Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lookbook: Flower Child and Revamped

I never thought I'd wear floral printed leggings. Ever.

I was feeling a little 'hippie'-ish when we went to a Sunday daytime party in LA called Do Over at the Cabana Club. A bottle of sangria. No hardcore booty griding. And good vibes, good music to go around. And did I mention there's no cover? Quick tip: The place starts to get crowded around 4 pm. So expect the lines to be long.

Once that party ended, we headed down to Culver City for some Father's Office.

crop shirt; no label
printed floral leggings; no label
accessories; J.Crew
headband; Forever 21
bag; Zara
sandals; Dolce Vita

As you may have noticed, I finally got around to revamping the look and feel of my blog. It took me awhile to figure out the new blogger templates. It was pretty much the main reason why it took so long for me to change it. But now. I made a new banner and have a sorta different color scheme going on. It's a little bit more pleasing in the eyes now. Yay me.

P.s. I also added a reply function on my comments. Yay me again. I would've gone the Disqus route but it'll wipe out my old comments.


  1. outfit is too adorable! i could never pull off floral bottoms/leggings too self conscious when it come to my lower half...but on you it looks great!

  2. So gorgeous! I love it! Its so stylish!

  3. @Jenny Thay @ Thank you! I didn't think I'd ever wear floral printed bottoms anything. But i guess there's a first for everything :D

  4. I love the necklace! You really pulled off the full floral print pants. :) Gorgeous!

  5. love your spring/summer outfit! looks lovely!

  6. oooh la la! love your floral leggings & your sandals. (: xx

  7. That's what I call fashion! Pretty girl with a good combination of dress and your floral leggings is really meant for you.


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