Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How It All Began with Makeup...

I was looking back at my previous posts (like really really old posts from last year), and I couldn't help but giggle inside.

A year ago, I didn't know how to apply makeup for the life of me. I was pretty much your eyeliner and mascara kind of gal. Who knew that there was such thing as an eye primer and that a good set of brushes makes all the difference in the world? And who knew that I'll meet the most fabulous people online who shares the same interests as I do?

I started this blog almost a year ago (December 2007) after I've picked up this (expensive) hobby called makeup. Like most of us, I was inspired by OG beauty gurus such as Stephie and Vanessa to make my own blog to track my own makeup progress. I was lucky enough to know Vanessa personally (I actually met Vanessa first through mutual friends, and then I saw her blog), because she seriously makes it a whole lot better (trips to Sephora, swatching new MAC colllections, going to beauty conventions, etc) and she has inspired me not only with makeup but in life.

Anyway, I just looked at the first makeup post by going through my archives. I'm actually a bit embarrassed posting this.

There are so many things wrong with these pictures. OMG, I still can't stop laughing looking at it.

1. I almost have non-existing brows. I didn't realize they were so thin back then!

2. I used five different eye shadows with this look. I only see two.

3. What is up with my eyeliner??? LOL! You can clearly tell it's not the neatest line at all.

4. Blurry pictures! I didn't know how to work with my camera and what that 'flower' (macro) was for.

5. My eye shadows are just sloppy. Period. You can tell by the first picture where my outer V is suppose to be that it's just a brown blob that almost looks like dirt? LOL.

I can keep going on critiquing my own makeup application, and I'm sure you guys can point out way more than I can. But it's just really nice to look back and see my progress. I'm still working on my craft, but I'm sure ya'll can agree I've come a long way from where I started. I'm not claiming that I'm a beauty buff, guru, or whatever, but it's really all about practice and trying out new things. If I can do it, I'm sure everyone else can. Now is probably the time to experiment on colors you wouldn't think of pairing together while you're still young and your age still allows it without looking like a clown, I guess.

Here are some of the looks I've done in the past that I didn't really expect to work out but ended up being some of my favorite eye combinations!

Using NYX Copper (Pow Wow Look)

Using NARS Mediteranee duo

Using MAC Gulf Stream

I admit that sometimes my makeup can still look sloppy at times, or the color just makes me look drag or just doesn't work with me. I've had many of those moments where my mom just asks me 'wtf are you wearing on your eyes?', but I've also had people compliment my eye makeup (even better when it's by strangers) when I least expect it. But that's just the beauty of trial and error. Just experiment, practice, and have fun. It's just makeup... you can always take it off and start all over again (just make sure you're not running late hehe).


So I pretty much fell asleep right when I got home. This whole driving far business to get home is not so fun. I didn't even really get to upload my pictures since I just knocked out. I still have my makeover and my powder compact to share. LOL.

But tonight, the bf is taking me out for dinner. Not sure where, but I can't wait. Our anniversary celebration is two days way over due. I still don't know what to get him. Any suggestions?


  1. LOL I love this post..I started out because of YOUTUBE March of this year! I was so bored one day that I was like HmmMm I wonder if youtube has any how tos on makeup.. I wasn't really bad at makeup but I always wanted to know how to do the Mac eyeshadow stuff and here I am a little better at it then before and broke because of it!

    And about the BF yea he's a sweetheart 95% of the time!! SO you lived in the Cerritos area?

  2. were you able to get my previous comment? my comp messed up...

  3. gah i guess it didn't go through.

    here's what i said:
    i think applying make up like you said is constant practice. i stopped really doing looks other than simple mascara eye liners & when i tried to do a look i looked HORRIBLE! like a black eye...haha
    so maybe you loose the "skills" you acquired (or thought you had) :P but YOU are doing great! i've been following your blog for a while & you never dissapointed :)

    i hope you have fun with your boyfriend & as far as the present, think of a special moment with you guys & go from there, maybe something will blossom from it. & presents with meaning are ALWAYS great :) you know him better than any of us (duh haha) so i'm sure whatever you get him he'd love! good luck!

