Friday, October 24, 2008

Swatches: MAC Adoring Carmine (Holiday 2008 Pt. 2)

Nordstrom is selling the brushes for $35 only ($15 off regular price, $49.50) both online and in stores. So if you're really eyeing on one of those sets, I hope you have Nordies near you and take advantage of that deal.

I initially wanted to get the basic brush set, but after seeing the display, I decided not to get it instead. The blush brush the basic set comes with seems a bit scratchy when I ran it against my skin. But everything else in the basic brush set was pretty awesome. I love the eyeshadow brushes, and the fact that it comes with a makeup bag and a satchel which makes the set great for traveling.

As far as the lip sets, they did pretty well with it. I can see the Rose and Red lips selling out because of the gorgeous pigmentation of these lipsticks.

Release Date: October 23, 2008

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Adoring Carmine: 3 Neutral Lips (LE) - $34.50USDSoft Spot (Lipstick) (Glaze)
Real Treasure (Lipstick) (Lustre)
My Dear (Lipglass)

Adoring Carmine: 3 Rose Lips (LE)
To Swoon For (Lipstick)(Glaze)
Romancin' (Lipstick) (Lustre)
Delicate Crush (Lipglass)

Adoring Carmine: 3 Red Lips (LE)
Adore It (Lipstick) (Glaze)
Racy (Lipstick) (Frost)
Frostlight (Lipglass)

Adoring Carmine:5 Basic Brushes (LE) - $49.50USD (23 Oct: Nordies is showing this set as $35.00 on their website)
Adoring Carmine: 4 Face Brushes (LE) - $49.50USD (23 Oct: Nordies is showing this set as $35.00 on their website)
Adoring Carmine: 5 Eye Brushes (LE) - $49.50USD
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  1. Thanks for this entry! I think I'm going to get the neutral one. It looks great :D And you actually convinced me to get the warm eyes palette! haha! :D I'm excited :D

  2. awww u got the collections tooO! i was at the mall today everyone was all over mAC! bOooo thats gonna cost me a lottttt.. their packagin is veryy pretty! and their brushes i really want lol i like the lipstick colros tooooooooooooo sighh** im jealous!

    The color is a perfect pink!!!!
    If I buy any cosmetics this paycheck, i think i have to get this one!

    thanks for the post! I've been keeping away from make up counters so I'm kind of under a rock.

  4. Is the packaging red or orange? I thought it was looks orange o_O maybe it's the lighting~

    Ehhh I don't think I'm gonna get anything :P

    Thanks for the swatches :D

  5. Thanks for the swatches! I'm convinced that i NEED the rose & neutral lip bags! lol! :D

    Nice blog you have here!! It's really informative and helpful!! Don't mind if i link you? :)

  6. oh I want the neutral and the brush sets!

  7. ahh brush sets!
    i want, but do i need? hehe

    will nordies be offering that price while supplies last or is it a limited time only


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