Monday, October 13, 2008

Update: Moved in!

This weekend has been super exhausting. We finally moved to our new house. In the midst of all the chaos, I managed to stop by Nordstrom early in the morning (which I woke up late for by the way), to check out the Fall Trend show that they had. They are really pushing consumers to buy with all the gift with purchases that they had going on in every counter. I had to resist. I came there to only buy one thing, and one thing only... a compact powder. LOL.

Since I really didn't have time over the weekend to take pictures, I will reveal the compact powder that I ended up with later on today (when I get home to take pictures lol). Thank you to all the people who gave their inputs. Very much appreciated. But anyway, I just managed to walk away with one product (*pats shoulder on the back*). I had to keep reminding myself the amount of makeup waiting at home that I had to pack in TWO boxes cuz one box wasn't enough. So I'm just glad I was pretty successful with that even though I got my makeup done at the _________ counter, and the MUA was just tempting to buy all these things that he used on me. But it was nice that he wasn't one of those pushy MUA, but he did a pretty awesome job with my makeup. I wasn't even going anywhere that day since we were just moving but I had whole face makeup done LOL. I know right? Getting a makeover on the day of the move. Well I had all my things packed already prior to the moving day, so everything was all set and ready to get hauled out. And I already had packed my valuables in my car (yes, I hauled them with me to the show! lol)

Anyway, I'm still pretty exhausted from all the moving we had to do. Luckily, I have a boyfriend who was willing to help us out (well he better! it's pretty much one of the requirements lol jk). But yea, it was nice to have an extra hand around. Made things a bit easier. And, he pretty much assembled my bed for me! I wouldn't have done it myself cuz the bed itself (not the mattress) is soo heavy. I could barely carry the foot board. Oh, and helped me moved around and arranged my furniture (and we ended up doing it twice cuz I'm so fickle). So my things are pretty much settled in. I just need to put away some of the other knick-knacks and makeup I have laying around.

I might say I'm actually quite liking the new place. Although it's a bit far from everything else (18 more miles to hit the Valley), it's actually not that bad. I finally no longer sleep in a 'closet' because my room is four times bigger than my old one (my room was really small, it can seriously be a walk-in closet LOL). So my mom gave me her vanity to use (I don't have to sit on the floor to do my makeup lol), took my brother's TV (hey he's not even home), and have a desk and my queen bed fit and still have ample room inside. And my closet!! Three times bigger than my old one! I have enough room to hang my clothes, and fit more!!! Even though I hated the idea of moving, I'm actually liking how I have a bigger space. I have a separate bathroom to use where I can stash my stuff. And just the fact I have my own vanity!!!!! Oh, and a window that opens LOL (don't ask why my old window doesn't open). Now I have to shop for storage items to neatly store my belongings. I also told myself to be less of a pack-rat and throw away what I don't need or use. But yea, I'll take a picture of my new room once things get cleaned and sorted out. I'm just so excited cuz I can finally have people over in my room and not worry about being so crowded inside. We can have a makeup party (only for those who are willing to drive to the boonies!). And I can finally post outfits of the day when I'm not running late for work (HEHE) Oh, and I'm practically neighbors with Jennifer (aka VietnameseQT). Pretty exciting!! Oh, I might pick up cooking too now that our kitchen is way bigger. Just no more cramped space in general.

Maybe this whole move might be good for me. I'll be more likely to become a homebody since everything is so far, meaning less shopping, but then there's always online shopping haha. Although I still live two blocks down from the mall, and work about less than a mile from the bigger mall in the valley. I'm just happy I finally have a bigger space, and a view of our neighbor and the balding mountain. hahaha. I'm still going to be in the valley everyday since I do work here. It'll just take me longer to hit up Glendale, Pasadena, and LA. I guess I'll get use to the drive sooner or later, and it probably won't be too bad since my car isn't really a gas guzzler.

But yea, sorry for the pictureless post. But if you've read through all of this and left a comment, big thanks for caring LOL. Regular posting will resume by tonight, if not tomorrow morning with pictures! I have an FOTD coming up using Fuz's palette, and my recent makeover along with the compact powder I ended up with.

Oh, and today is my one year anniversary with the bf! Pretty big considering this is the longest I've been with someone (yea, it's short for most of you guys!). He's taking me out on Wednesday cuz the place is closed today, so we'll just watch a movie tonight in the meantime. I'm just happy we made it this far with all the things that has happened between us. I haven't really had time to shop for his gift because it's been crazy lately. Anyway, I will end it here. This rambling is getting too long. I can't believe I just typed all of that. Pictures later!


  1. great thing about the boonies is that they have massive houses, right right? :)

    What city did you move to? :( And is there a mall nearby?

  2. aw i would hate to move too but i'm glad u found a bright side- more space!
    man your own bathroom?! thats pretty dope.
    congrats on that!!

    Yes i'm proud of you for only buying 1 thing!!! i'm gonna return those darn brushes I got and keep my 52 bux..well not true, i'll probably get something else but I don't plan on spending the whole 52 so i can keep more of the money i spent =]
    1 step closer to vegas!!
    well congrats also w ur 1 year. ha 1 year seems long when it's ur longest. I felt the same way. And then out of no where year 2 just rolled around! its so crazy how time flies............

  3. i'm glad you're loving your new space! can't wait to see pictures!

    and congratts on the one year!! yay!

  4. Awww!! Yay for one year! Congrats!!

    Glad you are liking the new place even though it's a bit farther from things~~ I can't wait to see pictures!

  5. Congratulations on your new house! I wish I still live at home *sigh* You're lucky to be with your mom in one house and have a room by yourself :)

  6. I think it's hilarious that you break down distances from your house to nearby malls. I do the same thing!

    I live in the boonies too! Hahaha. My room is big but my closet is TINY. My room is designed to be a guest room/bonus room >.<. NOTHING fits in my closet =(.

    Congrats on the anniversary =)! So happy for you!

    Can't wait to see what powder you got. I'm considering getting a powder compact now that I may need to touch up at work..hrrm

  7. YAY for a new room!! :D I hope the rest of moving and unpacking is pleasant.

    Can't wait to hear what powder you got!!

  8. Lucky you! I wish I had my own room, I share it with my mom. I soooo wish i had a vanity and a destined place to do my mu. i do my mu anywhere and I use a small compact mirror lol.Looking forward to the pics of your room!

  9. Congrats on your one year anniversary and hopefully, more to come!

    I'm curious to know who the other blogger is that you posted. I feel like it's Jessica Dee but I could be wrong... lol~

  10. happy anniversary to both you and the bf :)

  11. congrats to a bigger room! i know that makes such a difference it just makes you feel better...and yay happy anniversary :)

  12. Happy Anni!!!!!! Congrats to u both!

    I'm glad ur opening up to Simi, we should meet up one day when ur free, I can show u around LOL

    Glad everything is ok w/vanessa and at ur work, just becareful of the smoke inhalation. I had to go to emergency for it due to the fire behind my house from last year :( I usually tend to sleep with my window open.

    So my parents have been going to ur area a lot to look at houses, so we might even be closer neighbors soon LOL

    Haven't really been posting much lately bc I have a huge test in two weeks :( but i still read blogs, can't wait for u cooking posts :P

  13. Congrats on the move gf. What an accomplishment. I'm glad you have so much more space now! That must be such an amazing feeling...

    And congrats to you and the beau. May you two have many more to come :)


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