Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chanel Beiges de Chanel Dupe?!?

As you may recall, I recently picked up and drooled over my Chanel quad 13 Beiges de Chanel in my previous post. I mean, a Chanel is a Chanel. It's pretty much the description of luxury and timeless classic.

So, the other day, I was cleaning out my stash of makeup that I've hoarded for some span of time. Trying to sort out which one I still use or items that I can probably sell. And then I came across the palette that Vanessa had given me at the Pow Wow, and it looks oddly familiar. Why didn't I realize this before?? Could this be a dupe of my Chanel quad?!?

Here's a recap of my lovely Chanel quad in all its glory. The FOTD seen below was taken from this post.

Chanel 13 Beiges de Chanel quad $54

It's neutral at it's best. It's a pretty good combo for that neutral look without looking boring and drab beside it being a Chanel quad.

But why not get the same (if not similar) look for mere pennies (well, almost compared to what you spend on a Chanel quad). I had it all along. I had this quad way before I even got the Chanel ones. Why I didn't realize they're almost similar? Because I couldn't get the dupe palette to open up for awhile, so I never really touched it until I had it side by side.

Tropez Sunrise to Sunset Palette in Olive Oasis $3.99

Ok, that's a whopping $50 big difference between the two palettes. With the Tropez palette, you even get two extra eyeshadows. By just looking at the palette, you can already clearly tell that the colors are similar to each other.

If that's not enough, here are some swatches comparing them side by side (or top and bottom, hehe).

Top: Chanel 13 Beiges de Chanel quad
Bottom: Tropez Sunset to Sunrise Olive Oasis quad

Both swatches are applied WITHOUT a base.

How striking is the resemblance? The quad only probably slightly differ with the last two shades on the right. The cream color for the Chanel quad has a matte finish while the Tropez one has a pearly or frosty finish, but are still both meant to be as a highlight color under the browbone. The golden shade for the Tropez looks looks a bit more chalky, but pretty much has the same color compared to the Chanel quad after you apply it on your eyes.

If you're still not convinced, I tried to replicate the look that I did with the Chanel quad using the Tropez Olive Oasis palette. You can almost see that the looks are very much alike, and all you really need is a good base.

(For the darker color, I ended up applying it to my crease and outer V instead of just the crease, hence why it looks darker on the outer corners. I also lined my upper lashline with a brown gel liner. And sorry for the ugly brows lol).

And yes, I really did use the Tropez palette to recreate the look.

Chanel v. Tropez
Blendability: For some reason, I found that the Tropez eyeshadow blends better than the Chanel one. Shocking, I know!

Price: Obviously, Tropez won this hands down. $54 vs. $3.99 at your local drugstore (and you get two extra eyeshadows).

Quality: Chanel has better pigmentation on the gold eyeshadow, but Tropez has a better pigmentation on the highlight color. You might be able to get away without using a base with Chanel and still have your eyeshadow look fabulous, where as the Tropez palette, you will really need a good base to prevent the colors from fading.

Extras: The Chanel quad is housed in a velvet sleeve to protect the compact and you have the Chanel logo screaming on top when you do decide to take it out of your purse. It's up to you if $50 extra is justifiable for those perks.

Verdict: In the end, I ended up bringing back my Chanels to Nordies and exchanged it for something else *ahem* NARS *ahem*. I have no reason of keeping it even though it's Chanel. I just really hate keeping duplications and makeup that I already own. For those who have been oogling at the new Chanel quad, you might want to consider the Tropez palette for a cheaper price. When you think about it... the Tropez palette is a lot easier to stash in your purse because you can just throw it in there and not worry about your quad getting scratch or your sleeve getting dirty. I mean the Tropez is not as pretty or as luxurious as the Chanel quad, but it does the job. Besides, $50 is a hugggeee chunk of change.

So who do you think copied who first? :]


  1. Hello! I'm a new reader, and a newbie to this blogspot! I started my own blog yesterday just because I'm quite the junkie and I love reading product reviews.

    Glad that I came across yours! Chanel makeup is soooo pretty, but you're right, it does cost a pretty penny.

  2. That's a pretty good dupe! Except I've never seen Tropez brand in any of my drugstores though :(

    OH OH OH, what did you get from NARS?!?!?!

  3. Most makeup companies purchase the base colors for their e/s and such from the same, if not similar, suppliers, and of course, they add in other ingredients and fillers to make it their own formula, which is why, if you look hard enough, you'll find a lot of dupes. Great post! At least you saved some money, or rather put it to something else. Haha!

  4. shwweeet! after ur first post regarding the chanel quad, i was *really* thinking about shelling out the dough... but now i think i'll pass =) ps. i never new nordies accepts makeup even though it's been used. cool dilly.

