Monday, October 27, 2008

FOTD: Quikie Looks using NARS Duo Eyeshadows

I'm on an FOTD roll! Anyway here are two looks (that's right TWO) that I did over the weekend and actually wore out. I don't think I can walk with red lipstick just yet. It's still a bit overwhelming for my face still, or maybe I just need a better red lipstick that goes well with my skintone.

First up, NARS Balthazar...

I finished the look with a brown liner instead of a black one for a more natural approach.

For my cheeks, I used MAC Nuance blush. Anyway, I love, love NARS e/s. Super easy to blend!

It can't get anymore natural looking than that. I look like I have that California sun-kissed looked without baking under the sun. Chea!

Up next, is NARS Bohemian Gold. I honestly don't know why it's called Bohemian Gold when the picture doesn't even remotely look gold to me. But this one is a bit odd cuz it photographs looking like a brown shade, when it looks a bit peachy pink in the pan.

This was the look that I did on Friday for my bf's graduation. I tried to keep it as simple as possible.

I don't know why it looks like I packed some mad blush on when it hardly showed up in person.



  1. I like how the Bohemian Gold duo looks :)

    Girl - You look fine with braces. There are people who just cant pull off braces but ur fine with them on. When do you get them taken out? haha .. sorry i used to be a braceface too and i hated it -- i must say that i miss them though :[ sounds really stupid but -- i guess i kinda got used to them

  2. very nice!

    and the pic of u two: Awwwwwwww....

  3. Pretty FOTDs! I think I want the second eyeshadow duo, lol. The colors look right up my alley :D

    Congrats to the bf! I'm sure everything will work out b/w you two~

  4. I love the 2nd look!

    im liking the plum looks on eye...

    dont worry hun i'll be there to keep you company!

  5. hey anne,
    i really love the two looks you did here, very simple & pretty, something you can wear anywhere for an effortless look.
    congrats to you boyfriend! you guys look really happy in the picture :)
    & i also hope everything works out when that "talk" does happen

  6. You look so pretty with Bohemian gold, and paired with that blouse, sooo pretty~~

    :*[ Don't goooo~~ Just tell him that.

  7. aww, you look cute with your braces on. Girl, when I had braces, it was just in the mirror when i looked at my reflection. haha

    I am sorry about your guy moving. It's soo hard. I mean, I have a long distance relationship and I don't know how I manage. Anyways, I love the Nars duo you used!! So pretty!!!


    <3 Penelope

  8. Congratulations to Shin! Aww, you're both SMILING! :D

  9. Grad. look is my fave!

    It's ok lovaaa me and jess will keep you busy so you don't get to "think too much" while your hunniebuns is away..and before you know it..he'll be back..

    hope you had lots of fun!

  10. ohhh i loooove diddy riese..we go there alot! cheaper than milk! but ok i g2g..i have school..:[

  11. Thank you!

    I so wish I had a NARS shadow, those look beautiful!

  12. In your very first photo, I thought you were Fuz for a sec! I saw a bit of resemblance but it was probably because of the eye makeup.

    I have Bohemian gold and I love it! Is that all you used? For some reason it looks so much darker and prettier on you! =(

    Aw congrats to your bf for graduating! =). He's moving back to Hawaii for good? Are you guys going to be long distance then?

    You probably know, but I was in a long distance relationship for a large portion of my life.. that's also a touchy subject haha. damn long distance..!

    He does look like a cartoon!!! Hahaha.

  13. omg I have no clue if my last comment posted, let me know if it didn't! >.<

  14. Awww u guys look cute, congrats to u bf!

    I think u guys will make it through the long distance, it's hard work but if u work for it, it can happen. i'm rooting for u guys!

    Sorry we got disconnected from our last aim convo... i don't know why my aim disconnects on its own from time to time, weird.

    Aww ur bf is leaving end of november, i'm pretty sure u want to spend as much time with him as u can. We should totally hang out then, since i've postponed my test til the end of november.

    is ur bf planning on moving back to hawaii for good? or just temp?

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog =). I really hope that things work out with you and your boyfriend.. I see my boyfriend everyday and I know if we skip a day I start to miss him lol crazy huh? Good luck with it!

  16. ohhh i love me nars duo... so expensive here in aus though... $74 for one duo :| *shoot myself in the head*

  17. awww honey! that is sad...i think yall should talk about it.

  18. loooove the golds on you! you look like a golden goddess! :)

  19. i LOVE these FOTDs! especially the bohemian one =] you and the BF are so cute! he's from hawaii? that's so cool me too! lol when the hubby left me for basic (we were just dating then) i thought it was just gonna be over but i couldn't do it. i hated talking about it with him too =[ but don't worry i'm sure you guys will figure it out!


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