  4. It's always nice to look back on things and see how you've grown :D

  5. EDIBLE UNDERWEAR...the fruit roll up kind!!!!...u know what i mean you candy lover...and you love your BF even more...perfect gift!!!...and speaking of anniversary me and cliffs is the 19th of this month which is THIS WEEKEND...4 mutha fugga years with this piglet!!! time flies!!!!

    yes anne that eyeliner application is a bit janky now your a full on pro!!! but you and your sleeping!!!

    oh and to answer your question about the chanel over the la mer

    for 65 bucks you get a huge tub of la mer powder BUT...the powder is SUPER SHIMMERY!!! apparently it has crushed pearls...i actually like it better as a highlighter rather a reg. pressed powder...

    The Chanel I LOVE!!! the coverage is light enough...leaves me with a matte satin finish and the coverage is buildable depending if you use the sponge or not...i use a brush!...i say go for the CHANEL but try both to see what you like...the post i just did i have on the white cast...natural and matte!!! i love it ...def. one of my fave powders...


  6. Awwww I love you BFF! Muah! It's always fun with you too! (Notice I just said you, not Jon or Shin) HAHAHHA

  7. Aw I'm glad you finally get to celebrate your anniversary! At least this year you have another story to tell about your anniversary haha.

    I wish I had thick eyebrows like you! I lack hair, everywhere on my body hahaha.

    The Gulf Stream look is gorgeous!!! And you pull off falsies so damn well.

    Damn, you reminded me I have to work on taking pictures of my eyes up close with macro and flash >.<

    Thank you! I love puffy sleeves tooooo! Hahah I'm actually excited to see what the others will be wearing tomorrow.

    Yeah, I think I will wear flip flops tomorrow and then change my shoes. But that means I'm gonna have to wear flats and pants that are short.. must plan according ... haha.

    I REALLY need to get a full length mirror in my room. Every morning I run to the bathroom or hall mirrors to check my outfit. I always run out of time in the morning too. I'm excited to see your OFTDs!!

  8. hehehee what a fun post! I don't think your earlier makeup looks so bad... it looks like what I'd do... :X Hahahahaa!

  9. The drugstore brands like Kate cost about $7~$12 for different items.
    The high end brands like Coffret D'or, for example the e/s quad I got, cost around $45, it's not very cheap. But the tokyo airport features great deals, and tax free! If anyone you know is going overseas, ask them to look for RMK for you!!

  10. Oh I just saw on the RMK site that the Jelly x Powder Eyes duo is 3900 Yen, which is about $36 or so. Price is comparable to NARS I'd say.

  11. i like this one... Using NARS Mediteranee duo
    i never used orange e/s before but it hink i should try it =)

  12. i don't think your earlier eye makeup was all that bad! i think you're being a tad hard on yourself. :P

    my eyeliner still looks janky... sometimes when i'm lazy. hahahaha. :D

  13. ...manok days ;[ I think that was after i got super tanned from watching those highschool "hotties at the time" play bball.

    >.< PUH LEEZ don't remind me about those days HAHAHA..gross

    what website are you talkin about?

    i remember..ooh pooey..yummie_bitez..or something like that on xanga right? HAHA..i gotta dig deep in cyberspace

  14. aww what a great post hon! i started my blog around the same time as you and some of my pictures are horrible! i knew how to do makeup before but i didn't know how to do the whole crease outer v thing, so when i first started my e/s was all the way up to my eyebrow,

  15. nice reflection hun. we've all come a long way, huh? i remember those days (AND still have them occassionally) - yikes, haha! but practice did pay off :)

    hope you guys had a great dinner!

  16. awww that's what we're aiming for, improvement! and having a beauty blog, we can see our mistakes and correct them! I love all your looks!


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