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NARIS UP Skin Moisturizing Point Mask/Lotion (Review)

Product Blurb:
NARIS UP Skin Moisturizing Point Mask/Lotion is a natural skin pack that comes with a tube of pre-essence that grabs and treats blackheads while the point pack mask helps remove dirt, oil, and blackheads in stubborn, difficult to reach areas. The natural packs are added with egg shell membrane extract and charcoal for an absolutely clean and moisturized finish. Your skin will look visibly cleaner and more beautiful.

Directions: After washing face, apply a small amount of pre-esssence onto your finger tips and apply onto nose, chin, and other bothersome areas where blackheads are present. Before the pre-essence dries, apply a small amount of the point pack onto your finger tips and cover the skin area where you applied the pre-essence. After the pack dries in 10 minutes, peel off the mask upward. Use toner and facial lotion after use. Use 1~2 times a week.

Price: $7.99

Available at: Ohayo,, Marukai, Mitsuwa

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

The Good Stuff: What's good about this nose "strip" is it conforms to the shape of your nose regardless of the shape and size unlike the infamous Pore Strips. You just lay the the black goo (step 2) which binds on top of the clear gel (step 1) and once it dries, you can pull the suckers out of your pores even the ones on the side of your nose that regular pore strips tend to miss. It also doesn't form any air bubbles (which usually happens with pore strips when you don't smooth it out your nose properly) that can leave certain sections of your nose out with black or white heads.

After the black goo has dried, peeling it is not as painful as the Biore nose strips. I don't know if it's just me, but the Biore really hurt that no matter how slowly I pull the strip,. It will still bring tears to my eyes. However, with the NARIS UP Skin Moisturizing Point Mask/Lotion is practically painless compared to the Biore strip (well it depends on your pain tolerance too). You can feel your whiteheads being lifted away from your pores minus the tears. If anything it actually tickles my nose (for some weird reason), or it's just like taking gift wrapping tape off your skin (without the hair of course).

The Bad Stuff: As much as it gets the whiteheads on my nose, its grip to your nose is not strong enough to get the blackheads out. I still have some blackheads remaining that I've attempted so many times to get rid of it, and it still stayed there. I've tried it by leaving it as short as the moment it dried to as long as leaving the nose strip overnight on my nose, and still to no avail. My stubborn blackheads are still camping out on my nose. It doesn't penetrate deep and strong enough to get all the gunk out.

And for obvious reasons, this can get really messy. The black goo tends to be runny, and if you dont tilt the bottle upside up, the black goo can go all over the place or even drip (and it will), so you have to be careful.

More product pictures:

You only need a thin layer of the clear gel hence why it's smaller. You have to put a pretty thick glob of the black goo so it's easier to peel off your nose once it dries.

Don't mind the peeling finger. Anyway, you can tell that the black goop is pretty runny. It can get pretty sticky too when it's still wet.

And here's my nose. This was the first time that I did it and I had the hardest time taking it off my nose because I didn't put enough of the black gel. You can tell that I didn't since you can see my skin through it. Just slathered it on your nose and make sure your skin is not peeking out. You can actually see it in action the the tip of my nose.

The Verdict: It's good for the mean time. It's not really something that I'm too ecstatic about or "OMG-YOU-HAVE-TO-TRY-THIS!" kind of deal. It's something fun but messy to use. It does the job of getting the whiteheads out, but not so much with blackheads. If you want a less painful route of nose strips, you might want to try this out though.


  1. This reminds me of that black paint the soldiers put on their faces. Haha. Those Biore pore strips always made my eyes tear up. I actually bought the black pore strips from the market. I don't even need them now b/c the pores on my nose are a lot smaller. I'll probably just give them to Zac!

  2. Ohh maybe I'll try this, I have so many whiteheads on my nose, its sooo irritating. Have u ever tried that Clean & Clear Blackhead eraser thing?

  3. i always wondered about this product, THANKS!

  4. I really want to try this b/c I don't really have blackheads. I have whiteheads that I painfully extract with my nails -_-;;;

    It's not that expensive on but the shipping is like $10?!?! blahh

  5. nahhhh yo, i need somethin' to rip them shits out! my lil nose worms are stubborn as shit! thanks for the review anne, i hope things are goin' well for you. be easy aight? xo, ~L

  6. ahhh man, i've been looking for something that doesn't make me cry like the biore strips too!

  7. I dont quite like peel off mask, its messy. At times when I apply a too thin layer or when it become too dry on my face, its so difficult to peel off.


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