Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Product Review and Swatches: Urban Decay Book of Shadows Palette

I finally got my hands on the Urban Decay Book of Shadows palette that I've been lemming (here). I. HAD. TO. GET. IT!!!!

For awhile Sephora.COM was out of stock of these, but one of the bloggers have mentioned that it's now available in stores. I wasn't too quick to react however, and just picked it up yesterday.

So I dropped by my Sephora to scout for this palette, and to my surprise that they didn't have it on display!!! So I asked one of the SA if by any chance they have it in back on stock. And she told me they did and that they haven't put it out yet because the older palettes are still out and there were no space to put it.

This sweet lady goes back to get me a fresh, brand new, never been opened palette for me to play with. My fingers were the first one to dip in it. It was amazinggggggg. So there I was swatching it up, and putting some on while I'm at it to test them out (scroll down for FOTD). Not even the other SA at Sephora knew this palette even existed. They were also surprised that it's only $45! It is pretty cheap for the amount you're actually getting.

I was afraid that I might have most of the colors, being it that the palette has 16 gawgus colors. From bright to something neutral, this palette is definitely one I'll be reaching for. I checked all my eyeshadows that might look similar to it and swatched it next to each other, and none of what I owned are dupes!

What I like about it: Urban Decay's eyeshadow pigmentation are friggin amazing! One swipe and you get an intense color payoff! This is by far my most favorite palette that Urban Decay has came out with. If you don't have an Urban Decay palette yet, this trumps them all and a definite must have. You have a good selection of colors in one palette (not to mention it has 16 colors!!!!) and the combinations are endless! It's the one palette that really, really, really stretches out your dollar. It makes an excellent gift too!

I also like how it's in a drawer-like casing. You pull the little drawer, and out comes your eyeshadows. Although the drawer is a bit of a challenge to pull, at least you know that you can easily throw this palette in your purse and not worry about it opening up unlike the other palettes that only has a magnetic-close-top. So you know that your eyeshadows are sitting pretty and safe inside the box.

Another good thing about it is that it comes with a mini primer potion tucked in a little hollow next to the eyeshadows. It really comes in handy for the people who are on the go or traveling because it's conveniently packed with the palette already.

The eyeshadows are almost as big as a quarter. The box says that the eyeshadows are 0.03 oz which makes it even better because MAC eyeshadows are not much more in content since they're 0.04 oz! So you are definitely not getting a dinky eyeshadow in the palette. It'll last you a long time since Urban Decay eyeshadows are pretty pigmented that there's really no need to slave away when swiping some color on. Also, there are less glittery eyeshadow (about 3 or 4 eyeshadows) in this palette unlike the Ammo palette. They're more of a metallic sheen finish which I likey.

What I don't like about it: This palette is pretty heavy (well heavier than normal), and is pretty large in size.

The palette itself is almost as wide as my MAC 227 brush, but it does have to accomodate the size of the eyeshadows you're getting. But stowing this away in your purse might add some weight to it.
The two brushes it came with just plain sucks! I'm not even going to use it. The handle are cheaply made with plastic and the brush heads... I just don't know. Although it's pretty soft and not scratchy, but it's still not the best in quality.
I'm not sure why Urban Decay added the unnecessary pop-up crap. Waste of paper and has no point and use. Although it's pretty decorative, it can look rather annoying and cheeeeesy. But it doesn't really affect the quality of the eyeshadows, so who cares right?
SWATCHES*Click on the images to enlarge*
Perversion (matte black); Last Call (plum punch); Grifter (sheer lavender with lots of silver microglitter); Mayhem (deep purple),

Baked (rich bronze); Smog (deep coppery bronze); Sidecar (bronze sparkle); Gridlock (medium brown)

Shakedown (shimmering taupe); Roach (deep brown with reddish sheen); Scandal (peachy-pink); Midnight Cowboy (golden beige with gold glitter)

Goddess (midnight blue with lots of electric blue microglitter); Shattered (bright green/blue shift); Absinthe (electric green); Protest (dark green)

And my FOTD...

What I Used (all Urban Decay unless stated otherwise)

EYESBaked e/s -- inner half of lid
Smog e/s -- crease and outer V
Sidecar e/s -- highlight
Protest e/s -- lower lashline
MAC Blacktrack fluidline -- upper lashline
Stila Major Lash mascara

Paul & Joe 08 blush
Silk Naturals Halo mineral glow-- highlight

MUFE HD powder

Paul & Joe 09 l/g

Yea, I know long-ass post :). Bwahahaha, I know gross eyebrows. So was this convincing enough for you to buy this palette? Omg, now I'm even more eager to play with makeup now.

Anyway, I finally renewed my license. Little did I know, I had to retake my picture. Blaaaaah, now I just wonder how my ID will look like.


  1. ahhh lemming now :( I already have two palettes from them..should I get this one too?!!?

  2. AHHH i really really want this palette but i'm really trying to save my money for a snowboard :[ but who knows...i still have a $20 giftcard for sephora. maybe next week... :p the colors look awesome, thanks for the swatches!

  3. wow! That is a really nice palette! Really great for the prize! :D

    Pretty look Anne! :D

  4. ooo looks like a great palette Anne, man u and Pink are such enablers... makes me wanna go out and buy stuff i don't really need :P

    i kinda like the pop up thingy in the palette, it makes it unique and reminds me of my grandma LOL she collects pop-up books

    i went to amore over the weekend w/ the bf, we went to eat korean bbq and stopped by. i'm so hooked on japanese/korean products now!!!

  5. wow those colors are gorgeous.
    they look more wearable than the deluxe palette. I have the deluxe one but i haven't touched it in a while...i should try to make more use of it.

  6. i'm really thinking about going to get this palette now! thanks for the review and swatches =)

    can you do a look with goddess? and then another with absinthe? lol

  7. Damn that's a lot of bang for the buck! Must get must get must get.

  8. wow..... it looks big!! and veryyyy niceeeeeeee!! comes with brushes and a mini primer cool... but 45$ goodness hahaha worth it?

  9. thanks for posting! im definitely getting this!

  10. OMG i want this so much now! do you have the UD deluxe e/s palette? i'm wondering how they compare?

  11. beautyjunkie: That's entirely up to you! lol. But if you have the Ammo eye palette, this palette has three of the colors and four eyeshadows also seen in the Wallpaper shadow box. But eight of the eyeshadows in this palette are exclusively for this limited edition item.

    missxmai: I'll definitely try that out. It's going to be one of my upcoming post :)

    jesmakeup: IMO it's worth it. I love urban decay e/s because they're soo pigmented. And I don't have any of these colors yet so i didn't really mind shelling the $45.

    Ate Ren: I don't have the deluxe palette but I noticed that the deluxe palette are definitely bolder and louder in color. This one has a good mix to it. I do love color, but I'm not one to wear colors that are too bright. This one can be your neutral and slightly toned down color palette. This palette is also waaaay bigger than the deluxe one and has brushes instead of an applicator. I found that it's a bit on the heavy side too. But quality-wise... they're still pigmented.

  12. ahem, enabler, ahem. Ironic ain't it =P. I'm probably gonna go get it now.. >.<

    The colors are GORGEOUS!

  13. mayhem and absinthe are gorgeous colors - I'd return my HD powder just to exchange it for the palette to get those eyeshadows! haha :)

  14. This palette is gorgeous! I really want this now. Thanks for the review and the swatches.

  15. This looks like a great palette, but I seriously need to stop buying makeup. You had to retake your license picture? I still have the first one I took when I was 16 on my renewed license. When did you first get your license?

  16. wow! i do want one now. :) sniff! why don't we have that here? :(


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