  5. wow! that's spot on!!! great job!!

  6. @veralogy: you know you're a big makeup addict when you start seeing dupes in your makeup stash. I think I'm already there. LOL.

    @gee: I think they're available at Walgreens. I was just lucky enough to get them for as a gift :). I should do a post of my NARS e/s.

    @pink: I'm trying to stretch my dollar here girllll. I'm not as high rolling as you :). And I don't like having the same thing cuz then I'm really not going to get use it all up.

    @tracy: thanks for the info. LOL.

    @icey: Yep, Nordies takes it back. As long as you have the receipt, and the box. Or just the box with the Nordies sticker... even without the receipt.

  7. oh and i'm sooo glad tracey gave that info cuz i've always wondered esp. with the big parent companies over so many of the smaller ones.. like shoes. steve madden esp. will have the same look and make, but different tags in the shoes. like SM just bought the style before other brands...=(

  8. Ok you totally sold me! Which drug store can i buy it at? lol :P

  9. whoa!! thanks for the i dont have to shell out $54..hahha

  10. Hahaha. There are too many e/s out there in the world, it's too hard to own all unique shadows. That's why I don't bother to check for dupes, and I guess I like pretty packaging.. haha. Can't wait to see your NARS purchase.

  11. @yummy411: Thanks! But yea, we really do just pay for the branding with most things.

    @emeria: I think you can get this at Walgreens or CVS. I thought I saw them there.

    @macitpink: You're very welcome :)

    @fuz: I just dont like having the same eyeshadow in my stash. So lately I've been thinking about whether or not I already have similar colors if I should buy it or not.

  12. Her name is Paulry the salon is called Regis.. Let me know when you plan on going maybe we can go together cuz i've been meaning to go back for a trim!!

    If you go mon-thurs and say ur a student i think you're still able to get a 20% discount. But yea she's amazing. I've finally found a stylist that I'm not gunna leave. I've been with her for like 2 years now! And i've gone to soo many people cheap/expensive, but she's the one that's always delivered!

  13. They both are really pretty neutral colors and I honestly like the Tropez shadows better. I use to only buy from the major companies, but now if I like it and it looks great..then I buy it! =o)

  14. 40 without the discount. Like around there..I dont think she works weekends though! Another good stylist is my friends. Her name is Becca and is good with short hair! Same salon. She fixed my friend's hair when she did that PAC promotions thing and the person that did it effed her hair up!

    And yea I know about my ex. I just hate him. I was telling Jess how us blogger girls have tragic ex stories..I heard about youre old beau! He's a prick too!! Good thing we have good guys now :]

  15. Ok here's the number call today and ask if she's free on friday!!!


    And then when you go to her tell her I told you about her so she knows you're one of my friends and a first time client so you may get a discount

  16. oh my gosh!! thanks for comparing the colors for us and giving us the heads up for saving a huge wad of change!

  17. darn everyone keeps posting about this chanel quad! so tempting! but I rather buy a chanel blush or powder

  18. the two brown colors look like REALLY GOOD dupes! 3.99 vs 50? hell yea!! lol

  19. i so agree that FASA = DRAMA! that's y i didnt stay haha it was like highschool in college! stupidness. i know mark, tony, omar, jordan, alvin.

  20. Wow they almost look identical! So what Nars item(s) did you get?!!! Heheh I'm always excited about Nars! =)

  21. wow! you're lucky the stores there accept returned items! we can never do that here. :(

    but that is such a great save! that reminds me to look into my seldom used e/s palettes too. :)

  22. oOo i have to look into this.. nice nice :D

  23. haha i didn't realize that this was all on the same post. man i missed out everything's sold haha oh well i don't have pay pal anyway :(

  24. that's amazing! good job finding the dupe! cant wait to see what u got from NARS!

  25. Thank you so much for this! I've been wanting the Chanel quad for a long time and planned to buy it at the end of October if I still wanted it, but I think I can pass now and get something else!

  26. Whoa, swatches look exactly the same! I would've done the same thing you did & got something else. Hehe. :)

    By the way, I didn't get the Ly-Na Pearl Cream in Panorama City. There's a Seafood City right in San Diego ;D

  27. wOOt! They prettymuchlookthesame! LOL! I'm new to makeup so I'm darn sure I won't spend $50 for a quad.
    Anyhoo, this is a really helpful information. thanks doll! I'm putting you up on my blogroll!

    F. <3<3

  28. I really wanted the Chanel Quad as well but now I might not anymore. Where can I get the Tropez at? Well, I'm pretty broke but would love to get great color. Do you have any suggestion where I can get good quality make up without robbing my piggy bank?


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