Friday, August 26, 2011

Lookbook: Rugged Chic

So rugged, yet so comfortable. Last Saturday, we randomly decided to go to the Mad Decent block party in Downtown LA...

Although sometimes I feel a little old being at block parties, it was quite an experience. And who would've thought I'd enjoy the whole vibe and the music? Not to mention, I was mainly looking at the street fashion that was just every where. So much inspiration.

boyfriend plaid shirt; J.Crew (find similar here)
asymmetrical tank; H&M (find similar here)
headband; J.Crew
bag; H&M
knuckle ring; Forever 21
belt; thrifted
slip-on shoes; TOMS (find here)
sunglasses; H&M
necklace; JewelMint (click for an invite)

I love, love, this outfit. This is one of those things that I grabbed and threw on. It was that easy and not to mention really comfortable. I know I wanted to wear my TOMS since I would be up on my feet for the most part.  It was probaby the best decision I've ever made... that day.

By the way, if you haven't heard of JewelMint (click for an invite), make sure to check it out. I'm a sucker for accessories, and that seems to be my weakness at any store. If you don't know what JewelMint is, it's a personalized jewelry subscription service where they feature really cute and unique pieces designed by Kate Bosworth and her BFF Cher. You'll have to take a short quiz to determine your style. JewelMint comes out with new pieces come out every month. I already have a few pieces from that website and I'm in love with all of them, particularly the necklace I'm wearing right on this post. I just love how unique their pieces look, and so far, I haven't had this necklace smelling like rusty metal (which I hate by the way).

To see this outfit (plus two more outfits) in action, check out this video for for three ways I styled my denim shorts.


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  1. oo i love that jewelmint piece.. i was thinking about getting it.. but i ended up getting the Setting Sun and Astoria... love the outfit btw! :)


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