thinking about getting these, here are the swatches. I think the NARS palette is great if you want to try out or don't have a NARS palette yet. As far as the Dior one, it has a really pretty color combination. Either palette you choose is great, and they make pretty gifts for friends too!

Dior Chic Palette - $49.50 (Sephora Exclusive)

Shimmering bronze
Ivory sheen
Brownish green sheen
Shimmering grayish black
Light mauve gray sheen
Plum sheen

NARS Best Palette - $50 (Sephora Exclusive)

Kilimanjaro I (opalescent gold)
Bohemian Gold II (iridescent copper)
Surbaya II (chestnut)
Himalayas (iridescent pink)
Ondine (plum with gold shimmer)
Night Flight (black with cobalt blue pearls)

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  1. that nars palette is gorgeous! i saw a picture of the palette before, gorgeous, but wasn't sure about the pigmentation.

  2. thanks for the swatches!! this is the palette i snagged for the Sephora FF sale and if I wasn't getting that, I really wanted the one that you snagged for your basket. I was so iffy about the Nars shadows, but now I really want to snag some of those too! >.< Good thing xmas is coming up and my bday is in feb...i think i can hold on till then on the Nars :p

  3. i wasnt sure abt nars but these look good

    will check it out!

  4. ooo!! I've never used Nars e/s before, but I LOVE their blushes, so I really want to try them - and the palette is the best way to do that. Those swatches look awesome.

    Definitely give us a review on the Clairsonic after you've used it a bit - I really want to know if it's worth all the hype - and the crazy price tag!!

  5. thanks for the swatches, Oohhh Nars is really coming up with great and drool worthy products

  6. the nars palette is to die for!!! i can't wait to see what u can do w/it!!

  7. Both look great! Pity I already have Bohemian Gold or else I'd wanna get it! Night Flight is gorgeous! I'd love to line with that color.

    I swear Dior came out with that palette a year or two ago, or else it looks just like an old one.. I bought it for my mom once.

  8. I wanna get the Dior but I'm still contemplating if I should get it :/

  9. i'm contemplating to grab the nars palette. it's AUD $98. not sure whether it's worth it or not. the dior one is pretty too.

  10. so pretty! OMG i'm so broke though, lol

  11. Pretty swatches! I've always wanted to try Nars e/s.


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