Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lookbook: Maxi Skirt

I finally took my maxi skirt out for a spin, which would be the same maxi skirt that I purchased about a few months ago.

{Is that a bug?}

I'm so, so in love with this maxi skirt. I love the color, the material, and how flow-y the skirt is. The reason why it took me so long to finally take this out of my closet was because of the the length of the skirt. For a petite person like me (standing at 5'1 tall), the hem of the skirt drags to the ground. And since I don't know how to hem for the life of me or have the will to take it to get altered, it stayed put hanging in my closet.

striped shirt, H&M
maxi skirt, Forver 21 (buy similar here)
laced up booties, Jeffrey Campbell Litas (buy here)
rose gold watch, Michael Kors (buy here)
belt, thrifted

It wasn't until I realized that since I have my favorite Jeffrey Campbell Litas, it would elevate me a little to the ground making the length of the skirt just the perfect length. Just like most petites, I've shy-ed away from wearing a maxi skirt, for the obvious reasons. But having it sit on my waistline actually gave me the illusion of longer legs and not make me look short and stumpy.

Since I wore this outfit on a casual Friday, I had to keep the outfit simple especially with the maxi skirt going on already (not to mention the temporary added height). So I just paired it with a striped shirt from H&M and a vintage faux-alligator belt, which was by the way another awesome thrift find!

I recently have a new found appreciation for thrift shopping. Yes, going through the racks can be a pain, but when I do find something it's pretty exciting. I mainly love the belt selection lately because they tend to run smaller in size which makes it a great fit for my tiny waist. Maybe I'll post some of my latest thrift finds on a different post.


  1. Hey girl! I love the play on neutral colors! And I def know how it feels to be vertically challenged; being short sucks. haha But I'm sure those JC's have been a big help!

    + it was Ashley Tisdale... but I had it first! lol

  2. How do your JC's run! Going to order some, and pretty nervous about what size to get. Thanks gorgeous!


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