Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shopping: H&M Shoe Picks (Fall 2011)

Yesterday, I moseyed over to H&M to check out any new stuff they may have. And guess what, I ended up with three shoes in my bag among other things. But for solely this post, it'll be all about shoes.

*Will post the item numbers for the shoes later. Post updated with item numbers.

The reason why I impulsively bought three pairs of shoes was because small shoe sizes are hard to come by at H&M. I have to be really, really lucky or be there when the shoes have just arrived. So for me to actually find sizes that fit on the style that I like there's really no I'll-think-about-it-and-come-back-for-it-later kind of thing. I just bought it and if I feel meh about it when I get home, it's always easy to return it (as long as it hasn't been worn).

I have tiny feet. Usually the tiny sizes are the first to go, and all I will be left with are either a bunch of sizes 7 or 10 which neither fit my soles. I'm usually a size 6 but for some reason a size US 5 (EUR 36) at H&M fits me the best. Like I said, my size is hard to come by when looking for it in stores.

Pair #1: Suede Ankle Boots in rich golden brown (Item # 912640) $24.95

So I decided to pick these up after seeing one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Wendy, latest outfit post. I really loved how she paired up her ankle boots with a body con dress. I looked up the same shoes that she has on ASOS, but sadly they're still a bit steep for me. So I decided to settle for these.

The heels measures about 3 inches high, and when I tried them on they seem pretty comfortable especially since these shoes are not really towering. I love the richness of the color of these boots because its rustic look. The material of the boots are made out of imitation suede with an elasticized side panels. Your feet will be in and out of these boots in no time. No zipper to be pulled.

Decision: Keep

Pair #2: Faux Lether Ankle Boots in tan (Item # 905780) $39.35

This second pair really bought on a whim. I just happen to find one size 5 left. The color of the boots are more of an ochre, tan color. The length of the boots are probably an inch higher than the previous one and has 3.5 inches tan heels. I like the small detail of buckle on the side. I can see myself wearing these with my cargo skinnies this fall. The only thing about these boots is the quality of the faux leather. It feels a little stiff and I'm already seeing wrinkling on the top. I'm not sure how long the boots with last after some wear time. But, I really like the whole look of it and how it feels comfortable.

Decision: Maybe

Pair #3: Suede Criss-Cross Heels (Item # 905880) $34.95

I was pretty much drawn to the color of this one. I don't think I have a pair of shoes in this color, so when I saw one small size left I instantly tried it on. And so far I love it. It feels really comfortable even with its 4 inch heels. I really like the teeny platform in front which does give it some support. I really like it's tawny color that I think would look great witht the pleated skirt I recently bought at H&M as well.

Decision: Keep

So I guess, out of the three shoes I picked-up, it's mostly a keep and a maybe. I really do like the maybe boots but I'm still on the fence about it. Another reason why I'm iffy about it is because partly of the price. I almost don't pay $40 for H&M shoes. I either find them marked down by a lot or it's less than $30. I don't know, maybe I just answered my own question.

But what do you think? Should I keep it or not?


  1. I like the ones you're keeping... I say return the middle boots! Those first boots you got are a-DORE-ABLE!!!

  2. Def keep the ones u were planning to keep but I'd say return the maybe one. But that is just my opinion. I loved Wendy's booties too and I actually found a suede pair from bcbg on dsw that I'm thinking over but may try to see if my h&m has that first one u posted.

  3. i'd say keep the ones you've decided to keep. they're both cute! esp the criss cross heels.

  4. I am so ready for Fall. Pair # 3 is my favorite. I have to remember to check them out the next time I am at H&M

  5. @Jenn Staz yea, i think I'm going to return the middle boots LOL.

    @tana oooh now I'm curious about the bcbg ones that you found at DSW!

    @jaysface thanks, I think I'll be keeping two and returning the maybe.

    @PetiteLittleGirl I'm pretty much stocking up on my fall wardrobe lol. Never too early! I love the third pair too. I just wore it with my pleated skirt :D.

  6. Hey hun! I loved the first pair of boots. I went out and got them the other day!! Showing you some love all the way from London, England.


  7. I have the same booties as #1! In black though. I'm totally stalking your older posts. LOL Just love that we have the same taste..I'd wear all your outfits <3


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